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Hello and welcome to the very first chapter of my very first Sasuke and Hinata story! So if you are a fan of the pairing I suggest you come and stick around because I intend to make this story as awesome as I can (Lately I've been writing humor stories for another anime and now its time to get serious) Now that you've opened this I do hope that you will stay and continue reading, and yes don't forget to review afterwards!

To lessen the confusion, I guess it'd be right to start with the explanations. My story is based on the popular Korean drama Princess Hours (If you've ever seen that show then I presume that it'll be easier for you to understand my story) Anyways, my story is set in Konoha and the Uchiha family are basically the royal family. So basically this is an AU story and no there are no ninjas, hokages or ninjutsus here. Before you leave, I have some good news to spread to you all, all the characters will be here (except maybe for Orochimaru, he can be the driver for all I care) and they will be playing their respective roles here. Now that I've said too much its time to get on with the story


It is Time

"Will he be alright?"

"In the meantime yes, but all he needs right now is rest"

"I understand, but knowing him he'll never take a rest. Being king of Konoha he must always work for the people"

"Let him rest and by tomorrow he will be alright"

"Thank you for the help doctor…it really means a lot"

Uchiha Mikoto sighed deeply as she held on to her husband's hand; Uchiha Fugaku was once again suffering from the ill fated sickness of cerebral apoplexy. (AN: Cerebral Apoplexy is a disease where the victim loses consciousness and just simply collapses)

Carefully she stroked her husband's hand as tears slowly formed in her eyes, "What will become of us when you are gone?" Uchiha Mikoto whispered softly. "Will the royal family be forced to disband and live life as commoners?"

"You mustn't say that Lady Mikoto"

Uchiha Mikoto gasped as she stared into the eyes of the previous Queen who held the title before her, Uchiha Ayaka. (AN: I made her up and yes she was the Queen before she passed the title down to her son Fugaku and his wife, so technically Mikoto is just like a crown princess so just think of the royal family in Great Britain)

Uchiha Mikoto got down on her knees and gave a courteous bow, "Forgive me for my insolence, it was not my intention to voice out my thoughts so boldly."

"Rise up my child" Uchiha Ayaka said kindly as she offered her, her hand

"I…I…I should be punished for thinking such wretched thoughts, what the king needs most right now is care and here I am admitting to defeat"

Uchiha Ayaka stared at her grieving successor with loving eyes, "I understand where your grief is coming from. Being that Fugaku has been ill the past few weeks has gotten you concerned over the fact of the Uchiha throne"

Mikoto nodded her head, "Yes, it has troubled me so"

"I cannot blame you; this family has already been shattered by death and I've always wonder why the gods would let us go through it again"

"Life is cruel to us" Mikoto said sadly as she forced a smile to her sleeping husband

"No Lady Mikoto, life is only being just. Despite being an affluent royal family we must still suffer the same hurt and pain that commoners do…"

"But why must they make his majesty suffer! Does he not suffer enough for the people?" Mikoto soon realized the fault of her words and softly excused herself for her outburst.

Uchiha Ayaka smiled weakly; slowly the aging Empress walked over to her son's dresser and picked up a picture frame revealing a family portrait of the royal family, Uchiha Fugaku situated on the left and Uchiha Mikoto on the right, their two sons Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke in the middle.

Carefully she let her fingers trace the outline of the youngest Uchiha's face, a smile gracing her lips. "I fear that the time has come…"

"Come for what, my grace?" Uchiha Mikoto asked as she stood up from her seat beside her sleeping husband

Ayaka turned to face her curious successor and with a smile she said, "The time has come for us to prepare for the crown prince's wedding"

Prologue End

AN: So what did you guys think of my prologue chapter? Was it fair? good? great? bad? Anyways so that concludes the prologue to the story and if you're curious and would like to read more please stay and read my next chapters because I promise you they will be filled with nothing but Hinata and Sasuke fluff!