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Chapter XIX

Mine to keep

"Do I really harbor feelings for Hinata?"

The more he thought about it the more he found his heart racing faster, images of his petite cousin-in-law then came to view. He smiled at the thought of seeing her, her long midnight hair dancing gracefully through the breeze, her breath-taking unique lavender eyes sparkling and her sweet genuine heart pounding smile that would always leave him breathless.

Naruto smiled as he turned to face the pink haired ballerina, "You win Sakura"

Sakura eyed him curiously, "Excuse me?"

"Just what is he talking about?"

Naruto smiled widely as he gazed into the pink haired dancer's emerald eyes, "You win…you're right…I do harbor feelings for Hinata"

"I have feelings for her and they're not of being close friends or cousin-in-laws…they're…they're something more…"

"I have developed feelings for Hinata...and sadly I can no longer see her as just a friend or my cousin..."

From that moment, Haruno Sakura harbored two types of reactions, one being that of complete shock and the other being that of complete victory. With a devious smile planted on her lips she averted her gaze towards the blond haired ex-prince, "It's a shame she's married already, but you and I know very well love has no boundaries"

Deep blue eyes locked with emerald green, "What are you implying Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked curiously

"You know what I'm implying" the pink haired dancer replied dangerously, "Don't play dense with me"

"I believe I don't understand" Naruto stated firmly

Sakura scoffed coldly as she ran a hand through her silky locks, "You and I both know that our hearts yearn for people who we cannot have, but as I mentioned earlier on, love has no boundaries."

"Keep talking Sakura-chan" The now interested Naruto demanded politely, his eyes never tearing away from the plotting young woman.

Sakura smiled, "It's a simple trade off Naruto-kun, you help me win back Sasuke's heart and I'll help you win Hinata's, I mean its rather obvious that Sasuke can never give Hinata the love she needs whereas you can and same goes for Hinata, she can never love Sasuke as much as I have."

Naruto thought about the plan, he thought about the plan long and hard, he knew very well what the consequences would be if ever he decided to agree with it.

"I know its wrong of me to plot something against Sasuke but..."

Images of Hinata then clouded his mind, images of her sweet and fragile self so vulnerable and easy to break. "I can offer Hinata love and compassion that Sasuke can never offer"

"Have you thought about it?" Sakura asked, interrupting the blond haired man's thoughts

Naruto nodded his head, "He will never love her…he will never open up to her…all he'll ever cause her is pain and misery"

"I've thought about it" Naruto stated simply

"Sasuke said it himself that he'll take pleasure in seeing her suffer in the palace…Hinata, you deserve someone better than him"

"And so you agree with it?" Sakura asked with a raised brow, "It's a yes or no question Naruto…no need to kill yourself thinking about it, I mean we all know what your heart really wants, what your heart really years for"


Naruto nodded, "I agree with it" he muttered softly, earning him an even wider smile from the pink haired dancer

"Forgive me Sasuke…hate me if you must but I'm just taking back what originally belonged to me…Hinata…"


Naruto carefully took off his shoes as he entered his rented home, upon returning home from school he found his mother busy with a phone conversation, a stack of books sprawled across their coffee table and on the floor, her face contorted to that of one deep in thought. Naruto smiled at his mother who apparently had not noticed his presence, "I'm home" he muttered softly before occupying the seat across from his mother.

Tsunade smiled but did not respond for she was on the phone, "Yes and I'm hoping we can meet somewhere private…"

Naruto secretly eyed his mother curiously, "Yes…there are very important matters I'd like to discuss and I'd like to discuss them as soon as possible"

Letting out a tired sigh Naruto took a book from the stack and began flipping through the pages, majority of the books present were history records of the royal family.

"By the look of these books I'd say mother must be busy preparing for her plans…"

"Well, it was nice talking to you again and I can't wait to see you again…good day"

Finally hanging up from her conversation Tsunade smiled warmly at her son, "That was a friend of mine; I thought I'd contact him to let him know of my return"

Naruto nodded his head, "A friend of father's as well?" he asked curiously

Tsunade who had been looking through her address book looked up to meet her son's curious gaze, "He's a friend of the family, our family" she replied, stressing on the "our"

"It seems to me as if you've been keeping yourself busy" the young blond muttered, "You're really going to go through the plan aren't you mother"

Tsunade nodded as she flashed her son a smile, "Just a little bit more waiting my son and you'll finally see mother's plans unfurl"

Naruto nodded, "Have you spoken with grandmother? Or even Aunt Mikoto?"

