Summary: Reyu is the first, and only boy, to be able to wrestle with other roses. Him and his tag partner and best friend and tag team partner Candy Cane have to try and

deal with a crazed doctor..(I do not own anything to Rumble Roses so plz dont sue me)

"CANDAY!" a boy yelled out to a girl standing next to the pawn shop. The girl had red hair and was wearing a white shirt and a plaid skirt.

"TARD! CANDY NOT CANDAY!" she yelled at him. When he got up to her he had a sad look on his face. "Sorry." she said hugging him.

"It's ok." The boy said. He looked almost like Candy. His hair was a bright blue color and his outfit made it why people called them twins. He had a ripped up white

shirt and a pair of plaid shorts. He also had a few peircings in his ears. "So, you wanna get some practice in?"

"FIGHT!" The anouncer said. The bell rung and Candy walked into the middle of the ring.

"Are you ready to beat?" She asked.

"Bring it on," the blue haired boy came out, "I'm gonna kick your ass." he smiled as Candy ran towards him. He ducked under her and ran to the other side.

"Oh, spare me Reyu." Candy shot up from behind Reyu and knocked him over.

"You're improving." Reyu said. "But," Reyu grabbed her leg and spun her around. "I got ya."

After they were done Reyu was in the showers cleaning off all the sweat. He walked out in his towel and didn't notice the person behind him. "Hi Reyu."

"Ahhh!" Reyu turned around. "Who are you?"

"Oh, no one really, I was just wondering if I could do a little experiment." the woman said. Reyu was confussed. What the hell was this lady talking about.

"Reyu are you done yet?" Candy asked as she walked into the locker room. "I mean we gotta-YOU!" CAndy yelled as soon as she saw the woman. " Reyu get over

here." she said. "What the hell do you want Anesthesia?"

"I've been watching your little friend fight for some time now. I think he'd be the perfect canidate for my Man X." she said making it sound like a joke.


"Candy," Reyu said. She looked at him. "You've been taken care of me for awhile now. Let me handle this." Candy smiled.

"Alright." Reyu stepped in front of her.

"Hey I don't know if you are a real nurse, but even if you were I would rather suffer from my arms being torn off and getting crushed by a ten ton weight then let you operate on me." Candy had a huge smile on her face and Anesthesia had a blank face.

"Well, if that's how you feel, then maybe we should just settle it in the ring. You two against me and my Lady X." The two stared at eachother when finally Candy said,

"Well, you better have a few spare parts around when we're done. And thats for you." Anesthesia smile and ran off. "Alright," Candy said turning to Reyu, "let's get ready for the match."