Sorry this took a while, been really busy with tests. Anyways here it is.

The one with the list

Monica: Urgh. Last night was awful. I wish I could go inside the TARDIS. I wonder if I could bribe them. Oh My god Monica. An alien arrived in your living room, and you want to go in his spaceship to clean it?

. She turned over, and looked at her alarm clock.

Monica: 8.30

She could now hear the sound of movement in the living room.

Monica:What's that smell? Some one's cooking. In My kitchen. I hope they don't make a mess.

She scrambled out of bed, got dressed and made the bed perfectly in less than a minute.

The doctor was sitting down at the table, reading the newspaper. In front of him was a plate of toast, a plate of bacon, and a plate of fried eggs.

Doctor: Morning.

Monica: Morning. I see you've been busy.

Doctor: Yup. And yes I did put everything back in the right place.

Monica: Why do you think I would care about that…?

She was interrupted by Rose running out of the TARDIS, waving a piece f paper around.

Roe: Look!!! I made a list of all the things I want to do today!

Just then, Joey walks in, and stops when he sees the Doctor.

Joey: Oh. Ohhh. (Grins at Rose) How you doin'?

Rose: I'm doin' fine baby.

The doctor coughs.

Rose: Anyway, about this list. Do you wanna hear it?

All: Yeah sure.

Rose: 'K.1. Have a coffee in central perk. 2. Say hello to Gunther. 3. See the statue of liberty. 4. Meet Carol. 5. Go to a knicks game. 6. See ugly naked guy. 7. eat food made by Monica and 8. Be massaged by Phoebe.

Doctor: That's a lot of stuff.

Rose: Yeah.

Monica: Right, well, if you start now, you might be able to do all those things by tomorrow.

Joey: There's a knicks game on tomorrow night. You could come with me and the guys.

Monica: If you want, I can make you lunch today, and Pheebs could try to fit you in this afternoon. We go to central perk every day, so you could join us. I'll tell you what! I'll organise everything for you!

Rose: Cool!

Doctor: (Mutters) Freak.

(Monica glares at him)