"I've informed them of my arrival, apparently they wish to dine with us tonight, its all your grandmother's idea, seeing that the family has finally been reunited she thought of it best for us to have dinner at the main palace"

"I thought the ex-queen and her son were not permitted to step forth the main palace" Naruto stated with a serious look

Tsunade gave a sigh as she took her son's hand and patted it comfortingly, "Your grandmother has suggested that we join them for the reunion"

Naruto scoffed, "So we're permitted for just one night, how convenient"

Tsunade sighed as she engulfed her son in a motherly hug, "The rules are about to change my son, those rules of us being restricted the main palace will soon change…so be patient, for the time will come soon….the change will come soon…"


Uchiha Mikoto had been working on her calligraphy when her son unexpectedly entered, "It is rude to enter unannounced crown prince"

"I'm your son; I can't even enter when I please?"

"You are the crown prince; your title as prince and royal comes before your title as my son" Mikoto replied simply, "Now what brings you here?"

"I just happened to stopped by"

"Is that so? For if it is I suggest you tend to other important matters for I as well am quite busy with my own work"

Sasuke merely grunted as he took a seat across his mother, "Hinata and I have been invited to a party tomorrow"

Mikoto did not bother to look up from her work, "And what occasion calls for such a party?"

"It's a belated wedding celebration…my ex-girlfriend is throwing"

Mikoto abruptly stopped her work and eyed her son seriously, "And the reason for this?"

"She missed my actual wedding; she's just making it up to me"

Mikoto sighed as she began to massage her throbbing temple, "Despite the fact of me wanting to prohibit you from attending such a party thrown by such a person I suppose I have no choice but to let you go"


"Crown prince, you do know what this means right?"

"Apparently not"

"A party thrown by your former acquaintance is quite scandalous…people will think ill of us"

"It's just a harmless party thrown by a friend; let the people think whatever they want"

Mikoto sighed, "I hope that you will be true to your word, keep this party harmless and scandal free…the last thing this family needs is a scandal…its bad enough Tsunade has returned"

Sasuke scoffed, "So the former queen has finally risen from the dead?"

"That is no way to speak to a former royal" Mikoto scolded sternly, "Apparently your grandmother has deemed it right to invite them for dinner tonight"

"That's something worth seeing" Sasuke said sarcastically

"I expect you and the crown princess to shine, no matter what we shall never give Tsunade the right to belittle us"

"Its Tsunade we're talking about, her life revolves around belittling people"

Mikoto nodded, "That's why I hope that you can support the crown princess, I'm quite certain that Tsunade knows that Hinata is not from noble blood…I'm sure Hinata will be her primary target"

"I am to be in charge of her because of the fact I'm her husband?"

"Crown prince…I entrust you to help the crown princess…I don't know why but, but I feel as if Tsunade has plans…it was suspicious to me the fact that she sent Naruto back just when your father was at his worst and now that she has comes back I am absolutely convinced she is plotting something"

"Must you worry too much?"

"It is called instinct crown prince" Mikoto said firmly, "Keep your eyes and ears open at all times…the tides are changing and they are not for the better"


Fortunately for Hinata she had no plans scheduled for the afternoon, without anything else to do she quickly grabbed her cell phone and dialed home. "They'll want to know what has become of me" Hinata thought with a giggle

"Hello?" Hiashi's voice spoke from the other end

"You missed me dad?" Hinata teased from the other line

"Hinata? Is this my beautiful princess?"

Hinata rolled her eyes, "Is that my daughter on the other line?" Hinata could hear her mother call out, "Yes dear, it's our princess calling"

"What the hell are you waiting for you idiot put her on speaker phone so we can all talk"

"Stop nagging me you crazy woman, I'm doing it already"

Hinata laughed as she continued to listen to her bickering parents, "Glad to hear everyone's doing alright"

"We're doing fine…I'm good, your mother's good and your sister…she's the same"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Hinata heard Hanabi call out, "What's up sis?"

