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I Needed You Forever.
Pokemon version by A*MON

Main characters: - Ash (16/18) Misty (17) Pikachu (?) Sabrina (18)

Professor Samuel Oak & Delilah Ketchum
Tracey & Brock (20)


Chapter 1: Ash disappears.

Misty's POV

We had been travelling through Viridian Forest for most of the day, trying to get back to Ash's hometown for a break. Ash had recently managed to win the Challengers cup, which was held every year in Vermillion. As a well-deserved break, we had decided to go visit Ash's Mom and Professor Oak for a few days in Pallet. What we didn't expect was Ash's disappearance.

It was my entire fault…

And this is how it all began…


Normal POV

~Flashback: Past~ Viridian River~

"Sabrina, please don't leave me", a young Samuel Oak sobbed into the girl in his arms chest.

Smiling up at his handsome features, she reached up and gently ran her fingers through his black hair. "Samuel, I will always be with you no matter what. My love forever." She whispered while staring into his beautiful tear filled brown eyes.


~End Flashback~


Viridian Forest

"Ash do you know where we're exactly going? Or have you forgotten where your own hometown is?" Misty whined sarcastically.

"Ha Ha Mist, of course I remember how to get to my own home!" Ash resorted back through gritted teeth.

"Yeah-right Ash, you couldn't find your way out of a haystack! Let alone remember which way to go!"

"I do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Okay chill guys, please. This is doing us no good." Brock tried to reason with them.

Both teens turned around with a "Humph"

Now facing back-to-back Ash continued. "You know what! I don't have to put up with this anymore Misty! I've paid you back for that damn bike 3 months ago, and you're still following me around! Do us all a favour Mist and leave, or better still I'll leave." Before Misty could argue back, Ash had gone.

"Ash come back!" Brock shouted.

Misty and Pikachu just stood there in shock at Ash's sudden outburst. All the years he and Misty argued, he never once told her to leave.

"Let him calm down a bit Misty, come on let's keep moving." Brock stated to the redheaded girl and yellow electric mouse on her shoulder. Both of them nodded and followed their older companion. "Pikachu, why do I always do this" Misty sighed quietly. "Pika, pika" the yellow mouse reassured her while rubbing up against her face. Misty managed a smile and thanked the little Pokemon. Realizing how far Brock had gone, both set off to catch up to him.


Ash had been running deeper and deeper into the forest. He just had to get away from the annoying brat. The fiery redhead may have grown on him over the last few years, but she always had to put him down. He hated it.

He didn't know where he was going, nor did he care. 'As long as it's far from Misty and further the better'. He thought to himself.

Slowing down to a quickened pace, he swore he heard his name being called from a distance. 'I'm not ready to go back yet.'


There it was again, but this time it was closer and more of a gentle and kind of soothing beckoning voice.

"Who's there?" Ash asked, looking around trying to find where the voice was coming from.

"Ash" The voice whispered from behind him.

Ash froze when he felt a presence behind him and whisper in his ear. Slowly he turned to see who or what was behind him.


Feeling a bit confused and slightly scared, he walked slowly toward the edge of the clearing. The voice beckoned and pulled him closer to the cliff edge.


Ash was in a trance when he got to the edge of the cliff. His eyes were glazed over when he reached out his hand up into the light that lit the dark forest around him.

"Ash Forever" The angelic voice whispered one last time as Ash slowly started to fade into the light.

As the light died down, the forest, once again quiet, returned to its normal stance.

Where Ash once stood on the cliff, a beautiful river flowed under it, glistening as the sun shone upon it.


Misty, Pikachu and Brock had reached Pallet and had started to worry when Ash still had not turned up at his house. Mrs Ketchum had also begun to worry about her son.

"Brock, he has never be gone this long. Do you think something has happened to him?" Misty asked anxiously.

"Don't worry Misty, I'm sure Ash will be alright, he'll come home when he's ready or when he gets hungry." Brock reassured her.

Misty wasn't convinced. 'Ash always gets into some sort of trouble' Silently agreeing to find him, she ran out of the house ignoring Brock's calls.

