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Chapter One

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Tristan was on a normal scouting mission for Arthur, the King of Briton, going to the local towns and villages to see if anyone heard of any danger coming Britons way. Well, it was supposed to be normal.

He woke up with a throbbing headache from the butt of a thick axe hitting the back of his head. He stifled his groans and opened his eyes. He was in a cell, a small cramped cell, alone. But there were multiple cells that had other occupants in the room. The closest to him was a young woman curled in a ball on the floor.

The few beams of light that shone into the room lit up her wild dirty blonde hair. Her small body stirred but she didn't wake. She was too thin for her body. He figured she had been there a long time, she was very pale with dry cracked skin. A guard made a loud entrance and the girl woke up and scurried to the back of the cell.

The guard came up to Tristan's cell and leaned his head down to come eye to eye with the scout. The guard was ugly, smelly and dirty. Nothing about him was pleasant.

"You're a Sarmatian. We should get good money for you." He sneered devilishly.

Tristan stayed silent with a cold stare. The guard scoffed and stomped to the girl's cell. A devious smirk came across his face as he took out the keys to unlock the cell. She sealed her crystal green eyes shut as the guard opened the cell and grabbed her leg and yanked her out.

"Let's have some fun." He hissed, gathering her in his arms. She didn't resist him. Tristan saw the dead hope in her eyes.

Tristan felt a pang of pity for the girl. No one deserved what was happening to her. She didn't even look a day over twenty. Tristan shook his head and forced himself to think about his own situation.

He didn't know where he was, or how he got there, or even why they wanted him. He mused they were slavers. He sighed and let his head fall back. He traded one prison for another. Just as Tristan was about to start banging his head against the bars a short man came into the cell room with two guards.

"The Sarmatian," The man ordered to the guards. The guards came to his cell and opened it.

Tristan weighed his odds. Both the men were armed but didn't look that skilled. He could try to escape. The man was mostly likely not an idiot and had guards outside the cell room. He let the guards roughly grab him and yank him out of the small cell and shoved him in front of the man.

"You look strong." The stubby man pointed out feeling his firm arms. Tristan kept his cold stare on the man. The man looked over his clothes before finding a symbol on his scabbard. "A Sarmatian knight of Rome." The man spat angrily. "Well I guess I mustn't sell you to Romans." The man sighed sadly then nodded at the guards. Tristan was once again hit with the butt of an axe and he slipped into unconsciousness.

Tristan woke up to a bright light pouring into the dark room he was in. He focused his eyes to see the ugly guard with the girl in his arms. The guard threw the girl at him and she landed on his chest. He stifled his grunt and the guard slammed a large wooden door shut. The room he was in started to move and he guessed he was in a wagon.

The girl stirred and mewled but didn't wake. Tristan kept her on his chest and gently brushed away the dirty blonde curls from her face. She had a pretty face, full pale pink lips, high cheeks, full lashes and a ghostly white complexion. There was a darkish scar on her chin that clashed with her feminine beauty.

He adjusted her in his lap and realized how small she really was. Her elbows were so bony she could kill someone with a good jab. He could count her ribs just from her leaning against him. He hadn't even seen a slave this small before. Though oddly enough she had small bump on her stomach, he wasn't sure if it was a baby or her organs. He moved her again so she was lying on her stomach and wrapped his arms around her but was more careful than normal, fearful he would break her.

The day dragged on as they continued their journey. Tristan's stomach grumbled, protesting its emptiness and Tristan scowled. There was a yell from outside the wagon and the girl woke with a fright. Tristan held her gently to his chest and took her chin in his hand and made her look at him.

Her large clear green eyes were scared and confused.

"They're moving us." Tristan said simply. The girl let out a shaky breath and relaxed some, seeing he wouldn't hurt her.

Tristan mindlessly stroked her back through the night. He already knew they were being taken to large town to get sold into slavery. He just didn't know which one. Arthur had good friends in a few of the local towns that would help him, if they went to one of the towns.

They finally stopped not long later. The doors were thrown open to show the unpleasant guard. The girl stiffened and dug her face into Tristan's chest. The guard grabbed her small ankle and yanked her away from him. He could have tried to hold onto her, but it would have only hurt her. The guard shoved her into another man's arms and yanked Tristan out.

