It was raining, and Raven loved it. She loved the rain. Not only because it was so soothing. She loved the metaphor. She loved the idea that rain washed away all the dirt and got the world clean. Pure.

She was standing on the roof, arms out to her sides. Taking it in. Letting the rain get everywhere. Making the rain wash her as it did to the world. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. The rain slithered down her throat. How she loved the rain.

"Hey Rae, are you coming in? Guess who bought beer." Raven turned and looked at Beast Boy. "No thank you Garfield. You know I don't drink." She didn't know why she had started calling him Garfield.

One day his nick name, Beast Boy, it just didn't seem right to call him that. And he never protested. At first he had gotten a weird look on his face, but soon it was as natural as the others calling him Beast Boy, BB or B.

"Oh come on Rae. Loosen up, it won't kill you." "No, but it might kill you." Her voice was deadpan, and Beast Boy didn't know if he should laugh or not.

"At least come to the common room with me. We are celebrating and it just doesn't feel right celebrating without you." "And what are you celebrating?" He smiled. "TGIF. Thank God It's Friday."

She sighed. "So actually nothing." He shook his head. "We celebrate the good things in life. Friends, a job well done, and the weekend. Now come on Rae. We are all waiting for you."

She felt something odd, and was very surprised to find it coming from the man standing in the door. Want. He wanted her there. She sighed and teleported herself to behind him in the stairs. He had stuck his head out to look for her.

"Are you coming?" He turned, a goofy smile on his face. She sighed and started walking down, him following her like a happy pup. "Hey Rae." She turned and raised an eyebrow to tell him she was listening.

"You're dripping." She looked down, and saw he was right. "I'll come as soon as I have changed." "Promise." She looked at him. "I said I would didn't I?" He smiled happy, and went down the hall whistling. Still the goofy grin on his face.

She took of her leotard, and dried herself of before taking on a dry one. She smiled, to herself, not quite knowing why. A book flew of her shelf, and the smile died. She sighed as she bent down to put the book back on its place. The purity the rain had given her was gone.

She opened the door and almost collided with Beast Boy. She almost fell with surprise, but he grabbed her. Even with the grow spurt he was still smaller than her, but it was only visible if you lined them up to measure, something he had done often.

"Garfield you scared me." "I'm sorry Rae." She brushed herself, even though she hadn't gotten dirty. It was just what she did. "Are you checking up on me Garfield?" He looked at her and… bang. The light in the ceiling exploded. She felt him lay himself over her to cover her from the falling glass.

"You okay?" She nodded. "Well, Cy can fix it tomorrow. Race you to the common room." He changed to a geopard and started running, and Raven shook her head as she teleported in to the common room. She turned to the door and waited.

It opened and an exhausted Beast Boy came running threw, looking behind him to see if anyone was following. "Hi." He turned and was so startled he tripped in the stairs and landed on his back.

"Not fair. No using your powers." She raised her eyebrow. "You used yours." She gave him a hand, and helped him up. He brushed himself. "Yeah, but I can't teleport." "No, just run 100 km/h." "I can?" She sighed as she went to the sofa and sat down.

Beast Boy followed her example as Starfire came from the kitchen. "Hello friends. Are Cyborg and Robin up with the drinks jet?" "They're bringing it up as we speak." Like on cue the door opened and Robin and Cyborg came in with beer and pizza for everyone.

It was actually nice. Just sitting and talking, eating pizza and drinking. Even thou she was just drinking tea she did enjoy herself.

"Are you sure you don't want a drink Rae?" Beast Boy was drunk. He was leaning close to her, and she could feel his warm, alcohol filed breath. "No thank you Garfield." She placed her cup on the table.

"Come on Robin, dance with me." Starfires eyes were shining, and she was swaying to the music. Robin smiled as he grabbed her and started moving to the music. Robin had lost many people in his life, and had a hard time letting Starfire in. Rae smiled as she saw her two friends actually relaxing and just enjoying each other. They deserved it.

She felt flushed as she took a new ship of her tea. Her head felt a bit heavier and she smiled. She looked over at Beast Boy, who was looking at her. "What?" She tried for deadpan, but failed. She didn't know way.

"I knew it wouldn't kill you to loosen up." She didn't understand what he was talking about. She felt sleepy, and laid her head on the backrest, and closed her eyes. She felt someone place a blanket over her, and kiss her on her head. Then her mind drifted away.

She woke up to the screams. The entire room was covered in black energy. Her black energy. She looked desperate around and found the source for the scream. Starfire was lingering in the air, a few inches under the roof, a black hold around her. She was trying to get loos, but failed. Robin was trying to calm her down as Cyborg was heading towards her.

Her head was aching as Cyborg grabbed her. "Raven, what's going on?" She looked at him, petrified. Trying to calm herself down, but unable. She looked at him, and as Starfire screamed again she started crying. She couldn't understand why she was loosing control over her power.

"I don't know Cy. Did someone do something to my drink or anything." "Of course no…" He turned to Beast Boy who was flying by Strafire, trying to get her out of the black grip. Her head was pounding so hard. "Beast Boy, did you give Raven something without her knowing?"

He landed and morphed back as Robin threw a few exploding discs at it. Raven knew it would be futile. "I might have given her half a beer or something. I just wanted her to loosen up and have some fun." "Beast Boy you jackass." Raven could feel her grip on Starfire tighten, and did her best to calm down.

"There is a reason why I can't drink." She tried her best to calm down, but her head was pounding so hard it almost drowned out Starfires and Robins screams. Unfortunately it didn't, and a suffocating feeling of guilt got into the mix. She needed to get away. Somewhere she wouldn't hurt her friends.

