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OoOoOo Dead or Alive oOoOoO

It was early when I finally woke up. He still laid next to me in the small tent. His face was at peace. I saw his chest rise and fall never stopping. I was close enough to feel the beating of his heart ba-bup ba-bup ba-bup. I couldn't hear mine, but I knew they beat the same. I started packing up. Without major movement I managed to escape the small area without waking Iruka up. I cooked up a quick breakfast for us as I continued looking for the remainder of my outfit. I finally cleared the area of any traces and began my way back to where our camp was at. Iruka was already up and had everything neatly folded including the tent.


"Good morning, I'm sorry did I wake you?"

"Not at all" He stood and handed me the small blanket and the wrapped up tent. "I woke up when I smelled fish cooking." I stuffed everything into my pack, at last I was done packing and all traces,except for the fire, were gone.

"Iruka-san." He looked up at me and smiled. So early in the morning and already that smile played on his lips. It never slept; it never ceased to exist.

"Iruka-san? What's with the title, Kakashi-sama?" He joked on the rest of the morning, and unlike the mornings I was used to, I laughed freely with him.

"Its pretty late into the day Iruka. I was to return yesterday night at the latest."

He looked at me and asked "Is this our goodbye then?"

He stood when I offered him my hand. I held him one last time in that dense forest. I couldn't let go then. I knew I couldn't. I had no solution to our problem, but I knew leaving him wasn't the answer.

"I don't want it to be goodbye." He looked at me and as if he knew my thoughts said

"You know I can't come with you. You belong to a village and I'm a runaway." His eyes teared up. "Unfortunately, fate has played a trick on us, Kakashi."

"You could come back with me." he looked up at me knowing the same thing I already knew. "You're really nice. You could be a teacher or something like that." It was impossible, but I didn't want it to be.

"Kakashi." We both knew the truth. It was there that silence finally filled our air. It was there that we finally said goodbye. I held him one more time, no, he held me. I kissed him and held his soft, warm hands in my worn and calloused ones.

"Will you be okay?"

"Don't worry about me. I've made it this far without you. I'm sure I can make it to the next village over. I'm sure I'll find home soon." I nodded and released his body.

"Goodbye Iruka."

"Bye Kakashi." With that I turned around, his hand slowly leaving mine, before I took off in the direction of Konoha.

I didn't rush back to Konoha. The tears that fell from my eyes begged me to turn back and return to him. I was close to losing everything. Konoha. I'd be there by tonight. I must have been going at a very slow pace because I encountered a rescue team. They verified that I was safe and well as soon as I was spotted. I was glad to have some company. I noticed the medical ninja weren't alone. With them they had a group of elite ninja. One of them held a small rag doll in a worn, blue kimono. I asked about it and soon they told me news I didn't wish to hear. The man who'd asked for this mission provided Konoha just recently with that doll. It had Iruka's scent all over it. The team asked for my assistance and without an alternative I called out Pakkun.

"I'll take care of it; you guys head back to Konoha."

I was hoping they'd leave and let me warn Iruka, but they insisted on staying. I took the small rag doll and let Pakkun smell before I stuffed it into my bag. We traveled at a fast pace pretty soon we were near where I'd left Iruka. It wasn't long after we passed that spot that we met up with him. Pakkun stopped and warned us he was up ahead. In an instant the team leader yelled out: "Dead or Alive boys, get him!".

I was watching this in slow motion. I cheered for Iruka to get away quickly. I prayed. Hopelessly, I prayed, but three ninja, who have been trained from childhood, are too much for any one man. They beat him. I watched helplessly, like a child seeing his parents murdered.

I would betray my village soon after.

My brain no longer moved me. It was my heart. I knocked out the medical team in an instant and stole their bags. In seconds I was on the three man team. I moved faster than any of them. My attacks weren't lethal, but immobilizing. The three men lay on the forest floor once I was done. I lifter Iruka off of the ground. I carried him and I didn't look back. I have traveled far since this afternoon. He has yet to awaken, and I have yet to stop. Rain began to fall as I traveled. That is a good thing. The rain has erased our scent trail. They won't come after us.

OoOoOo Our Destination oOoOoO

Finally, I found a spot to stop. I've been moving for a while and the soft wet ground feels as heavenly as a feather filled bed. Now I will have to treat Iruka. I have everything I need; bandages and supplies are all in the medical bag I removed from the ninja.

All I have to do now is wait for his beautiful eyes to open and his smile to return.

The moon is high tonight and the stars seem to shine brighter. I lay, my arms behind my head for support and my feet crossed in front of me. It seems so perfect. The one thing that could make it better...

"Kakashi?" I turn to him and once more I see that smile come to life. His soft skin has no scars only bruises.

"Iruka! Are you okay?"

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be back at your village?"

"I couldn't do it. I saw them try and take you, and I couldn't bare it, so I took you."

"I can't say I don't appreciate it" he winced as he tried to sit up. ",but what about you?"

"What about me?"

"What will you do?" his eyes searched mine. I hadn't thought of it. I let my feelings do the talking.

"I will love you." Nothing else mattered. I had him and that was enough. "I love you."

He finally sat up. "Okay."


He laughed "I love you too."

"Good." I reached my hand over to his.

My village will forget. My friends can forgive. My life will go on with him.

OoOoOo Home oOoOoO

Its been days since it happened. I am happy. We've traveled for quite some time now. I'm sure we'll be okay now.

I hold him close now as he lays between my legs, his soft brown hair tickles my naked stomach as he moves his head. My arms lay over his and my hands entwine themselves with his.

"Where to now, Kakashi?"

I remember him speaking of home "Iruka, I can go with you and help you find home." I expected a warm 'yes we'll go home' but instead he laughed. That sweet laugh that filled the night and made it so serene.


"Kakashi," he moved in closer and faced me "I am home." I closed my eyes and accepted those soft lips once move. "We are home."

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