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Professor Raine Sage hovered over her latest experimentation; a bright yellow rubber duck tied to a thin helix made of steel situated above a boiling pot of some type of emerald ooze. Slowly, the half elf lowered the bath toy into the concoction, resulting in a shrill hiss. The unknown substance transformed into a sickly jade hue, and as Raine lifted the wire back up, there was nothing left of the unfortunate rubber duck.

"Excellent…" The would-be mad scientist mumbled incoherent terminology of the matter of rubber and all its characteristics. She scribbled fervently on a small leather notebook she held, laughing quietly to herself in between. "Just one more test…"

Living on the outskirts of Luin certainly had its benefits. Raine could test on any subject as she pleased, and no one to stop and/or distract her. No Genis, who was studying at Sybak, to pester her, no Colette to trip over her experiments, no Zelos to crack a joke every ten seconds, and certainly NO Lloyd to completely destroy her creations.

Life was perfect for the half elf, Raine Sage.

The researcher decided to break for tea when she heard a boisterous tap at her door. Slightly disgruntled by the sudden interruption of her relaxing time, Raine answered the door to her quaint cottage home.

To the hair elf's astonishment and horror, who else to stand at her doorstep than the Eternal Swordsman himself, Lloyd Irving. With a sheepish grin, the brunette began, "Hey Professor, just th-"

With a decisive slam, a wooden door was met with the twin swordsman instead of the Professor.

Lloyd tried to think of happier thoughts than his own teacher slamming the door on his face, but failed to do so miserably. Again his sword arms twitched for hopes in slicing the door down, but some sort of conscious prevented him from doing so.

A pity for the brunette.

"Are you answering the door anytime soon?" Lloyd called out, attempting to sound only amused and not annoyed by his former instructor's reaction to his sudden appearance.

No response came from inside.

The red-clad young man checked his waist to make sure his Material Blade was strapped to his sides. The flame sword brightly glowed a radiant crimson, and the ice counterpart blazed with white luminosity. Not long now, my pretties…Lloyd inwardly cackled to himself, gently patting his weapon while eyeing the oh-so-fragile door with distaste. You'll taste this wood soon enough

"Lloyd Irving Aurion, you had better not be thinking about cutting this door down." Raine's authoritative voice came from behind the wretched piece of timber. "I just polished it with expensive wax."

And that's gonna stop me…why? "I can't guarantee anything, Professor." Was Lloyd's simple reply. He shrugged slightly, forgetting that she couldn't see the brunette. "You know I like to cut things…" he trailed off, smiling wider and wider. Raine couldn't leave him outside after he had said that.

"Ugh, you're just like that Yuan!!" the Professor raged from behind the closed door. "'I can't guarantee anything, Raine' 'You know I can't read your mind…' 'Why don't you do something about yourself?' ARGH! What an arrogant son of-"





"Uh, Yuan…are you allergic to-?"

"No." the cobalt said flatly, rubbing his nose with a light blue handkerchief. "I'b not ablergic toob anything."

Kratos raised an eyebrow in skepticism. "You begin sneezing violently, and you inform me that you have no allergies?"

"Yeb." Yuan narrowed his eyes, tears from his running eyes pooling at his cheeks. "Subone is talking ebilly about me. EBILLY!" Instantaneously, the half elf's aqua eyes flashed brightly in insanity.

But only for a moment.

"…right." The swordsman grimaced, he could barely understand his friend with the dysfunctional nose. "Someone's talking about you…evilly"

The two seraphim had been enjoying a break after running around Derris-Kharlan for hours. At least, they thought it was hours; one didn't know time on the planet where the elves once lived.

They were merely resting on a random bench outside when Yuan began to sneeze a great deal, causing a merit of concern for the auburn haired man.

"Be that it may, are you certain that you are all right?" Kratos questioned, struggling against his urge to punch Yuan in the nose; he sounded so terrible!

The cobalt blew his nose into the handkerchief, ridding the comical accent from his voice. "I bet it was Raine!" Yuan declared rather loudly, raking his fingers through his aqua hair. "She's always talking about me…" With mumbled words of "gossiper" and "dim-witted wrench", the half elf began to pace in front of the bench Kratos was resting on. The cobalt's dark black cape fluttered behind him as he did so, entertaining the swordsman to no end.

"It's like part of his body…a tail…" Kratos's statement was lined with amusement, his burgundy eyes crinkled in silent laughter.

The cobalt glared at the humored auburn haired man. "I hate you."

"I hate you too, Bud." Kratos smirked widely.

"…" Yuan blinked.


"…" Yuan blinked once more.

"…ARGH! Pretend I NEVER said that!!"

-------------------------------(Somewhere in Iselia forest again)-----------------------------

Zelos's entire body tensed for an unknown reason. His cerulean eyes scrutinized the scenery of the forest, making sure to take every twig into observation. When he was finished scanning the greenery into memory, the ex chosen held the right side of his temple in meditation. "I…feel…a disturbance."

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