"Hanabi-chan, I'm doing alright? How about you?"

"Do you think you can come and visit home? Dad's crying is driving me insane"

"I'd love to but…but I don't think I can right now…just hang in there ok?"

"I don't think I can hang in any longer, if dad cries about you one more time I swear the next time you'll see him will be through a coffin glass"

"Don't be too harsh on him now" Hinata giggled

"Out of the way Hanabi; my daughter why haven't you called us? You know we've been worried about you"

"I would have called sooner but once I assumed the title as Princess I simply kissed my normal life goodbye and said hello to all the responsibilities"

"Of course, so how have you been?"

Hinata paused for a moment, aside from the fact that she and Sasuke still didn't get along that well she was fairly doing alright thanks to her friends and Naruto. "I'm doing fine mom"

"Is the food good? I know it'll take some time for you to get used to all their fancy gourmet meals"

Hinata laughed, apparently unbeknownst to her parents she had already taken a liking towards the fancy palace meals they served her everyday, "The foods not like the one's I've eaten at home but it's pretty good to me anyways"

"That's good to know, so how about your husband? Is he treating you well?"

"If by ignoring me considers as treating me well then I suppose he has been" Hinata thought with a sigh

"Now, now, Tomoe I think the question is whether our Hinata is treating him well" Hiashi interrupted, "So Hinata-hime, have you been treating your husband well? You're not tying him up and beating him are you?"

Hinata began to laugh as images of a tied up Sasuke being badly beaten by her popped up in her head, "Now that's something I'd love to see" Hinata joked

Tomoe and Hiashi began to laugh, "Well, it's good to know that our daughter is still the same"

"That's right, despite the fact she's a royal now she still has her sense of humor, even though they're not particularly funny"

"Hey, I do not have a bad sense of humor!" Hinata demanded with a pout

"Sadly, you take after your father's corny jokes"

"Now that's just harsh mother"

"Truth hurts…"

"So you mean to say…I'm not funny?" Hiashi demanded

"No…so stop pretending to be" Tomoe replied irritably

Unfortunately for Hinata her chat with her parents had to come to an abrupt end as she heard the faint footsteps of someone approaching, "Um…mom, dad, technically I'm not supposed to…to talk to you guys without the royal family's consent so I have to go now"

"And who in the world made up that rule?" Tomoe demanded angrily

"Queen Mikoto and…err…um…and Sasuke…they said that I should sever all ties with my commoner life, they told me that it'll only weaken my emotional state"

"Now that is simply stupid and uncalled for, let me talk to them…I'm sure we can create a compromise"

Hinata sighed, "As much as I want to, I think the best we can do right now I abide by their rules…anyways, I hear someone coming so I have to go now"

Tome sighed in defeat, "Fine, you be good and take care of yourself alright?"

"I will mom and you guys take care as well"

Hiashi began to sob uncontrollably as he refused to hang up, "Hinata-hime, eat well and rest…and secretly call us from time to time ok?"

Hinata smiled sadly, "I will dad and you take care as well, stop playing housewife already…"

Upon hearing the door slowly creak open, Hinata quickly said her goodbye and quickly hung up the phone. She then plopped herself in one of the couches pretending to be fast asleep. "I hope they'll buy this trick" she thought with a sigh


Sasuke opened the door and entered casually, he was not surprised to see Hinata on the couch apparently trying to feign sleep.

"Does she think I'm that stupid? Just one look at her and you can instantly tell she's still awake and faking it"

"Well, might as well have some fun out of this"


Suddenly she felt the couch shift thus indicating an added on weight, "Are you really sleeping?"

