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"inner Sakura"

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Chapter 1

It was a peaceful afternoon in Konoha. A little warm, but the weather came with the territory. After all, Konohagakure was the center of Fire country. Lush, green forests, five-star hot springs, and warm weather 365 days of the year. But not a hot, dry hear that Suna had to offer. A sometimes muggy, oppressive heat that sent everyone running for cover in a cool building. But during the spring, it was a gentle, warm heat that made everyone from Fire country a happy person.

As one of the major Ninja villages, Konoha came equipped with dozens of training grounds and private dojos for all to enjoy and focus on becoming the best they can be. One such training ground found four such ninja doing exactly that. Well, three. Discount the village's proclaimed 'laziest ninja' training his team to the core.

He went by Hatake Kakashi, or the white fang. His team, better known as team 7, included Uchiha Sasuke, survivor of the Uchiha massacre. Uzamaki Naruto, vessel to the dangerous Kyuubi. And Haruno Sakura, pink haired apprentice to the fifth hokage.

The team was part of what many knew to be the 'Konoha twelve.' Since becoming chuunin, team 7 has been training even harder to become the best they could be to serve their village well.

"597...598...599...600...Good, good. Stretch it out a bit. Once you've stretched, I want you three to do 75 laps around the training grounds." Kakashi announced, calmly flipping a page in his favorite orange book. Sasuke gave his sensei a condescending look, before standing up to stretch out his arms.

"Awww but Kaka-sensei, I'm tired and hungryyyyy. Can't we take a break?" Naruto whined, jogging over to his relaxing sensei to poke him in the head. Kakashi didn't even bother to look up at the orange-clad ninja.

"Naruto, you baka! Get over here and start stretching. When has sensei ever given us a break? You're wasting your breath!" Sakura shouted, swatting at her long pink hair when it drifted into her face. She was stretched out along the ground, her legs out in front of her and she reached for her toes.

"No. Now get going. There's no such thing as a break when it comes to being a ninja." Kakashi swatted at his obnoxious student and disappeared in a flurry of leaves, reappearing on a branch just above. Kakashi flipped the page in his Icha-Icha paradise book and continued to read, ignoring the glare Naruto was undoubtedly giving him from below. Naruto childishly stuck his tongue out and jogged off towards his two teammates and began to stretch.

75 laps and a lot of complaining later...

"Okay you guys did a good job today. We do have a mission tomorrow, so make sure you pack exactly what you need and get plenty of rest. We'll meet at the gates at 6:00 AM sharp. Don't be late." Kakashi spoke, staring down at his three worn out students.

" You shouldn't be saying things you aren't able to keep." Sakura muttered under her breath, referring to his well known tendency to be hours late for everything.

"What was that Sakura?" Kakashi asked, his eyes shifting to stare at his only female student.

"Nothing Kakashi-sensei." she retorted back, her arms crossing over her chest childishly. She knew he heard the sarcasm, but she was just too tired to care.

"35 more laps for talking back to your sensei." Kakashi said, ignoring the incredulous look that came upon her face. "As for you two, you're free to go. Ichiraku is on me."

"YAY!" Naruto yelled and started running off towards Ichiraku.

" W-wait! That's not fair. I didn't do anything wrong!" Sakura said as Kakashi and Sasuke started to walk away towards the village center.

"Yes it is. Now get going before I add on more laps for you to do." And with that, Kakashi left with Sasuke trailing off behind him.

Sakura decided it was best not to scream 'I hate you you stupid pervert'. She didn't need more laps to do. So she started running, determined to get the laps done as quickly as possible, 'That's so not fair. Naruto and Sasuke say worse stuff and he doesn't punish them. But if I say something mean to him he makes me do laps.'

"I agree."

'Hey! Where have you been all this time?'


'Oh yes, what an answer... Whatever, point is, Kaka-sensei is mean. I just want to punch something. These laps suck.'

"EH!? don't punch me! I didn't do anything. Only 34 more laps to go."

'I can't hit you idiot. You're in my head.'

"Oh yeah... Well keep going."

'Shut up. Go back to whatever you were doing and leave me alone.'

"YOU SUCK SENSEI!" She yelled and splintered the nearest tree with her fist.

"All he does is treat me differently than Naruto and Sasuke. Treats me as if I'm still a weak and stupid kunoichi. But I'm not! How can I be as weak and stupid as he thinks when I'm Tsunade-samas' most promising student?" She growled angrily. Out of pure rage, Sakura punched the ground as hard as she could, creating a massive crater.

"I wonder what they would do if i were to just up and disappear.. Probably wouldn't even notice I was gone." Sakura pondered aloud, and started walking off towards her home to pack for the mission.

Unbeknownst to her, someone was listening to every word she said.

"Hmmm, what a strong, spunky little kunoichi. A bit temperamental, but it looks like she has so much potential... So she wants to see what happens if she leaves? We could probably use a strong girl liker her on our side. Rumor has it that she was trained as a medic nin under Tsunade. What do you think?" the man asked in a half-whisper to his partner. Said partner scoffed, eying the pinkette as she disappeared from their sight.

