„So you give the kids under my authority?" Tsuande asked Rit again making sure she understood his request correctly.

"They have low motivation, so I hope being faced with some hard missions and real like situation will mobilize them a bit more…" He murmured sitting on her desk. She looked at him sharply but did not comment.

"Sure they going to stay with the Hyuuga clan?" She asked.

"No, I've arranged different accommodation…" He smirked. "On my way here I took a look at our Konoha residence and although it doesn't look too good, it will force them to do something productive. It's still standing so it'll be all they need." She kept her face as stone but couldn't help to smile a bit.

"So I can give them any job I like?" She smirked and as he nodded she gazed at tones of papers laying around the desk and truly smiled.


They stood in front of a dilapidated house in the middle of Konoha. And the youngsters didn't look too happy about it.

"Are you sure Uncle that this is the place we are to stay in? Can't we move into the Hyuuga compound?" Manfred asked totally disgusted by the state the house was in.

"First of all we have no right to stay there, and I don't want to oblige that part of the clan to anything towards us." Rit stated clearly. "Secondly we own this house, so why shouldn't you stay here?" The kids did not dare look at him. "Thirdly this house belongs to Tristian so I want you to make it look more presentable before he arrives to be the permanent ambassador between Konoha and the Solano."

"So not only we are to live here, but also we have to renovate this place?" Lothar gasped.

"Bingo!" Rit exclaimed. "Coming back to the basics. Here you are some further training instructions." He handed Hianta a thick book. "Here you go with a dictionary of Jutsu." He gave that book to Remy. "And finally a manual for learning Brutal fist, which is the second step of Gentle fist." He gave the book to Neji. "Careful with that one, it's really old and the last copy… After their father.." he pointed at Manfred, Lothar and Karen "…burned the other copy."

"Now let's see what else…" He dug in his bag. "Oh here's a book for you Halante, I found it in the Uchiha library recently." He gave her a thin book. "Some money Remy…" He handed him a wallet. "Oh and I almost forgot!" He took out a pair of long white gloves. "Here you go Neji." He threw them at the boy.

"What are these?" Neji looked at them suspiciously. He noticed a sign on the inner side and it read "Neji Solano-Hyuuga."

"They're battle gloves. They used to belong to a person who bore the same name as you…" Rit explained. "I found them while going through the house. And since he's long since dead I doubt he'll mind if you have them."

"How do I use them?" Neji asked unsurely.

"Just put them on, and use gentle or brutal fist. They will condense your chakra and do some other cool things with it. They reduce the chakra you use, permitting to fight longer and much more efficiently. Details are in the training instructions and there should be a chapter on it in the Brutal fist manual." He explained briefly. "You'll figure it out as soon as you try using them."

"Now last by not least there are two requests I have to make from you. First give me your knives, I'll give them back in a few days. Secondly I want you to come home in ten days, and bring that Lee kid with you, we'll try to do something about his bones and muscles. Have fun!" He told them and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Do you think he was serious about staying here and having us renovate this place?" Lothar looked at the building again.

"Yes I think he was." Art gasped.

"What she we start from?" Karen asked vividly.

"Hmm this should be easy…." They head Remy say while reading the Jutsu dictionary. "Could you please stand back?" He asked everyone and to their surprise took out a piece of chalk. They stood away as he asked and observed and he drew a circle around the house.

"What are you doing?" Karen asked impatiently.

"Saving us a lot of work…" Remy murmured in response.

Soon he finished and kneed next the circle just a meter away from the others. He opened the book and put it on the ground next to him, but making sure it did not touch the circle.

He made two hand signs and touched the circle on the ground. Two more and again touch the ground, after the third touch the whole circle began to glow blue with chakra. Then the sequence changed, three signs one touch, ten signs, two touches, five signs and three touches. Many more signs and strange gestures came after, and soon the house could not be seen because the amount of chakra the circle was loaded with. One more sign and one more touch later, the whole circle rapidly went blue and it blinded them. As soon as they opened their eyes they saw something which was not there before. Or to be exact it was there, but it looked totally different. The house was there, but this time it looked nice, the wall were white, and the windows had red frames, and the roof was vivid red. It was just as the house should look like, and totally not the same thing they saw when coming there.

"What did you do?" Halante gasped.

Remy picked up the book. "It's called recreation jutsu. This house was created with a jutsu, which can be seen by those marks on the foundations. So according to this book, if something was created by jutsu it can also be recreated by a simple jutsu."

"Can I take a look?" Art asked and reached fro the book. "Indeed you are right, if something is recreated it means it comes back to the state it was when being created! Cool!" He began rapidly scanning the book for more interesting information, with one had ne grabbed his bag and concentrating on reading he slowly when into the house.

"Unbelievable!" Hianta gasped still looking in amazement at the house."

"Unbelievably cool!" Karen smiled at her.