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Summary: Who are we? That's not important. Just know this, if an adult bothers you. We will be there. That's important.

Teen Elite Force

Written By Cyrix

Chapter Two


Nigel watches outside from his window, pondering over something in his mind.

"Numbuh One? You okay?" a girl walks up to him and asks him. Nigel turns and sees Abigail standing there.

"Yeah, I am fine Numbuh Five" he tells her.

She looks at him and then asks him "You are still thinking about that huh?"

He looks out the window again and replies back with "Yeah, I still don't know what they pick me for"

She puts a hand on his shoulder and said "Don't worry about it too much. I am sure the answer will come soon"

"I hope so Numbuh Five, I really hope so" he said and looks back out the window.

Meanwhile, back with the trio at the park. It was a silent walk back. Finally Hoagie breaks the silence.

"Okay, Numbuh One said the car should be right around here somewhere. Aha! There it is!" he looks around and then shouts while pointing at the car parked at the sidewalk. Kuki and Wally don't respond back.

"So… nice weather today huh?" Hoagie asks them trying to start a conversation. They don't answer back as they reach the car.

"So… who's driving?" he asks them as they got in the car. They don't answer back. "Okay… guess I am" he said and got in the driver seat. He starts the car and pulls away just as a fly lands on the top of the car. He drives onto the highway and tries again to make them talk.

"Soo... are you guys ever going to talk to each other ever again?" he asks them. Once again, he got no response back from either of them.

Suddenly the car rocks back and forth as Hoagie tries to keep the car steady.

"What the hell is going on?!" Wally shouted from the front seat. Another explosion rocked their car.

"Someone is attacking from behind us!!" Kuki shouted at him while looking back from the back seat. Kuki grabs her weapon and starts shooting the cars behind her.

"Hang on!! I am going to try to lose them on the next exit!" Hoagie screams out. Exit 69 came into plain view, but Hoagie saw something there that really scared him… a roadblock. Wally and Kuki saw it too and their eyes went really big too.

"Oh crap…" Wally said as the car continues down the highway.

"Try calling Numbuh One!" Hoagie tells Wally as another explosion hit their car almost knocking their car sideways.

"Okay!" Wally replies back and pulls out his cell phone.

Back at the treehouse, the phone rings in Nigel's room, but Nigel isn't there to pick it up. He was running with Abby and it wasn't because he wants to exercise either.

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert!" they heard as they run down the hallway while shooting their weapons behind them.

"If this is their way to welcome us, then Numbuh Five don't want to join them at all!" she shouted to him. Suddenly a gumball candy flies past Nigel almost hitting him in the process.

"Whoa! That was too close!" he shouted and continues to run. They ran until they reached a dead end.

"Just our luck… a dead end" she said as they face their intruders. The intruders aim their weapons at them ready to fire.

"Uhh… you got a plan Numbuh Five?" he asks her while pointing his weapon at them.

"Yeah but Numbuh Five will tell you the plan when she thinks of one" she answers him back. The intruders got closer to them as Nigel and Abby point their weapons at them.

Back at the car, things weren't going so well for them either. Wally and Kuki fired back at the cars behind them as Hoagie kept driving trying to find an exit.

"Hold on guys! I will try the next exit!" Hoagie tells them. The next exit came into sight, but was also blocked off. However, he knows that he can't keep trying to steer away from the explosion and Kuki and Wally were running out of ammo so he drives straight at the roadblock. Kuki and Wally turns back to the front and their eyes got really big when they saw the roadblock. They both scream out loud.

"HANG ON!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hoagie screams also as the car hits the roadblock on the side sending them flying through the air.

Author's Note: Whoa! That was intense! So it looks like this is the end of Sector V. Or is it? Review to find out!