Day Twenty Eight (Part Four)

Me: (listening to heavy-metal music while "reading" a book)

flamma09: (repeatedly sliding down the railing of th stairs and after a couple times, mercilessly lands on her butt)(stands up and approaches me) Hey, gaia09, ARTV starting in 30 minutes. Shouldn't we start doing our rituals?

Me: ...

flamma09: gaia09~?

Me: ...

flamma09: Okay, what did I do this time to experience winter radiating from your shoulder? (sort of pun for cold shoulder, just in case you're wondering)

Me: ...

flamma09: (snatches book away from me angrily)

Me: ...(snore)...

flamma09: (slaps forehead) Okay, gaia09, wake up! ARTV's starting in 25 minutes! (violently starts to shake me)

Camera Man: (stifles laughter and hands flamma09 a letter)

flamma09: What's this? And why are you stifling your laughter? (unfolds the letter) Letter of Resignation? Of the TLC? Oh wait, no, there was a smudge. (clears smudge and reads it) Of Camera Man?

Camera Man: (starts panicking and wuickly grabs the letter from flamma09) Youweren'tsupposedtoseethat.

flamma09: (points an accusatory finger at Camera Man) Why are you resigning?

Camera Man: (hands over another letter) That's the one you were supposed to see.

flamma09: (unfolds the letter and starts to read it) Avatar: Reality TV will now be airing at an earlier time due to the cancellation of Unfun Science with Sokka. It will now be airing at 4:00 pm instead of its usual airtime at 4:30...OH MY GOSH! What time is it? (looks at clock)

Clock: It is now 4:10 pm. Thank you for asking.

flamma09: O.o Since when did our clock started talking? Never mind. gaia09 wake up! (starts to shake me violently) ARTV is airing 30 minutes earlier than usual!

Me: ...

flamma09: Camera Man! Why didn't you tell this to us sooner?

Camera Man: (shrugs) It was kinda fun watching you scramble like eggs.

flamma09: O.o I have no idea what that meant. (rolls eyes at me and whispers in my ear) Hey, gaia09, the monkeys just arrived from the zoo and they are very excited to meet you.

Me: (wakes up) MONKEYS! WHERE? (looks around frantically)

flamma09: There's no more time for monkeys! We have to do the show! And they have to finish the dares!

Me: (whimpers) ...monkeys...?

flamma09: (to the housemates) Hey, you! All you lazy-butts, you!

Everyone: (stops their work and looks up)

flamma09: Taang, Zutara. Dares. Everyone else. Pancakes. (Everyone except Toph, Aang, Katara and Zuko stare confused at her) Pancakes. Eat them.

Housemates: Oooooohhhh... right we knew that...yeah, thanks for pointing out the obvious...yeah...sheesh...

flamma09: (raises eyebrow) Ooooooooooookkkkaaaaaaaaaayyy...dares...?

Me: Right. Aang, are you done with your song?

Aang: No.

Me: Okay, Toph goes first. Okay, Toph! Sing your song!

flamma09: (claps and howls) YEAH! WOOHOO! YOU GO! UH-HUH! YOU ROCK!

Me: O.o

Toph: (in a sarcastic yet happy voice) Oh, wow! I'm next! And I'm totally okay with singing my song because I CAN TOTALLY READ IT! (looks sternly at us)

Gale: Don't worry, Mommy. I'll teach you the lyrics and the tune!

Toph: (bends down and pats Gale on the head) No, sweetie, you can't teach Mommy the song because I'm not comfortable with singing in front of people.

Aang: But you just said a while ago that you were (mimics Toph's voice) "totally okay with singing your song", DEAR. (emphasis on dear, he then proceeds to mumbling something about following the dares)

Toph: (glares at Aang)

Me: He's right, Toph. Now you go and sing your pretty little song.

Toph: Why I oughtta-!