They walked Tristan and the girl into the town, rather forcefully. Tristan knew Arthur had a friend here, but the man lived on the outskirts of the town. He would most likely not see them. Tristan groaned and allowed the men to push them onto a stage in the middle of town. The short man was already waiting.

"Here we have a strong Sarmatian and the perfect whore." The man called out slyly. A few of the men stirred at the sight of the girl. Tristan clenched his fists.

"The Sarmatian is not for sale." A firm and familiar voice called from the crowd.

"Who says?" The short man ordered. There was movement in the crowd and Arthur stepped onto the stage with Bors and Lancelot behind him, ready for a fight.

"King Arthur." Arthur said surly.

"I am sorry Your Highness, he is yours." The short man nodded to the guards who released Tristan and brought Bors Tristan's weapons. Arthur walked closer to the man, standing at least two heads taller than him.

"He is no ones." he said lowly before storming off the stage with Tristan, Lancelot and Bors. They made it a few feet away before there was more yelling from the crowd.

"That girl!" A shriek came from the back of the crowd. Tristan turned back to the stage. "She ran from our estate! I want her killed!" The woman yelled pointing to the small girl.

"No," she muttered shaking her head, her eyes full of fear as she tried to run from the stage. The guard gripped her upper arms to keep her still.

"Kill her." The short man said simply and went to walk off the stage, the guard held a knife to the girls throat. Before anyone could blink the short man had one of Tristan's daggers embedded in the side of his head. The crowd gasped as Tristan swiftly moved through the crowd and back to the stage.

"Let her go, or he will kill you." Arthur said grimly. Though the knight was under his command, at the moment he was in his own command. The guard slowly let go of the girl and Tristan swiftly took her hand and led her off the stage.

The other knights followed and talked amongst themselves.

"Well, that was new." Gawain said a little stunned. Tristan had never been so protective or helpful to anyone other than his brothers in arms.

"I am confused." Galahad said watching Tristan put the girl on his horse then take his affects from Bors and put them on.

"We all are, youngling." Lancelot said smugly, clapping the younger knight on the shoulder.

"I am twenty-seven for the sake of the gods, I am not young!" Galahad bellowed then stomped to his horse and jumped on.

"Quite the temper he has." Lancelot said with a smile.

"Quite," Gawain said with a nod.

The ride back to the Wall was silent as normal, though every knight there wanted to ask Tristan why he saved the girl. He was ready to leave dozens of people to be slaughtered by the Saxon, but he hastily saved one tiny girl. They were all baffled.

They rode hard back to the Wall. Arthur let the knight go about their business as Tristan quickly took the girl to a healer.

Tristan leaned against the hallway wall of the healer's home, the man was Arne a well-liked and trusted healer. He was the one who saved Lancelot and Tristan from near death. Arne came out of the room after a few hours of being alone with the girl, his face tired and confused.

"She is with child, how I do not know." Arne sighed running his fingers threw his short hair.

"Did she say anything?" Tristan asked calmly.

"No," Arne said shaking his head. Tristan nodded and pushed himself away from the wall and toward the door. "Try and get her to eat and drink." He said as Tristan walked into the small room.

Inside was a small bed, dresser and a chair next to the bed. Her small form in the bed made the bed look much larger than it was. She watched him with wide eyes and he sat next to her on the bed.

"Eat," He said holding her an apple.

She made a sour face at the piece of fruit.

"Can't eat it?" he asked knowingly.

She shook her head, still frowning at the fruit.

"Drink," he handed her a mug of water and she took a few sips before setting it down.

"What's your name?" he asked looking deep into her crystal green eyes. She stiffened a little bit and licked her lips.

"Liara," she answered quietly. Tristan nodded. After a few moments he stood and Liara raised her body with him.

"Rest," he said firmly, she laid back.

"Who am I sold too?" She asked before he walked out of the room.

"No one." He murmured under his breath.

Tristan walked into Arthur's study to see him sitting at his desk looking over some maps. Arthur looked up at his head scout.

"How is she?" Arthur asking standing up.

"Pregnant," Tristan said quickly.

"How?" Arthur gapped.

Tristan shrugged.

"She shall need a place to stay, a job as well." Arthur said as he started to pace a little.

"Here," Tristan suggested.

"No, the rooms are full but we do need more chamber maids." Arthur said almost guiltily. That always irritated Tristan. "There is an apartment over the Tavern, she can have it. I will send for Vanora to set it up." Tristan gave a small nod and left the Arthur to his previous work.

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