Summary: A moment between episodes 4 and 5 – Han makes a connection, and Luke is confused.Fandom: Star Wars
Pairings: None

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: Not mine
Author's Note: I was digging into the characters' backgrounds a little, and I realised that Han would have been around during
Revenge of the Sith. Surely he would have heard of Anakin Skywalker? And yes, I realise I got Han's age wrong the first time round. I've finally got round to fixing that.

Ever since Yavin, they had been pursued constantly by the Empire. Unavoidable casualties here and there were taking their toll on the manpower and resources available to the Rebellion. They were currently en route to the Vedrani System, a small cluster of planets orbiting a huge, dim star. It was remote, far beyond the borders of the Empire, and hopefully they would be safe there long enough to regroup and make new plans.

The Millenium Falcon was bringing up the rear of the armada. At that particular moment Chewbacca was piloting, while Han and Luke played cards to pass the time. The farm-boy-turned-Jedi was in the process of losing for what seemed like the hundredth time: he swore loudly in Huttese and tossed his hand down in disgust.

"Told ya I was good, kid," Han smirked; "Can't say you didn't have fair warning."
"Yeah, yeah, rub it in…" Luke grumbled.

"Hey, c'mon over and I'll beat you at something else," Han teased. Luke glared at him, but the smuggler just grinned. The younger man was spared the necessity of thinking up a witty retort when the comlink crackled into life. An officious voice ordered Han to inform 'Commander Skywalker' that they would be arriving on Vedrani Prime shortly: "You get that, Commander Skywalker?" Han said sarcastically. He paused as a thought occurred to him. Skywalker…?

Luke frowned when he saw Han gazing into the distance with a faraway look on his face. "Han? Han, what is it?"

"I was just thinking. S'probably nothing, but…" he eyed Luke speculatively; "You're not related to Anakin Skywalker, are you?"
For quite some time Luke could only gape. Eventually he got his wits together enough to say: "He…Anakin Skywalker was my father."
Han raised an eyebrow; "Father? Didn't think Jedi were allowed to breed…"
"You knew him?"
"Well no, not personally, but everyone knew…" Han shot the younger man an incredulous look; "You've got no idea who he was, do you?"
"Should I?" Luke said, bewildered.

Han took a moment to silently curse the fact that Luke had clearly been living under a rock for the past twenty years. Okay, so it was before his time…but even so, everyone had heard of Anakin Skywalker. The Hero with No Fear, veteran of the Clone Wars, the man who had almost single-handedly won the Battle of Naboo when he was nine years old. How in the name of hell could his son not know any of this? Surely anyone who'd spent any time on Tatooine knew the name of the only human to ever win the Boonta Eve Classic?

He'd been just a kid when the Clone Wars had drawn to a sudden end with the destruction of the Jedi and the rise of the Empire. That was when he lost all faith in the Force – it hadn't saved the Jedi. Anakin Skywalker, widely acknowledged as one of the most powerful Jedi who had ever lived, had still died in the Purges. It had been quite a blow to a young Han, who – like most of his friends – had idolised the Jedi Knight. He sighed.

"Sit down, kid, and I'll tell you a story…"