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Chapter Sixteen

Each of the men did as Mary instructed and finally they got Grace and Mokuba to the Hospital. After getting Grace admitted, Mary, Frank, Seto and Joey all went to the waiting room to wait.

Grace had a death grip on Mokie's hand and she wouldn't let go. She was so frightened that something terrible would happen to their unborn child and Mokie knew it and didn't say a thing about how much it hurt. Grace was taken to the Maturity Ward to wait till she was dialeted enough and when she was they would be taking her Labor and Delivery.

The Doctor ordered an epiderial so that the contractions weren't so bad, and after being in labor for six long hours, Grace finally was ready to give birth to their child. She gave birth to a baby boy. He weighed seven pounds fifteen ounces and was twenty-two inches long. He had lots of black hair like his father and a great set of lungs. When the Doctor asked if Mokie wanted to cut the cord, he had tears in his eyes and he looked down at his son. As they laid the baby in Grace's arms and she looked at her son and then up into Mokie's eyes tears were running down both their faces, and she whispered "we did it, we have a son."

When they were cleaning up both Grace and the baby, Mokie went to tell the others about their son. As he walked into the room, Seto stood and went to his brother, and Mokie said "Seto, I have a son and he is so beautiful." Then the brothers held onto each other and tears flowed like a river down their faces. Soon Frank, Mary and Joey all join in hold Mokie and Seto and they all told Mokie they were congratulations on his son's birth. "Grace was just so brave and I'm so damn proud of her for going through what she went through to bring our son into this world."

The Nurse came and told Mokie that they could now go see his wife and told him what room she was in. They all walked into the room and there laid Grace and she was holding their son. When Seto saw his Nephew tears filled his eyes because he looked just like Mokie did when he was born. Mary hurried over to give her daughter a kiss, and she whispered "you did good baby, you did good."

Mokie went to stand beside his wife and she announced "we want to introduce you to Stephen Eugene James Kaiba." Tears fell down the faces of everyone there, because they had named their son after his Grandfather and Uncle." Joey then said "Mokie you've finally completed your journey and you've come home."

Mokie looked down into the faces of his wife and son and he said "yes, I've finally come home."


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