She ran back into the forest as fast as she could crying Ash's name continually.


"…Ash! Where are you…"

"Pika-chu pi!" She heard call her in the distance.

"Pikachu!" she cried back.

Pikachu heard her calls and followed her constant cries for Ash. Reaching her, he approached slowly, noticing she was on the floor sobbing into her hands. The Pokemon felt sorry for the girl crying in front of him. Ash meant a lot to him too, but Misty and his trainer/friend had a different kind of bond. One that was special and silently depicted.

"Pika pika" He quietly spoke and climbed into her lap.

"Oh Pikachu" She sobbed out through tears and held him closer to her. "Where is he"

All Pikachu could do was hold onto the crying girl and listen to her worries. 'Pika-pi come back to us'


Misty's POV

And that's how it happened. Ash just vanished without a trace. The only thing I found was his Pokedex and one pokeball with a lone thunderbolt inscribed on it. We searched for him continually and never once gave up. Tracey and Brock stayed behind in Pallet while Pikachu and I searched the towns and cities.

Every town and city we entered I reported him missing. The only other thing we could do was look through the thousands of missing and found person files in each central.


Normal POV

Delilah made her way up the many stairs to her husband's research lab.

Professor Samuel Oak was stood at the window in his lounging room staring out over his Pokemon reserve.

Delilah approached him slowly from behind, watching his every movement; his silver/white hair sparkled as it caught the suns rays. She admired how handsome he was and still as she wrapped her arms around his waist standing behind him she softly spoke. "I just finished reporting Ash officially as a missing person Sam."

He looked down at the women he married a few years ago. She had beautiful brown eyes that gleamed with passion and strength and a smile that could brighten your lowest day. Her brown hair was neatly tied back and she wore a simple red dress that slightly hugged at her long and thin body. "Are you alright?"

Delilah made her way around to the front of him and looked up into his aged face. He was a lot older than her, yes, but she had fallen in love with the older man during the time Ash was gone. She said yes when he finally plucked up the courage to ask her to marry him. She simply nodded and sighed. "It's been over 6 months and still no word from Ash. We don't even know if he is alive or de- I can't bare to think what might have happened to him."

Sam gently held onto her tightly and tried to reassure her, "Ash is strong Delilah, don't worry, he will come back in his own time".


"Shhh" He interrupted her, "have faith and believe."


Ring, ring, ring phone call, phone call…

"Hello Saffron Pokemon centre, I'm terribly sorry, but Nurse Joy is unavailable at the moment. Can I be of any assistance?"

"Misty, I need to talk to you. Are you busy?" Tracey the asked the red head in the nurse's uniform.

"Hey Trace, yeah I can talk." Misty answered her Pokemon watcher friend.

"We think you're in the right city Misty. Don't get to excited, but we had Mr Mime check for Ash's brain wave activity. If that's possible?"

"Get on with it Trace" Misty interrupted.

"Well, there is a strong reading coming from Saffron."

"Thanks Trace, how's Brock doing?"

"Not bad, he has managed to hock up Ash's pokedex to respond to your voice command, but without Ash's password, we can't get into his voice diary."

"Well maybe if you send it, I can work it out." Misty suggested.

"Yeah maybe, after all you were closer to him." Tracey replied, realizing what he just said, he apologised quickly.

Misty smiled and nodded, "It's Okay Trace."

"Misty, I am sending it now." Brock spoke as he appeared on the screen.

"Thanks Brock."

The Pokedex appeared on the teleporter, normally used for Pokeball transport. Misty smiled and picked up the red devise and slipped it into her pocket. Turning back to the screen, she nodded and gave thumbs up. "Got it! I have to go Pikachu needs help, bye guys."



Ash found himself floating in darkness and nothingness. "Pikachu? Misty?" He called out, the only reply being echoes.
"Where am I? What happened?" he asked. Nothing, no answer. Floating deeper into the darkness, a flash of light suddenly appeared and enveloped him.

"Wha…!" Ash cried reaching an arm over his eyes, to help block the brightness of the light.