Hinata cringed as she noted the voice belonged to none other than her husband, "Just keep on pretending and he'll leave you alone"

But unfortunately for Hinata, Sasuke had no intention of leaving instead he inched his face closer towards her, their noses almost touching. "You know, you're rather angelic when you sleep" he whispered huskily

Feeling his warm breath on her face, Hinata's eyes flung open and she was surprised to see Sasuke so close to her their noses were now touching, "What do you want now you sick pervert?" Hinata demanded angrily

Sasuke smirked triumphantly, "I'm your husband now, I have every right to do as I please"

"Husband or not you have no right to assault me in my sleep!" Hinata demanded, "I could sue you for that you know!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "In reality you weren't sleeping, you were faking it for I clearly overheard your phone conversation while on the way here"

Hinata gaped in disbelief, "And secondly, I wasn't assaulting you, you can't possibly sue your curious husband who only wishes to see his wife sleeping up close"

"You know what, I have better things to do" Hinata stated as she quickly got up but soon found herself being pulled back, this time she was sitting on Sasuke's lap.

"Now this is much better" Sasuke said as he breathed in her scent

Hinata sat rigidly on his lap, unable to fight back the blush that slowly crept up from her neck to her cheeks, "W-what…w-what…w-what are you doing?" she asked nervously not daring to look him in the eye

Sasuke smirked mischievously, "Are you going to tell me that making a man's wife sit on his lap is assault as well?"

Hinata nodded her head vigorously, "O-of c-c-course it is…especially when it's uncalled for…so just let go of me before people see"

Unfortunately for Hinata, Sasuke was not one to listen instead of agreeing to her request he tightened his grip around her waist and buried his face on the crook of her neck, "Why are you always nervous around me? Do you despise me that much?"

Hinata felt his warm breath on her skin and she couldn't help but shiver at their closeness, "I…I…I'm not nervous" she lied quickly

"Didn't I tell you to come up with better fibs?" he replied with a triumphant grin

Hinata gulped, "Could…could you please not…"

"Why are you so nervous when it comes to me but you act so freely towards Naruto?"


"What kind of spell does he cast on you that whenever you see him you're all smiles?"


"And why does it seem that, that smile of yours is always reserved for him"

Hinata froze at his question, indeed it was true that she and Naruto were on friendlier terms but the way Sasuke had asked made her feel as if she had done something wrong, "What's wrong Sasuke are you jealous?" Hinata thought slyly

"Naruto is family, I treat him the way I treat him because…he's nice to me and in return I want to be nice to him"

Sasuke scoffed, "And what am I to you Hinata? Am I not family as well?"

"Yes…yes you are, you're my husband but…"

"But…what? But, I'm not Naruto? Was that what you were going to say?" He demanded coldly, gripping her waist tightly

Hinata gasped as she felt his arms around her tighten, "Y-you…you're…Sasuke…I can't breath"

"Is this what you want Hinata? Is this the kind of marriage you want?" Sasuke growled as he pinned her underneath him

"Get off of me…" Hinata demanded but only felt his weight crush her more

"This marriage…just what do you want it to build on? A marriage of trust? Or a marriage of lies and scandals?"

Hinata stared into his dark eyes with fright, "What are you saying?"

"You want to know something funny? I'll tell you something funny…do you know that the more time you spend with Naruto the more people talk about us? Do you know that when people see you with him and not me they think we fought?"

"We…we…we belong to different departments…there's nothing wrong with me and…"

Sasuke eyed her coldly, "Let me finish…do you know that when people see you more with him and less with me people talk and say that we're on the verge of a divorce?"

Hinata glared at him, "Well isn't that what you want? Didn't you tell me that this marriage was stupid and it was stupidly forced upon us?"

"So that's what it is, you're seeing Naruto as an alternative? So when you divorce me you can go and run to him?" Sasuke demanded coldly

"You're one to talk; do you think I'm stupid Sasuke? Do you think that I don't know what exactly happens at school?"

"Don't you dare turn the tables on me"

"Oh cry me a river…do you think I'm that stupid? I know exactly what you're doing, at school, that's the only place you can meet your beloved Sakura…that's the only place where you can be with her…so don't you dare accuse me of doing something wrong because for your information all I've been doing was befriend your cousin whereas you've been shamelessly spending your time with your ex!"

"That's enough…don't drag her into this" He snarled, gripping her shoulders tightly

Hinata winced but immediately brushed off the pain, "Then don't drag Naruto into this! If you want to know whose the one that's been behaving shamefully I think the answer lies with you!"

