Chap. 1

The wind blew through the open window as she quietly made her bed, the morning sun beaming down on her porcelain skin. After she finished smoothing out her bedspread she made for the door. Grabbing her pack along the way she looked back at the picture on her nightstand before shutting the door behind her.'Mother' She walked through the endless halls of the Hyuuga complex, her sandals making no noise as she stepped on the floor boards.

Hearing footsteps she suddenly tensed, but after feeling the familiar prescence she calmed back down. "Good morning, Hinata-sama. How did you sleep?" she turned to face the figure and smiled

"Good morning Neji-nii-san,I slept just fine. How are you this morning?"

He returned her gesture and answered,"Okay...but Hinata-sama?"

"Hm?"she looked at him waiting for him to talk

"Hiashi-sama wants you at the Hyuuga training grounds immediately"he announced

"W-why does f-father want to see me f-for?"stuttering at the fact that her father wanted to speak with her 'W-what does father want?'

"He didn't say" she sighed "Neji-nii-san you are going to the training grounds to train with your team right?"

Nodding she continued,"Would it be too much trouble if you could tell my team that I won't be joining today's training session?"he smiled, but someone behind him answered for him "I have already notified your team Hinata, now we must be going. You may leave Neji" Neji turned to him and bowed "As you wish, Hiashi-sama" as he headed for the door he silently waved at her before leaving. She watched as her cousin headed out the door, she then turned to face her father and bowed also"F-father" he looked sternly at her "Come Hinata" he then left towards the training grounds Hinata right behind him.

When they got to the training grounds,she looked around at her surroundings. It had been awhile since she had last been here, it look almost just like the forest in Konoha but smaller. The lush green grass was coated with morning dew making her sandals squeak as she walked across. They arrived at a clearing close to the complex, standing in the middle her father motioned for her to do the same. He got into the Hyuuga fighting stance he looked at her with his cold eyes, she averted her eyes away from him and decided to look at the sky instead.

She watched as the clouds overhead floated over her head and was mesmerized by them, she felt content as she gazed upon them, she decided she'd have to do this again in her free time. She also took note that it was going to rain soon as she felt a drop of rain fall on her nose, tickling it. She was suddenly pulled out of her thoughts when her father spoke, "Hinata pay attention. We are to spar so I can observe how well your training has been going" she bowed "G-gomen f-father" she got into her stance not once looking into her father's disapproving eyes.

At that moment her father charged, catching her off gaurd. She could see it getting closer his palm glowing a sickly green, no matter how hard she tried her legs wouldn't move. 'Move' nothing 'Move!' she could feel the tears at the corner of her eyes, but forced them away 'Move dammit!' His palm was only mere inches from her now, but she quickly dodged it having her shoulder get hit instead. She stumbled before getting her footing. He smirked as he watched her arm go limp and hang against her side.

He laughed making her turn to look at him,"You truly are weak daughter" she frowned and looked towards the sky 'He's right I'm j-just a nuisance to the people around me. But I can be better, stronger.If I try!' She looked at her father with eyes full of hate, if anything it only made him laugh harder "What's this,are you actually going to try now? If so come" the smug look on his face only made her loathe him more, but she planned to wipe it off his face, completely missing the sadness in his eyes. She lunged forward with a chakra powered palm and aimed it at his face, only for it to be swatted away. Sidestepping quickly to avoid another jyuuken attack, her arm still laying motionless o her side. She pumped chakra to her feet and ran towards him once again.

As he prepared for the attack it was her turn to smirk, she quickly halted her attack and turned on her heel letting her chakra flow out of her body creating a dome. "Kaiten!" as she turned to face him she couldn't help but smile at his slumped body on the ground "I did it, I-" an ear splitting scream could be heard from the complex as a kunai imbedded itstelf into her back, a look of horror came across her face when she saw her "father" poof out of existence. She hesitantly looked behind her shoulder only to see her father with the same smug look on his face.

She could feel both her eyes tearing up both from the pain and the fact she failed...again. He decided to speak then, a look of disappointment on his face "I truly beileved that you would make a great heir, but I regret even wasting my time on you" the tears fell freely now, but she refused them to get to her 'Father' she gritted her teeth at the word. She growled. "Hiashi-sama, I'll prove to you and everyone that I can be worthy as both a daughter and a comrade" she shouted, Hiashi could only stare in horror as red chakra came forth and surrounded her body as if it was on fire.

"W-what is this chakra...C-could it be her chakra? I must put a stop to this, before anything happens" He quickly took out six kunai three in each hand, a look of sadness and pain in his eyes as he watched her scream and struggle against the foreign chakra scratching and cutting herself to rid of the pain, he could feel tears coming forth but brushed them away 'I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. Please forgive me... Tsuki' he shut his eyes and flung them at his daughter. He could hear her scream as they pierced through her body.

She cried out in pain as they hit both her shoulers and cut into her thighs, hot tears streamed down her face but she only screamed all the more as two more imbedded themselves into her gut. He couldn't bare watching his daughter wretch out her own blood, knowing he was the cause of it. 'Hinata' he steeled himslef as he watched her struggle to her feet while wiping the remnants of the blood from her mouth. With a look of determination, she smiled at him "I'll show you father, what I am capable of" then she collapsed from chakra exhaustion, but not before hearing him say "You truly are persistent, as expected from my daughter" she could feel him smiling, then the darkness claimed her.

A dark figure appeared in her mind before her, her face covered in the shadows. She could see her smilng, her lips a pale blue"You did very well, Hinata-chan.I'm proud of you" and as soon as it came it was gone, she was enshrouded in darkness once again.


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