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Author's Note: Got inspired by a suspenseful novel I am reading right now, Deep Black it is called by Stephen Coonts. Hope you guys like it!

Summary: Who are we? That's not important. Just know this, if an adult bothers you. We will be there. That's important.

Teen Elite Force

Written By Cyrix


Kuki creeps on the ground slowly like an animal waiting to pounce on her prey. She crawls inside the grass toward a guy talking to his friend. As she got close she prepares to attack the guy. She jumps out of the grass field and tackles the guy onto the floor.

"I found you!!" she tells him excitedly with a big smile on her face.

The boy snap out of his shock when he realizes who it was and frowns and tells her "Kuki, how many times I have to tell you this?! I AM NOT PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK WITH YOU!!!!"

The Japanese teenager girl just giggles and said "Of course not silly! She taps his shoulder and shouted "We are playing TAG! Tag! Your IT!!" Then she runs off giggling.

The Australian teenager boy watches her skip off and said "Ugh… I will be right back Hoagie"

Hoagie chuckles and said "Sure man, no problem. Go play with your girlfriend"

Wallabee glares at him and said "She isn't my girlfriend!!"

Hoagie laughs and said "Of course not, chill man! I was just joking with you!" Hoagie looks around and then back at Wallabee. Hoagie lowers his voice and asks him "So when are you going to tell her?"

He looks at Hoagie and then replies back "Soon… when I am ready, I will tell her"

"Soon? Dude! It has been what? 4 years already? Tell her how you really feel about her already!" Hoagie tells him as he walks away.

Wallabee turns around and looks at Hoagie and said "I will… soon" Then he runs off as Hoagie watches him. Hoagie shakes his head slowly.

"He won't do it until both their lives are at stake" he said to himself. Suddenly his cell phone rings as he picks it up. "Yeah?" he asks the person on the phone.

"Hoagie?" someone asks him on the phone.

"Yeah it's me, what you got for me Lizzie?" he asks her.

"Where are Kuki and Wally?" she asks him as he looks around him.

"Playing tag with each other, why?" Hoagie asks her. As if it was answering his question, he heard Kuki shriek. "Nevermind" Hoagie tells her and runs off while pulling out his weapon.

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