~End Dream~

Ash slowly woke form his strange dream and groaned. He rubbed his eyes and sat up. He could hear the clatter of dishes and the smell of cooking; looking up he saw Sabrina humming in the kitchen cheerfully.

Sabrina was Ash's long-term partner that was all he could remember anyway. He woke one night next to her and had freaked because she was dressed in a very see through gown and when he claimed he didn't know her, she told him that he had been ill and was still recovering from the fever and it would all return to him soon. When she held him close and rubbed his back he felt warm and safe and didn't say any more of it. Apologising for his outburst he slept for the rest of the night in her arms.

And since then he has been a bit fuzzy with some of their past. He couldn't remember how they met, but Sabrina had told him everything he needed to know.

"Get up Ash, you'll be late for class." The Black haired beauty said to him, opening the curtains to revile the sun light.

At first Ash closed his eyes when the light hit the darkened room. Managing to get over the sudden change of brightness, he opened them again when he felt a pair of arms wrap around him. He looked upon the girl in his arms; she had striking Lilac coloured eyes and beautiful shoulder length black hair. Both reaching in toward the other they kissed. "Morning sleepyhead" she whispered. Ash still couldn't get the image of the red head girl with aqua eyes out of his mind as he stared into Sabrina eyes. "Are you awake" She asked him. Ash shock out of his daydream and smiled. "Yeah, um… sorry about that."

"That's Okay honey, are you hungry?"

"Yeah starved!"

Ash was a student at the local college; he was studying mainly art and Pokemon anatomy. Enjoying both subjects immensely, but couldn't understand how he came across the Pokemon instincts.


Misty and Pikachu headed for the Pokemon centre where they worked part time. They had to rent accommodation while in Saffron due to the summer season. Pokemon trainers were coming in at the hundreds this time of year. As they slowly walked down the road Misty could hear the Pokedex bleep.

"Wha, that's strange, it's not done that before." She said to the little yellow mouse walking beside her.

"Pika-pi" Pikachu suddenly yelped and ran as fast as he could follow the young man with black hair.

At first, Misty couldn't see what Pikachu was going on about, until she noticed the boy with longish black hair walk along the opposite side of the road. "Ash!" She yelled and followed Pikachu.

Misty and Pikachu ran desperately calling his name. Ash didn't even stop or flinch and carried on walking. Misty and Pikachu could see him turn a corner and fastened their pace, both panting out of breath they turned the corner and couldn't see where he had gone. "Pikachu, Ash… looks different like… he had grown older or something?" Misty said through puffs of air.

Pikachu panted and agreed. 'Pika-pi come back' he thought as they turned to head back to the Pokemon centre.


"I swear it was him Trace! He looked older though, I don't understand how that can be?" Misty said to him over the phone.

"Calm down Misty, are you sure it was him?"

"Yes! Pikachu agrees with me too, he picked up Ash's sent."

"K, now what were you saying about the Pokedex bleeping just before the sighting?"

"I dunno, it just kind off went off and then Pikachu picked up Ash's sent and I just ran."

"Hmmm… okay, I will talk to the professor and find out what that might be, until then Misty stay alert."

Misty nodded and hung up the phone. "This is it Pikachu, I just know it"


Sabrina sat at the window of her and Ash's apartment and watched as the sun set. Ash was busy sketching her features. "There. All done Sab." He announced and showed her the drawing in his hands.

"Oh Ash, it's me." She said happily and walked over to him. Kneeling beside him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and gently kissed him on the lips.

Ash was lost in a world of his own when she kissed and caressed him slowly. Visions of a Young and beautiful red head with the most enchanting aqua eyes came into focus. "Ash, remember me?" She whispered quietly. Slowly he moved toward her, as he did she moved slowly toward him when he was about to reach her and touch her a slight sensation of pleasure pulled him out of his fantasy dream into reality.


It had been raining most of that day and Sabrina thought it was a good idea to meet Ash out side of his college. Grabbing her jacket and two umbrellas she made her way down to the 'University of Saffron'.

Ash was finishing his last class, when he noticed the weather out side. "Oh no it's raining" he sighed.

Sabrina waited patiently under her umbrella in the rain waiting for Ash to leave.

