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Lovely Spell.

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Dead or Alive Part I

Even as I bare the cold rain against my back and the burden of this warm heavy body in my arms, I don't understand how it happened.

My mission was simple: "Get him. Dead or Alive."

OoOoOo Day of Mission Assignment oOoOoO

"Tsunade-sama. Sorry I'm late." I closed the door behind me and walked over to her desk.

She stared up at me with a very serious look on her face. A short nod signified she accepted my apology. Then she went straight to business. "Kakashi. I apologize I know its very early, but we just got a new mission and I believe you are the best suited to deal with it."

"I'm ready." I stood there waiting for mission details. I was attentive and wide awake. As soon as I heard it was a capture mission, I realized there wasn't much I needed to know.

I'll explain. Assassination and capture missions work in a completely different way than regular missions. In a regular mission all aspects are explained. Everything from location, dangers, people involved, and even some history. We, as ninja, receive the names needed and at times who we're working for. As far as assassination and capture missions go they are completely different. We get two things: the person's name and general location ,if we're lucky.

"His name is Umino Iruka." She began "Our sources state you may find him traveling away from the village of Sand, perhaps towards our own borders. You must move quick. I'm sure he'll be out of that zone in less than three days. If you aren't back by then I'll assume the worse and send a rescue team."

"Hai." I stood silent with my hands behind me.

"Any questions?"

"Do we know anything else about him?" I knew no more would be available, but I had to ask.

"Sorry that is all we know. That is why I'm sending you. We don't know his strength nor his abilities." She paused for a bit and soon spoke up once more. "Although, there is one thing" I listened carefully to the minute detail. I etched it deep in my mind.

"Okay, I'll head out immediately." She nodded before I turned to leave. I was about to close the door when she called my name. "Kakashi," I peeked in and these were the last words I heard "Get him. Dead or alive."

I'd made my stop at the stone prior to the mission assignment, I could take off now. The village gates were open. Two guards awaited me, wishing me luck and a safe return. It wasn't very difficult at first. I ran and ran. I was headed straight for the border. I didn't know what he looked like, but I assumed I'd find him, just like I always find them.