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Chapter One

Hello, my name is Mokuba Kaiba and my brother is Seto Kaiba the CEO of Kaiba Corp. blah, blah, blah… Well this is my story about going down the road from child to manhood.

The first thing I remember is being a little boy and having Seto "tell me don't to touch that!" What is that you might be asking yourself, well I'll tell you. That was my winkie, as Seto called it. He would get all crazy when I would take off my underpants and run around naked and especially when I would touch my winkie.

Then I went through the stage that I called "girls are icky!" That's when me and my friends would say "girls had cooties and if they touched us we'd get them too." I guess that lasted till I got into the fifth grade and then the girls started to interest me and my friends. We use to talk about girls and then we'd get really confused as what to do about them?

As I got older, I would ask Seto questions that would drive him out of his mind, like "why is his winkie bigger then mine? Or one time he had a boner and I wanted to know why it was sticking out like that?" Seto would get all red faced and tell me to go away!

Once when he had a party and all of his friends were over and they were in the pool and Joey accidentally brushed up against Seto his winkie would make the front of his swim trunks stick out and I would ask him "why" and he would look at me like he wanted to drown me.

I got older and one time when he had his friends over and Tea, Mai and Serenity were in their swim suits and I looked at them, well lets just say that my winkie got really large and it hurt to walk and when I told Seto, well he wanted to run far away and not come back when I asked him "how do I make it go down?"

Then it came time for him to have the "talk" with me and he got all flustered and started stuttering and then he started sweating and I didn't even know why. Finally he went to get Roland and when they came back and poor Roland knew what was going on, well they both started acting crazy, and I just left the room. I finally got the information from the internet and then I started laughing because I understood what they were trying to tell me.

I guess it was when I was in the seventh grade and there was this girl, her name was Windy and I really liked her and one day I asked her "would you like to go to the Movies with me" and she said "yes." Well Seto called her parents and they said that we could and so Seto had Roland drive is there. There was a preview of some movie and there was kissing and it even showed a woman's boobs and well I got a hard on and I didn't know what to do. The longer I sat there the worse it got, so I went to the bathroom and well I did like it said on the internet and guess what, it worked.

Windy and I were boyfriend and girlfriend for a couple of years until her father got transferred and they had to move. That hurt like heck when she left. I cried but didn't let Seto know because he always said "crying was a sign of weakness, and Kaiba's weren't weak."

I'm going on seventeen and still a virgin. Sure I've gone out with a few girls but none of them were really serious, till I met Grace Wilcox. She was the most beautiful girl that I'd ever seen and we started going out and soon we were holding hands and kissing. It was about six months since we had been going out and one day we were alone in her room doing homework when she leaned over and kissed me. Boy, was it ever a kiss. We both got excited and it became apparent that I was excited and well I was a little embarrassed. Grace just smiled at me and then she said "does it really hurt?" Well what was I suppose to say? Luckily her mother came and said "your brother called, he was on his way over to give you a ride home."

I had never seen a girl naked or had one see me naked and it scared the hell out of me. What happens next? I have to talk to Seto, but I am a little embarrassed to. Will he be angry with me for wanting to know? What the hell am I going to do?

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Chapter Two Coming Up...Will Seto talk to Mokie???