Gale: Don't worry, Mommy, you shouldn't be embarrassed at all because I wrote the song and made the tune, anyway. Maybe the only thing you should be worry about is your singing, which I think is going to work okay for you. (smiles)

Toph: (sighs) Fine, but only because Gale convinced me to. (goes in front with Gale and crouches down next to her)

Gale: (constantly whispers-sings the lyrics in Toph's ear)

Toph: (follows Gale's lead and starts to sing -surprisingly- well)

Head under water

And they tell me to breathe easy for a while

The breathing gets harder, even I know that

You made room for me, but it's too soon to see

If I'm happy in your hands

I'm unusually hard to hold on to

Blank stares at blank pages

No easy way to say this

You mean well, but you make this hard on me

flamma09: (secretly sneaks out a microphone and stand and places it in front of Toph)

Toph: (surprisingly doesn't notice)

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you asked for it

'Cause you need one, you see

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you tell me it's make or breaking this

If you're on your way

I'm not gonna write you to stay

If all you have is leaving

I'mma need a better reason to write you a love song today


I learned the hard way

That they all say things you want to hear

My heavy heart sinks deep down under you

And your twisted words, your help just hurts

You are not what I thought you were

Hello to high and dry

Convinced me to please you

Made me think that I need this too

I'm trying to let you hear me as I am

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you asked for it

'Cause you need one, you see

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you tell me it's make or breaking this

If you're on your way,

I'm not gonna write you to stay

If all you have is leaving

I'mma need a better reason to write you a love song today

Promise me you'll leave the light on

To help me see with daylight, my guide, gone

'Cause I believe there's a way you can love me because I say

I won't write you a love song

'Cause you asked for it

'Cause you need one, you see

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you tell me it's make or breaking this

Is that why you wanted a love song

'Cause you asked for it?

'Cause you need one, you see

I'm not gonna write you a love song

'Cause you tell me it's make or breaking this

If you're on your way

I'm not gonna write you to stay

If your heart is nowhere in it

I don't want it for a minute

Babe, I'll walk the seven seas when I believe that there's a reason to

Write you a love song today


flamma09: One word for ya'. Awe-struck~!

Me: Wow. I was not prepared for that.

Toph: (notices the microphone) OKAY, HOW DID YOU GET HERE? (talks to the mic)

Everyone: O.o (awestruck by Toph's singing prowess...sort of)

Toph: (red in embarrassment and/or anger) flamma09! You little pest, get down here!

flamma09: Whoops! That's my queue! (runs away yelling) TO THE SAFEST PLACE ON EARTH FROM TOPH-THE FREEZER!

Me: Oooookaaay...Aang, your turn. Are you done with your song?

Aang: (scribbling things on a paper while whispering things to himself) yes...yes! And some more of that! Yeah that would add a lot of spice to it. Yes! Yes!

Me: Aang...?Aang. Aang! AANG! YO' FANCY DANCER!

Aang: (turns around to face us and dramatic music rolls while thunder can be heard and lightning can be seen as a background)(in a maniacal scientist voice) IT'S !

Me: I'll take that as a yes. Just sing your song already so we can finally get on with the other dares.

Aang: Okay, I call this one "Instead of Going Under". Pretty neat, huh?

Me: Odd choice... (to illumnity06) He has got to take lessons on how to make good song titles...

illumnity06: Uh-huh.

Aang: (starts singing)

The faster we're falling

We're stopping and stalling

We're running in circles again

Just when things were looking up

You said it wasn't good enough

Still we have to try one more time

Maybe we're just trying too hard

'Cause really it's closer than it is too far

'Cause I'm in too deep

And I'm trying to keep

Up above in my head

Instead of going under

'Cause I'm in too deep

And I'm trying to keep

Up above in my head

Instead of going under

Instead of going under

Seems like each time

I'm with you I lose my mind

Because I'm bending over backwards to relate

Well, that's one thing to complain

But when you're driving me insane

Well, then I think it's time that we took a break

Maybe we're just trying too hard

'Cause really it's closer than it is too far

Cause I'm in too deep

And I'm trying to keep

Up above in my head

Instead of going under

'Cause I'm in too deep

And I'm trying to keep

Up above in my head

Instead of going under

Instead of going under

I can't sit back and wonder why

It took so long for this to die

And I hate it

When you fake it

You can't hide it

You might as well embrace it

So believe me

It's not easy

It seems that something's telling me

I'm in too deep

And I'm trying to keep

Up above in my head

Instead of going under

'Cause I'm in too deep

And I'm trying to keep

Up above in my head

Instead of going under

Instead of going under

Instead of going under again

Instead of going under

Instead of going under again

Instead of going under

Aang: (expects praises like the rest got but hears nothing)

Toph: (laughs) Wow, Twinkle-Toes, I didn't know you could sing as well as you could earthbend! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (laughs some more)

Aang: Is that a compliment? (hopeful)

Toph: NO! You're lousy at earthbending!

Aang: (crushed by sadness)(whimpers)

flamma09: I just remembered, they still have a lot of dares to do so this is going to be a very long cccccchhhh...(about to say chapter but changes noun instead) episode if both pairings do their dares now, but if you can live with it then...