"I don't know. Leader's gonna kill us if we just randomly bring someone back with us. Although I do agree, we could use a new kunoichi on our side. Especially one with so much potential. Let's talk to leader first." the second man replied, turning to look at his companion.


And with that said, the two men disappeared, leaving no trace of their presence.

'I can't can't believe I was stuck doing those laps. What a jerk' Sakura thought angrily, stalking towards Ichiraku. She decided to see if her team was still there so that she could give her sensei a bone-crunching punch to the face. Well, maybe not.

She glanced at her watch when she came to the conclusion that her team had in fact left for home. Plenty of time for some dinner.

"Can I help you miss?" the owner, Teuchi asked, approaching the counter with a small smile.

"Hi Teuchi san. Could I get a bowl of beef ramen please? I'm starved!" Teuchi gave Sakura a thumbs up and turned to head for the kitchen.

"Sure thing Sakura. It'll be out in a few. Ayame is just finishing up washing all the bowls from Naruto-kuns dinner."

'Sounds like Kakashi-sensei's wallet is much lighter now. Naruto must have eaten at least twelve bowls.'

"Oh yeah, cause sensei TOTALLY paid for it..."

"Here's you ramen Sakura. Enjoy." Teuchi said, carefully placing the bowl of steaming ramen in front of the pink-haired ninja.

"Thank you!" Sakura replied, giving Teuchi a big smile. He returned the smile and stepped off to the side to help another customer.

"Itadakimasu." Sakura mumbled to herself and broke her chopsticks. With her usual slow movements, Sakura began enjoying her ramen, lost in her thoughts about her team.

Once Sakura was done with her ramen, she paid a happy Ayame and left for home. On her way, she passed by the local ninja lounge where all the ninja of Konoha could go to relax after a stressful mission or, for older ninja, to grab a bottle of sake and get away from their whiny students and/or teammates for a while.

As Sakura passed one of the large windows, she noticed that the entire Konoha 12 (including her sensei) were laughing and having a good time without her. It looked as if they were celebrating something. Hurt, she decided to go in and sit down and hope they saw her.

"What can I get for you miss?" the waitress asked, sauntering up to her with a polite smile as she slipped into a chair.

"Just a bottle of water please." Sakura said, barely sparing the waitress a glance. She was staring intently at the wooden table.

"Sure think miss. I'll be right back." And with that, the waitress walked away.

Hearing laughter, Sakura looked over to see Naruto being an idiot as always. Even

Kakashi-sensei was laughing. She also noticed that Ino was sitting on Sasuke's lap and Hinata, who has had a crush on Naruto since as far back as she could remember, was actually sitting on his lap. What the hell was going on? Where was she when all this happened?

"How could they?" she said to herself as she held back tears. Angry tears.

"Maybe they are...um...planning...something...?"

' Go...Away...Now!'

"Here is your water miss." the waitress said, placing the bottle of water down in front of Sakura.

"Thank you." Sakura replied quietly. The woman bowed and sauntered off towards another table.

Sakura nearly ripped the cap off the bottle and began to chug it faster than she should. Immediately, she began coughing.

"Stupid... water..." Sakura choked out, slamming the bottle down on the table. Sakura swiped at the tears that formed in her eyes and looked over at the table of ninja. They didn't even spare a glance.

Hearing more laughter, she abruptly stood. "I'm so outta here."

So she threw down a couple bills for the water and started for the door.' I'm in here for ten minutes and they didn't even notice me. I was in their sight too. They just don't care. And watch, when I go by them, they'll notice me and act stupid.' She thought as she tried to fight back the tears that were threatening to spill.

The exit was unfortunately just beyond their table so she had to walk by her "so-called" friends.

" Oh my gosh! Hi Sakura! What are you doing here?" Ino asked with a false cheery voice, noticing Sakura before anyone else did. That just made Sakura feel even worse.

Sakura could feel the tears trying to come out but she wouldn't let anyone see her cry. She didn't want them to see her a weak. Well, weaker than they already thought.

"Just getting a drink. Now if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do than waste my time with you people." She said coldly and started to walk around Ino.

By then, everyone sitting at the table had gone quiet and were watching her in shock. They had never heard her talk like that to her best friend. They've always called each other names and fought over Sasuke, but not like this. Something was wrong.

"But wait! Sakura whats wrong...?" Ino said and grabbed her wrist.

"EVERYTHING IS WRONG! NOW LET ME GO! I HATE YOU! I HATE ALL OF YOU! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! " Sakura yelled as tears began to stream down her flushed face.

She pulled herself free from Ino's grasp and ran out the door. "SAKURA-CHAN! WAAAIIIIITTTT! COME BACK!" Naruto yelled, trying to get her to stop.

" NO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"She screamed, cutting her hand across the air in a slashing motion. With that, Sakura turned around and ran off in the opposite direction, towards her home.

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