Title: The Last Good Thing About This Part of Town

Summary: Everything seems to be going great for Sean and Emma... but what happens when someone from Sean's past enters the picture? SeanxEmma Please give it a chance!

Author: Moi.

Rating: K+ - T

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Manny rolled her eyes at her friends, "I bet if I looked up PDA in the dictionary, your pictures would be there," She said to Sean and Emma who were on the other side of the table kissing, and whispering sweet nothings to eachother, being all couple-y in their own world.

They pulled apart briefly, about to reply when Darcy came to the table, "I wouldn't talk if I were you," She said to Manny, sitting her tray on the table, "When you and Craig were together, sometimes in public... we could've suggestted getting you two a room..." She jokes, "Or atleast a van." She says, jokingly.

Sean stiffened up at the mention of a van, reminding him of Jay and Emma, "I should go," He said before standing up, "I got shop next period."

"Wait," Emma added, pulling him down for one last kiss hoping to cheer him up, "I love you," She whispered with a small smile.

He smirked, "I love you, too," And with that, he exited the cafeteria.

Manny and Darcy turned to a slightly blushing Emma, "I hate you," Manny told the blonde, "You guys are so... in love, and we," She motioned to her and Darcy, "Have nothing. You guys are so lucky."

Emma laughed, "Don't worry, you guys'll find someone..." She advised, before noticing a non-familiar brunette joining a table with Alex, "Who's that?" She pointed.

"Cow Alert," Darcy remarked, causing Manny and Emma to look at her, "What? She's rude. She's in my homeroom, and when I told her 'Welcome to Degrassi' she told me to 'Piss off'." Darcy huffed, folding her arms over her chest.

"So she's not friendly," Manny remarks, "She's sitting with Alex -- that was a given."

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

"Can I sit here?"

Alex looked up from her textbook to see a 17 year-old curly haired brunette standing, with a tray in her hand, and black and hot pink messenger bag slung over her shoulder.

She shrugged in response, "Guess so," and got back to her textbook, "You new?" She guessed.

The curly headed brunette nodded her head, about to introduce herself.

"Look, if you're looking for the welcoming committee? They're over there." Alex says a bit rudely, nodding her heads toward the table where Emma, Manny, and Darcy were sitting and giggling.

The girl laughed slightly,"A bit to cheerlead-y for me."

Alex rolled her eyes in agreement, "I'm Alex," Alex reached out a hand.

"Fire," The girl replied, shaking Alex's hand.

Alex raised a curious brow.

"Short for Sapphire -- my middle name. My first name ...not exactly my style."

Alex nodded, before Spinner joined the table momentarily, "Lex, Jay wants you at the party tonight. You coming?"

"I don't want Jay." She replied, not taking her eyes away from her textbook.

"But you want the party."

She rolled her eyes, "I'll be there."

"Party?" Fire asked, her eyes lighting up at that one word.

Spinner glanced at her, realizing her presence, and smirked, "You new?"

"Yep," She replied with a sigh. What was that, the 10th time someone had asked her that?

"I'm Spinner," He put a hand out for her to shake.

Alex rolled her eyes, "Control your hormones, Gavin,"

"Anyways, you mentioned a party?" Fire reminded.

"Yeah, but it's at the ravine, and I'm warning you, they can get ...intense." Spinner warned.

She rolled her eyes, "I can handle intense."

"Suit yourself," Spinner replied with a smirk, standing up, "Later," And he headed off into the hallway.

Intense? Fire thought, I think I just might like this place.


Emma and Sean sat in Sean's car, driving to the ravine, "Gah, why are we going to the ravine?" Emma complained.

"Em, I promise, we won't stay long," He promised.

"Okay," She gave in, and they got out of the car heading over to the bonfire.

"Hey," Sean greeted Spinner and Jay, sitting down on one of the lawn chairs, surrounding the bonfire.

Since the whole Emma/Jay/Van ordeal, Jay and Sean haven't been as close as they used to be.

"Hey," Emma also greeted, sitting on Sean's lap.

"Hey," Both Spinner and Jay greet back in rough unison.

Awkward silence filled the air - such awkward silence that even Jay knew not to speak.

"You see the new girl?" Spinner asked making conversation.

"The one with the dark curly hair?" Emma asked recalling the girl at lunch.

"Yeah," He replied, "Dude, she's hot," Spinner replied, turning from Sean to Jay.

Emma smirked and rolled her eyes at Spinner's usual blunt honesty.

As if on cue, Fire and Alex made their way up to the bonfire.

"Hello, we're here, and I brought 'new-girl'," Alex greeted dully, "Guys, meet Fire." Alex said, once again dully, before grabbing a beer and sitting down on a log surrounding the fire.

Sean looked up once hearing the nickname of an old friend, and a smile crawled across his face, "Fire?" He asked, standing up.

"Cameron?!" She said, her eyes lighting up, "Ah, this is so cool! " Fire replied giving Sean a tight hug, while everyone else watched with a confused (and Emma with a partially jealous) expression on their faces.

"Wait, where are you from...?" Jay asked, intrigued.

"Wasaga, Ontario..."

"Dude, if they're all as hot as her, we gotta head down to Wasaga and get us some chicks," Jay joked to Spinner.

Alex rolled her eyes in response.

"Lex, don't worry, you're still my #1 hottie. There are just other girls on that list with you, including Fire, and even little ol' Greenpeace," Jay said, throwing a wink in Emma's direction.

All three girls replied with a look of disgust aimed in Jay's direction.

Sean ignored Jay's comment towards Emma, "That's Spinner, Jay, you know Alex," Sean introduces, "And Emma, my girlfriend,"

"Hey," Emma waved politely.

"So, Fire -- sorry to interupt the snorefest -- but how 'bout you let us know a bit more about yourself?" Jay interupted.

Fire laughed slightly, sitting next to Alex on the log, "Sure, but I'm warning you ...my story is far from a soap opera plotline," She started, "Okay ...where to start, where to start ...well, my middle name is Sapphire, so I go by 'Fire' ...my first name? Ha, you'll never know,"

Sean smirked, "You mean Ev --"

"Hush! Sean? I'll kick your ass if you ever let that slip. Besides, I'm sure I have some embarassing photo's of you, like that time when --"

"Okay, okay..." He replied, signaling her to go on with her story.

Emma laid her head on her boyfriend's shoulder.

This was gonna be a long night.

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