Me: We can live with that. I don't want a part five. Oh and just a reminder to everybody, no more sending of dares and such maybe letters of appreciation but no more dares. Good. Now let's start with Taang. Hey, where's Jeremy?

flamma09: I fired him in part two remember?

Me: flamma09, you should really rehire him and- (pauses to think about what my statement) Nah...don't rehire him.

Jeremy: (from outside)(in disbelief) What? Even gaia09 decided against rehiring me? (bangs on the window but is not heard by anyone)

flamma09: Okay, Toph and Aang, you will be lead to a wooden room with hippie music and walls of sorts to make a maze and there will be no lights in the room and you guys will be blind-folded, in Toph's case, shoes. So that will answer a lot of dares already...

Me: flamma09,

flamma09: Yeah

Me: That answers only two dares! It is not a lot.

flamma09: Two out of...?

Me: Nine.

flamma09: Wow, that's a lot. You have like, (puts out nine fingers and take down two and starts counting the fingers left) let's see, one, two, three, four, six, seven, eight. Eight dares left!

Me: (slaps forehead) So you have seven-

flamma09: It's eight! The fingers don't lie! (starts wiggling fingers)

Me: -seven dares left to do. To the wooden room slash labyrinth slash maze with hippie music!

flamma09: (goes down to the house and gives Toph and Aang the shoes and blindfold respectively) TO THE WOODOOM ROOM! I mean...WOODEN ROOM!

In the woodoom-I mean wooden room...

flamma09: Okay, here we are! (arrives at a room labeled "Woodoom Room" with the "oom" crossed out and replaced with "en" on top)

Me: (grabs Toph and Aang by their collars and drags them inside placing them on opposite ends of the maze)

flamma09: (goes to the radio and plugs it to an amplifier and inserts a disc called "Get Yo' Groooooovvvvve Aaawwwnnn Bebeh! The Classical Hippie Music from the Seventees: Disc 1)

-insert hippie music and kaleidoscope-y background here-

Me: Okaaaaaaaaaaayyyy...go!

Toph: (goes around the maze and makes it to the middle without bumping into anything. She then waits for Aang)

Me: Toph! How did you get here so fast?

Toph: (raises arms) Arms. I can feel with my hands too, you know.

Me: Wow, I never thought of it that way. I wonder if Aang knows that too.

Aang: (constantly bumps into things)(bumps into a person) Toph? Toph, is that you?

Hippie Dude: (in stereotype hippie dude voice) No, man. I'm the hippie dude who meditates here.

Aang: AAAHHH! What are you doing in here?

Hippie Dude: I heard that they put up some hippie music in here, so I went to check it out. It's radical! Peace out, you freaky dude. Unleash your imagination! Let your mind be free! Go and find that Toph dude you're looking for!

Aang: Toph's a girl! She ain't a dude! (weirded out by hippie)(bumps into a squirrel) Oh my gosh, was that a roach?

Me: Hey, cool, there's a squirrel in here!

Hippie Dude: Yo' Major Hippie Pants the Third! You came back! (starts to cuddle with the squirrel)

Aang: (thinking) This is so unusual...

Toph: (to Aang) Yo' Major Twinkly Pants the First, I have been waiting for so long, ya' know!

Aang: (bumps into something) Okay, what did I bump into this time?

Toph: Me, you idiot!

Aang: Hey, I found you!

Toph: (sarcastically) Hey, you found me! Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Major Stupidity!

Aang: (whimpers) That hurts you know...

Toph: Wow, and I'm the girl in this relationship?

Me: Good, you found each other! Now...

Toph: We can get out now? (hopefully)

Me: No. Now you have to kiss.

Toph: WHAT?

Aang: YAY!

Toph: (hits him at the back of the head) What do you mean "yay!" You are actually enjoying this?

Aang: Hey! You hit me! You have to kiss me for that!

Toph: Can't we take these off now?

Me: I guess so...yeah. (Toph and Aang take off their shoes and blindfolds) Now kiss, already! Don't make me get flamma09 and the TLC! flamma09!

flamma09: (stares sadly at a group picture of the TLC with her during their one day anniversary)

Me: Right. Anyway, kiss already!

Toph: (glares at Aang)

Aang: (gulps)

Toph: Don't. You. Dare.