Ash walked out into the rain and was about to make a bolt when he noticed a girl standing in the rain across the street looking a little sad. Walking nearer he saw Sabrina staring at the ground. "Hey, looks like I found a lost Eevee." He said softly. Sabrina looked up at his smiling face, "I thought you had already left Ash. Here I brought this for you."

"No thanks, I'll just walk under yours." He smiled and wrapped an arm around her waist. Sabrina looked up at his handsome face. His long black hair was slightly damp when she reached out and touched it.

The rain had stopped by the time Misty got out of the Pokemon centre. Sighing she made her way up onto the roof of the centre, it was something she regularly did.

"Ash is around here somewhere Pikachu, I know It."

"Pika" Pikachu sighed.

"Ash where the hell are you… I miss you, you Twerp!" She suddenly yelled.

"Sorry about that Pikachu…" she was interrupted when the Pokedex began to beep once more. Pikachu was the first to pick up Ash's sent once more. "Pika-pi!"

"Ash!" Misty noticed him too.

Pikachu jumped from the roof and ran as fast as it could trying to catch up to his friend/trainer.

"Pikachu!" Misty called as she ran down the stair well onto the streets below.

When Pikachu and Misty got closer to Ash, he disappeared around yet another corner.

"He vanished again Pikachu. Who was he with?"

Pikachu looked up with sorrowful eyes and jumped into Misty's arms crying softly. "Shhh…It's alright Pikachu, don't cry." She helped soothe the little yellow mouse.

"We lost him this time, but we won't next time Pikachu."



Misty sat at the edge of the 'Viridian river' next to a fishing line and rood prepped up with a stick. She sat cross legged looking out across the river when she heard her name being called.

"Hey Mist"

Misty turned to see Ash rubbing the back of his head embarrassingly. "Sorry I made you worry."

"Ash!" She called. Running up to her greatest desire she got ready to wrap her arms around him. "Ash, I've been so worried." She whispered. As she got ready to hold onto him, he slowly faded away. "Ash, please don't leave me. Ash!"

~End Dream~

"ASH" She cried bolting up from under her covers.

Pikachu was at her side in an instant when Misty suddenly burst into tears.

"I need to know who she is…He looked so happy…Does he love her…?" She sobbed out.


Sabrina hummed as she cleaned Ash's study. Dusting along the painting canvases, she noticed one lone sketch. It was normal for painting and sketches to be there, but this sketch caught her by surprise. 'Oh no you don't.' She thought. Ripping the sketch of a beautiful red head with bright aqua eyes with the cutest smile off the board, she screwed it up in one hand and ripped it in half letting it fall to the ground. 'I won't let you remember her Ash.'

Ash paced the floor annoyed at Sabrina's outburst over the sketch of the girl in his dreams. "Sabrina, tell me why you did that?"

"I don't like her, that's all" she sobbed.

"I don't understand it's only a sketch!" Ash tried to reason with her. "You know it's all in my imagination, she's not real. I sketch what ever is in my mind and heart."

Still she cried and buried her face into his chest. "Shh… it's okay don't cry Sab." He reassured her. "Lets just go out tonight, K?" She looked up with a tear-stained face and nodded.


Misty and Pikachu sat in the local restaurant waiting for their orders. "I'm so sorry for last night Pikachu." Misty apologised. "Pika, pika" Pikachu replied happily.

"Thanks Pika-pal." Misty smiled.

All of a sudden, the Pokedex started to beep and the whole room started to turn into a picture of colours and swills. "What's happening?" Misty gasped.

Pikachu was alerted to a lone table in the corner of the restaurant. "Pika-pi"

"What? Where?"

Pikachu jumped down from the table and ran over to where Ash and Sabrina were eating. "Pika-pi" Pikachu cried and jumped onto the table. Ash didn't appear to even notice he was there.

"Ash!" Misty cried when she saw him.

He still didn't notice them. "Ash, it's Misty." She said trying to reach out and touch him. She gasped when her hand went right through him.

Sabrina laughed softly when she saw this happen. Misty looked at the girl in front of Ash. "What have you done to Ash?"

