Disclaimer – I do not own the characters of Jessica Sammler and Katherine Singer, they are the properties of Once and Again and ABC.

Summary – This is an AU fan fiction of Jessie and Katie, however in this one she is called Kate. This one is set in Oregon where Kate is having a hard time letting go of a past lover and Jessie is trying to get Kate to love her.

Rating – R for mature.

Notes – Thisis dedicated to all those who kept the memory of Jessie and Katiealive.

Part 4:

Kate went back in her office excited about having the store appear on national television. She knew that there were a few things needed to be done which included cleaning up the store and refilling many of the stocks. Those two alone were major tasks that required a good deal of her resources and she needed to let the rest of the staff know about the television appearance thus she knew that a staff meeting was necessary.

Darnell, with Jessie's business card, was debating whether or not he should give her a call and set something up between her and Kate.

"Hmm… I see some potential here but she's only going to be here for a few weeks, then I'll see the grumpy Jessie again and she will probably be even worse" as he was thinking to himself during the meeting. He wanted Kate to be happy but it only made sense if it was going to be permanent.

Kate finally arranged the staff meeting in the store's backroom where they usually hold their inventories. During the meeting Kate was rather upbeat while she was talking about the show's scheduled television appearance.

"OK Everyone I have an important announcement to make. Our store is going to be show on national television nearly two weeks from now."

When she said that everybody got excited about the good news however she had to bring them back to reality.

"This is good news for the store and we sure needed one for quite a while but that also means that for the next two weeks we have to get this store in tip-top shape. Most of you might have to work overtime to get this done. We must have our aisles neat and clean, we must have our floors shiny and clean, we must be extra friendly and helpful to our customers, and we must know our products and/or services better than before."

Then one of the staff members said very boldly "we will do all that if you start becoming nicer to us!"

There was a dead silence in the room for a few seconds then another staff member said "yeah" and then all the other staff members joined in. Kate never realized the full extent of her nastiness to her employees until that moment. She was starting to feel guilty for all that she has done.

While trying her best not to show any of the sorrow she felt for her unprofessional actions over the past two years she plainly spoke to her employees. "I know that I've been difficult for quite a while and to be honest with you I shouldn't be but from this moment on I will be more respectful and professional to all of you. There's no reason or excuse to put my anger on all of you. So please I apologize for my behavior over the past two years."

Some of the staff members nodded in respect to her apology while others mumbled their acceptance of her apology.

"Now let's focus on the television appearance. If we pull this off and we actually get some real money off of this I will give everybody a raise and we will all go out for a dinner and the tab will be on me!"

There were lots of smiles and "alright" coming from the staff members since it has been a long time since they had something to be excited about.

"So I want all of you to put 110% effort in your work for the next two weeks so we can show everybody that this is the best hardware and crafts store in all of Oregon!"

When the staff meeting was over every left the backroom and retuned to their tasks. For once in a long time the staff left the backroom with smiles on their faces and also for once in a long time they had something to look forward to.

There was one employee that didn't leave and that was Darnell. Kate wanted to make a plan with him for the upcoming television appearance so they can cover all their bases.


Meanwhile Jessie was lying in her bed at the hotel still thinking about the store owner she met earlier that day. She couldn't get her mind off of Kate no matter how hard she tried. She was imagining everything about her: her beautiful lips, her mossy-green eyes, her light-brown hair, her muscular-yet-curvy figure. She hasn't felt that hard for a girl since college.

Kevin entered into her room and came up to her bed. He was examining Jessie's dazed look

"What's going on in that simple head of yours?" Kevin said teasingly

"Nothing really important, I'm just thinking of various things." Jessie said while trying her best to hide her thoughts of Kate from Kevin.

"I know that look, you're still thinking about that girl." Kevin said teasingly. One of his favorite activities is to tease Jessie, although Jessie has no problem returning the favor back to him.

"No I'm not." She said but the pinkish-red blush appearing on her face told something else.

"Yes you are! Your red face shows it all!"

Jessie blushed a little bit more than said "OK you got me, I'm still thinking about her. I still don't know why she all of the sudden went cold on me."

"I don't know either. Maybe she wanted to be more focus on her job." Kevin said.

"That could be true or maybe she got someone else in her life."

"That sounds like a more plausible reason."

"However we can't assume that could be case. I guess we need to find a way to meet her again, my mind and my heart wouldn't want it any other way."

"Damn woman, she really caught your eye didn't she?"

Jessie just grinned back at Kevin as a sign of her agreement to his question.

"I wish I would have that effect on you" he said in his usual joking matter. Jessie just punched him back lightly and told him to shut up.

"Don't hit me girl, I'm delicate," he said with a silly pouting look on his face.

"You're 6'2'' and 220 pounds, you ain't delicate one bit," Jessie said mocking back at him. Thus their usual childish banter got started and it kept on going for a while until Jessie's business cell phone rang.

"Oh shit, my phone is ringing! It might be Tim (their boss) so I better answer it real quick!"

However when she looked at the number on the cell it wasn't Tim's but someone from the area.

"Hello Jessica speaking whom am I speaking to?"

"It's Darnell from Kate's Home and Crafts."

"Hey Darnell how are you doing?"

"Fine thank you."

"What is it that you're calling about?"

"I just wanted to know if you have any free time so that me and Kate can show you more of the area."

Jessie was somewhat puzzled as to why Darnell would offer them a tour of the area? Was it to make sure they get a spot on the TV? Was Darnell just being friendly?

"Well thanks but Kevin knows the area very well so we really don't need a tour guide."

"But Kevin hasn't been here in a while and I bet the area has changed since the last time he was here. Plus with Kate you have a female guide and she can take you to areas that neither me nor Kevin could."

A big smile appeared on her face, she knew his true intentions.

"So someone is playing matchmaker here…" She was thinking to herself. She realized that it's been a while since she's been on a date so why not go along with the game and also she would do anything to see her face again.

"OK, sure. Where are your plans for us? My crew must come too."

"No problem, where we're going to meet is perfect for a group. There's a river around that is very popular for white-water rafting. It's considered to be one of the best in the United States. I think it would be a good one for your show."

"Ooh that sounds exciting. If it's as good as you said it is then we will go ahead a put it in our show."

"Great. When are you guy available?"

"Well being a TV producer, especially an executive producer, I don't have a lot of time but I think Thursday around two would work. How does that sound?"

"Even though we'll be busy in preparation for the taping I think that will be perfect for us. Do you have a pen and paper ready for the directions?"

"If you're using a cell phone, just text me the time and directions and we'll be there."

"I'll do that instead."

Jessie knew that the white-water rafting would be fun and a good starting point but since it's an intense activity she wouldn't have anytime to talk to chat to Kate, so she added something else to the outing.

"Are there any bars or places that we can hang out after the white-water rafting? I know that we will be tired and we want to chill out for a while. It doesn't have to be good enough for the show, just some place with a nice atmosphere."

"Sure, we know a few spots that will be perfect for you and your crew."

"Great, then it sounds like a plan."


"Looking forward to the date, I mean activity. Good bye!" Jessie said as she hung up the phone quickly knowing that she just made a Freudian slip. Darnell himself was a little bit shocked that she knew about it. Now he must tell her the whole plan.