Aang: (frightenedly places hands on Toph's shoulders)

Toph: I said don't you da-

Aang: (kisses Toph)

Me: flamma09! Come on! This is good stuff!

flamma09: (snaps picture) One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi! (Aang and Toph break apart due to the camera flash)

Toph: HEY! I'm soooooo going to get you now!

Me: Next task. Kiss and make-up.

Toph: Again? (looks at Aang who is staring dreamily at the ceiling while swaying) Oh great.

Aang: (snaps out of daze) Make-up right. Okay, anyone got a make-up kit?

Toph: (punches him in the arm) She meant say sorry and stuff!

Aang: You hit me again!

Toph: (kisses him forcefully)

flamma09: (snaps picture again)

Toph: (breaks away) Look, I'm sorry okay!

Aang: (stutters) Uh...uh...sssssssoooooorrryyy...(falls)

Me: Next task. Kiss until you like it.

Toph: (angrily) How many dares do we have that involves kissing?

Me: Oh, there's many. Plus you have to kiss Aang four times for hitting him.

Toph: Fine. (to Aang) Get up, Fancy Dancer!

-insert angelic choirs singing-

Aang: (floats up from his position on the floor and floats to a standing position like an angel with a dreamy expression)

Toph: (kisses Aang again before he could recover)

Me: Wow, Toph is acting like kisser today.

flamma09: (records on video)

Ten seconds later...

Me: (eye twitches) Wow, I can't believe they're not coming up for air.

flamma09: (still recording) I can't believe that Toph hates kissing Aang so much that it takes her that long to like it.

Homer: Hey, after a few parts of Day Twenty Eight, I finally got my head out of that toilet.

illumnity06: How long have they been doing that?

saskk and Terasu: (barge in) O.o

saskk: (to Terasu) Run off our desires?

Terasu: Gladly (runs away with sassk)

Jeremy: (banging on window) Please rehire me!

Azura: You know I haven't spoken in a while.

Taylour: Me too. I feel left out.

Ty Lee: What does this word mean?

Mai: (sigh)

Azula: Hey, is the "in bed" thing still going on?

Jet: I can't believe I'm not evicted yet! I thought I was 'cause I haven't spoken in a while.

Sokka: You're not the only one.

Me: (Toph and Aang finally break apart) Finally! Yes, thank you!

flamma09: HEY! I wasn't done recording!

Aang: (falls)

Toph: (wipes mouth) Just to let all of you know, that was for all the other dares that involves me kissing him.

flamma09: Really, it was? Then when did you start liking it?

Toph: If only you weren't younger than me, I would have hit you now.

flamma09: That and because I'm the producer.

Toph: What does that have to do with anything?

flamma09: I could air all those videos that I recorded of you two, ya' know.

Toph: (glares) You wouldn't.

flamma09: (glares back) Oh, I would. (presses play button but nothing happens) Huh? What? (starts looking for the recently video taped scene but could not find it) NO!

Toph: I thought so. (to me) So what's next?

Me: That's it. You're done with the dares. Except for these two dares about you and Aang cross-dressing and dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls and sing this song same with Katara and Zuko except they will not cross-dress.

flamma09: Cross-dress?

Me: Oh, and before I forget, Browncoat01, wherever you are, you will be in Day Twenty Nine, so you better prepare those kittens and diamonds you promised! Okay, guys let's get out of the wooden room.

flamma09: My precious video! Where have you gone!

Aang: (finally recovers) How long was I gone?

Toph: I wished it was longer.

Aang: (grunts)

Toph: I still liked kissing the squirrel better!

Hippie Dude: (to Major Hippie Pants the Third or MJPT) You kissed the blind girl! Not cool, dudette, not cool! And to think we were engaged!

Toph: He's engaged to a squirrel?

Sokka: (to Aang) Hey, that was quite a fall you had back there.

Aang: When did you get here? (looks around and sees all the other houemates) When did all of you get here? (everybody starts mumbling things that cannot be understood)

Me: Now, let's proceed with Zutara!

In the Secret Room...

Zuko: Yuan, why are you crying?

Yuan: Y-y-you a-a-and M-m-m-mommy

Katara: Me and Daddy what Yuan? (looks worriedly at Zuko)

Yuan: You're getting divorced! And then you'll leave me with the hosts and forget me forever! WWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! (cries)

Katara: Excuse us for a second, sweetie...

Yuan: (cries harder) Then you guys will be bickering and fighting over who gets to keep me! WAAAAAAAAAHH!