Sabrina simply stared at her and smiled evilly.

All of a sudden Ash groaned and held onto his head.

"Ash what's wrong?" Sabrina asked anxiously, reaching his side immediately. "Shh…it's alright lets go home Ash."

"I have such a headache Sab." He groaned.

"Ash, can you hear me?" Misty tried one last time. Sabrina turned and faced Misty and stared up into her eyes as she and Ash disappeared in front of them.

"ASH NO!" Misty called out.


The restaurant went back to normal. Misty looked down at Pikachu with tears in her eyes. "Oh Pikachu, what just happened?"

Pikachu looked back up with tear filled eyes also and shock its head. "Pika, pika-pi"


Ash tried his best to concentrate on painting, but the headache kept on badgering him.


Ash stared at the beautiful girl in front of him, her long red hair reached down to just below her shoulders, she had shining aqua coloured eyes and a small smile on her dainty lips. She wore a beautiful blue dress that reached down to her heels the whole dress hugged her body tightly and showed off her many curves. He smiled and reached out his arm for her. She smiled and linked her arm through his as he led the way to the ballroom.

Dancing and laughing together, he twirled her around and pulled her dainty waist closer to his body. Staring into her enchanting eyes he reached down and gently kissed her cheek.

~End Flashback~

Ash groaned again, holding onto his head once more. He put the painting utensil down and reached behind the canvas he was working on. In front of him was a red headed girl with a big grin and aqua eyes wearing a lopsided ponytail and a bright yellow tank top with red suspenders and blue jean cut offs. He smiled and stared back at her. 'I know I've met you, but where…'


Sabrina stared at Ash from the doorway. Her eyes glowed with anger when she noticed the painting of Misty. 'I won't let you take him away. He is mine now.'

"Ash" She gasped.

Ash turned around when he heard Sabrina call his name. He then noticed the look on her face and quickly hid the painting from her view. "Sab, I didn't hear come in."

"Ash, you promised me."

"What?" Ash asked a little puzzled.

"You're going to leave me aren't you?" She asked.

"What no, I'm not going anywhere." Ash reassured her.

"Yes, you are Ash! Say it, prove it to me." She cried through tears, "do you love me Ash?"

Ash heard her question, but found it hard to answer it. Visions of another life filled the corners of his mind, as he stared blankly at her. She asked the question again, but still Ash couldn't find it in him to say 'I love you' back to her.

"I…I…" Ash stuttered quietly. Looking directly into her eyes, his vision began to blur. Instead of the black haired lilac-eyed women, he had supposedly fallen for, stood a beautiful redheaded girl, with an aura of blue surrounding her. Her eyes were the colour of the deepest oceans and a smile that radiated heaven and a desire for passion. "Love you." He continued in a trance, staring lovingly into the eyes of the aquamarine goddess floating in front of him.


"This is it Pikachu, it's now or never. Are you ready?"

Pikachu nodded and prepared for the first step of saving Ash from the girl at the restaurant.

"Good, lets do it!" Misty commanded.

With a flash of light, Misty and Pikachu were gone from were they once stood.

Ash stared out of the window of his apartment, watching the moon and stars quietly thinking. 'I feel like I've lost myself somewhere, and I don't know where…why is it so hard to remember who I really am…'

As he continued to think and stare blankly at the moon, he swore he could see a disoriented light coming from the it. As the picture and light became clearer, that's when he saw her. "What, who?"

Sabrina, who was resting on Ash's chest, all of a sudden felt the presence of an unfamiliar aura. Bolting up right she searched for the unwanted presence, that was when she noticed what Ash was staring at. 'No' she panicked inwardly, grabbing Ash and pulling him into her chest.

When the light died down, Sabrina and Ash could see two figures emerge from it. Sabrina gasped and held onto Ash tightly when she realized who they were.

Misty and Pikachu watched Sabrina pull Ash into her chest and hold onto him, Misty knew this was going to be one hell of a fight. 'I finally found him, and if you think I'm going to give up that easily, you have another thing coming girl' Misty thought while staring into Sabrina's cold lilac coloured eyes.

to be continued…

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