Lavender eyes locked with onyx, "So d-don't you dare tell me that I've been the one that's wrong…I'll have you know that at least I'm the one trying to make this marriage work!"

Sasuke looked away clearly affected by her words, "At least I'm the one here whose trying to make something out of this forced marriage…I know that you don't like me and maybe you never will but as long as we're married we might as well come to some understandings"

"Don't make me laugh, you and you're so-called trying isn't for our cause…I bet the only reason you tolerate me is because you just can't find it in you to part with your beloved Naruto"

"Stop it already…if you feel so inferior when I'm with him then why don't you play the role of husband and actually care instead of spending so much of your time with your beloved girlfriend!"

Sasuke stared wide eyed at his wife, still pinned underneath him. "You know what Sasuke, I actually thought that maybe there was some good in you…I actually thought that maybe you and I could make this marriage work…but you know what, I take back all those things I've come to believe…how am I supposed to believe now that this marriage can work when you're acting like…like…like such an ass!"

"And you think you're clean and innocent? Are you that dense or are you stupid, can you not see what's going on around you?"

"Where are you getting at this time?"

Sasuke began to laugh coldly, "Stupid and dense as always, you can't even tell when your own cousin-in-law is looking at you in a different way"

"E-excuse me?"

"You are a stupid idiot Hinata, you can't even see what's going on around you" Sasuke muttered finally getting up, freeing Hinata from his clutches "You must be stupider than I thought if you cannot see the way Naruto looks at you"

"What is he talking about?"

"Can you not see the way he looks into your eyes with so much love? Love that isn't even cousinly anymore!" He spat angrily

"I…I…I never knew…"

Hinata sat speechless, "D-does that mean…does that mean Naruto likes me…he likes me as more than a cousin?"

"Sasuke…" Hinata quickly got up from the coach and approached her husband, "Why…why…why are you acting like this…why…why now?"

Sasuke turned around and gripped her shoulders tightly, "Because the tides are changing Hinata, and they are not for the better"

Releasing his grip on her Sasuke began to walk out of the room, the thoughts of what he had witnessed that afternoon lingering in his mind.


Coming back from the art department, Sasuke had been making his way back towards Sakura and Naruto when he suddenly heard Sakura spoke.

"You and I suffer from unrequited love"

The ice prince abruptly stopped as he continued to secretly listen to the conversation between his cousin and ex-girlfriend.

Sakura sighed, "Admit it Naruto…you harbor feelings for a certain someone…a certain someone you know you can never have…a certain someone who'll never look at you as nothing but a cousin-in-law…as nothing but a close friend…face it Naruto…this is unrequited love"

Sasuke narrowed his brows, "What in the world is she talking about?" he whispered to himself

Naruto looked away with a defeat look plastered on his face, "Unrequited love…the feeling when one loves another but knows that love will never be returned…is that what this is? Is that what's happening to me?"

"Do I really harbor feelings for Hinata?"

Naruto smiled as he turned to face the pink haired ballerina, "You win Sakura"

Sakura eyed him curiously, "Excuse me?"

Naruto smiled widely as he gazed into the pink haired dancer's emerald eyes, "You win…you're right…I do harbor feelings for Hinata"

"I have feelings for her and they're not of being close friends or cousin-in-laws…they're…they're something more…"

"I have developed feelings for Hinata...and sadly I can no longer see her as just a friend or my cousin..."

Sasuke froze as let all the information sink in, his cousin, his childhood friend and companion was in love with his wife. But what stunned him the most was the feeling he was experiencing, the feeling he would later know as that of jealousy and anger.

End of Flashback

Sasuke was now making his way to his training area, where he usually went to blow off some steam. Kicking and Punching the sandbags angrily he dropped to the ground, panting heavily. "Hinata, you were always Naruto's to begin with..."

"But now you're mine...and mine to keep..."

Still breathing heavily Sasuke continued to punch and kick the sand bags, "From now on...the throne isn't the only thing I'm fighting for..."

"Naruto...what was once mine...and mine to keep"

End of Chapter

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