Zuko: No, son, we're just going to straighten things out between us. (drags Katara out and closes the door again) We need to do the dares quick, so we can convince him that we're not getting (zooms in on Zuko's eyes that are glaring off at the distance while he says in a hushed tone) divorced.

Katara: But how can we do it quickly enough especially for the part of "not coming up for anything"?

Zuko: I don't know! We just have to do it fast so he won't think that we're getting (zooms in on eyes again) divorced.

Katara: Fine.

Zuko: (kisses Katara)

5 seconds later...

Zuko: (breaks apart) Okay that was for kiss until you like it. (kisses Katara again)

Moments Later...

Yuan: Wow, it's pretty quiet out there. Maybe they're really not getting (zooms in on his eyes) divorced. I wonder what they're doing. It's so quiet. (realization hits Yuan) They wouldn't dare do that!

In the studio...

flamma09: Wow, I wonder what hit him that made him realize something about what they could be doing...

Me: You don't think that he thinks that they're...

Back with Yuan...

Yuan: They wouldn't dare steal my rubber-duckies! (hugs rubber-duckies to himself)

Katara: Okay, Yuan, you can come out now! (Yuan comes out holding rubber-duckies) Yuan, shouldn't you leave the rubber-duckies inside?

Yuan: I don't think so.

Zuko: C'mon, Yuan, give the ducks to daddy...

Yuan: My rubber-duckies! (hisses)

Sokka: (hand slips through the door with food and water) Dinner.

Me: Okay, Zutara. Since you did all the dares, you can finally come out of the room after you eat. Eeeerr...and I guess Yuan can keep the ducks... (to flamma09) How did those get there with the orange juice?

flamma09: (shrugs) (Zuko, Katara, and Yuan come out of the secret room)

Me: Attention, housemates. Tomorrow will be the end of Taang and Zutara Appreciation Month or TAZAM. To close the event, the pairings will be performing some numbers, well only one but two for Zuko! Anyway, for Taang: they will be cross-dressing the entire day because it was dared by a viewer. For Zuko, he will be singing Candyman by Aqua with Ty Lee because it was requested by another viewer. And for both couples-

Toph: I still hate that word...

Me: -they will be performing a song and dance number of Any Man of Mine by Shaina Twain dressed as cowboys/girls. Oh and Ty Lee, you have a fanboy coming here tomorrow.

flamma09: Aaw...less Taang...(sobs)


flamma09: That means less Zutara, too! HA! Think about that!

Me: (sighs) I guess I might as well put the Zutarians on leave...

flamma09: You heard? Camera Man's resigning!

Me: Camera Man! How could you do this to us?

Camera Man: (shrugs) Hey, is anyone really going to rehire Jeremy? (Everybody suddenly turns to look at the window and sees Jeremy still banging on the glass mouthing thewords "please rehire me" but no one seems to understand and just looked away from him) I rest my case...

Me: So are you gonna reunite with the TLC or something? (everybody turns to look at the window next to Jeremy and sees the TLC banging on the window saying "please forgive us, Mistress")

flamma09: (walks to the window and closes the curtain, shutting them from the TLC) Forget it. TAZAM's ending tomorrow anyway so I won't be needing them much anymore.

Me: (approaches flamma09 and puts and arm around her shoulders) But what about all the fun you guys did together...


TLC: (splashing water at flamma09 in what seems to be a beach)Hahaha!

flamma09: (splashes water back)Hahahaha! (zooms out to see that they were only crouching inside a kiddie pool)

TLC: (playing hide and seek with flamma09)

Taang Lover 1: (goes to flamma09's hiding spot) You're it!

flamma09: (starts counting) One, Two, Three...(zooms out to see that they were in a kiddie playground)

TLC: (sneaks behind flamma09) SURPRISE!


Taang Lover 18: What did we remember?

flamma09: I thought you guys knew, after all, you were the one who surprised me. And my birthday's not in another 5 months...

Flashback get's interrupted

flamma09: Hey, we didn't do any of those stuff!

Me: You didn't? I was hoping you did. I thought it could have worked. Anyway (to the viewers) well, there you have it! Day Twenty Eight is finally over so look forward to tomorrow, Day Twenty Nine! Also, TAZAM is finished so you can stop sending in your dares but you can continue sending fanmail and such. Tune in next time for Day Twenty Nine! Goodnight, everybodeh!

flamma09: Wait, can I just say one thing?

Me: (to flamma09)(through gritted teeth) I said goodnight, everybody!

flamma09: Wait, no, please! Just one thi-