She fell to her knees, holding her head as tight as she could. "I didn't want to harm her. Why did you make me harm her?" She opened a portal and went through it. Holding her hands to her head, trying to calm herself down. Distaining herself from her feelings. But the alcohol was making her lose more and more control. She had to get away before she really hurt her. She didn't care where she was going; she just had to get away.

As quickly as she went away the black energy vanished, and Starfire fell into Robins waiting arms. Starfire was weeping. Not so much for the pain, she had felt worse, but for hurting her friend. As quickly as Robin had made sure his love was unharmed he gave her over to Cyborg to comfort her, before lashing after Beast Boy. Beast Boy was still slow from the alcohol and was caught quite quickly.

"Do you know what you did? What you could have done?" Robin was fuming. Beast Boy had never been so afraid of getting hurt from his leader as now. He even matched Raven at her worst. "You know what Ravens capable of." "Dude I didn't know she was going to go mental on your girlfriend after having half a beer." Robins grip tightened, if possible.

"It was not friend Ravens choice Beast Boy. Her powers are controlled by her emotions." "Stars right B, you should have known better." Beast Boy looked down. If his green skin could show it, they would have seen him becoming very red. Robin dropped him and he fell to the floor. He turned to Starfire, who had clamed down slightly, and Cyborg. "We need to find her before she hurts herself, or someone else. Can you track her?" "Already on it Rob."

Knowing you have put one of your best friends in danger is probably the best way get sober. At least it sobered up Beast Boy quite well. He morphed to a hawk and flew out of the window, quickly followed by Starfire. He hadn't meant for things to get so out of hand. He never intended for neither Starfire nor Raven to get in any danger, he only wanted Raven to be happy. But now that he thought of it, his plan was stupid. Cy was right. He should have known better.

He landed. He didn't know for sure, but he had an idea where she might be. Lately she always immigrated there. To the old library. He morphed back, and went down the dark hallway. "Raven." A scream pierced the air and made his heart stop beating for a moment before it started racing. He ran as fast as he could after the sound, and found his biggest nightmare.

The whole room was covered in her black orb. She was standing in the middle of the room holding to her head in pain. Trying so hard she could to get control of her emotions. She turned her face his way, and he could see how her face was sweating, and Trigons four red eyes had replaced her violets one.

"Raven." A new hoarse scream escaped her. Beast Boy didn't know what to do, so he did the only thing he could think of. He went over to her and laid his arms around her. He stroked her hair as a new blast flew from her almost blowing him away. "Calm down." He was tugging at her for his bear life, and she didn't seem to calm down.

But just as quick as it had started it disappeared. She was lying in his arms, passed out, and the room was deadly quiet. He just held her. Softly he stroke he chin, her cheek, her forehead. Resting at her chakra. He could feel it pulsating beneath his fingers. He could see drops of water fall down on her almost lifeless body. If it wasn't for his heightened senses, telling him she was alive he could have sworn she was dead.

"I'm so sorry Raven. I just wanted you to have a good time. I wanted to show you, that it wouldn't kill you to loosen up." "But it almost killed Starfire." Raven opened her eyes and looked up at him. "Pleas don't do that again Garfield." "No never." He let her rise, and wiped his eyes. She didn't see, or pretended not to see.

She tried taking a few steps, but almost fell over. It had taken a lot out of her. Beast Boy dammed himself. He was quickly by her side and helped her stand. "I didn't know you tolerated so little thou." She sighed. "My powers are growing. It's been harder and harder to control them." "You should have told us." "I'm telling you now aren't I." A stone flew just passed them. "You're right."

She let go of him, and stood sturdy. She closed her eyes and sighed. "No matter how hard I try, I'm still my fathers daughter. With everything that implies." Beast Boy was kicking himself. He had really wrecked things this time. He usually ruined things, but seeing her like this he knew he had gone to a new low.

"Can we just get home?" Beast Boy nodded and called Robin and Cyborg on the communicator. He then called Starfire to tell her not to worry anymore. He then helped her up to the street. Soon the T-car was there, and she stepped in.

She just sat there, an empty shell. No one talked at all the whole drive back. It was the longest drive Beast Boy had ever endured. Cyborg helped her out of the car as she turned to him. "I actually had a nice time before the incidence Garfield." Quite, like mourners, they followed her up.

"Raven, so good to se you are all right." Starfire flew towards Raven, who just turned. Starfire started weeping again. "Nice to see you weren't harmed Starfire." "I'm perfectly safe friend Raven." Raven went passed her without looking at her. Beast Boy could swear he saw a tear on her cheek. A lamp blew up next to her. She just went though her door and let it close behind her.

Blinded by her own tear Starfire flew over to Robin in need of comfort. He laid his arms comforting around her, giving her what she sought out. Cyborg just looked from one to another. "We could all use some sleep now." Robin nodded and led Starfire to his bedroom. Cyborg turned his back on Beast Boy and went also. Beast Boy just stood there looking at his feet. Oh, how alone he felt at that moment.

The sun was rising as Raven was walking outside on the roof. She went almost to the edge of the roof and looked at the glittering water. "How are you Raven?" She didn't need to turn around. It was only two people who where up so early, her being one of them.

"I'm sorry for yesterday Robin. How is she?" "More frightened than anything." "Thank Azar." She sat down on the edge. Robin just stood there, looking at her. "You want to talk?" "No, thank you." He nodded and turned to leave her alone. "Robin." "Yes." "Thank you." He smiled and went down stairs. Raven started finding her centre, determent that what happened last night wouldn't happen again.

"How is she?" "Fine, I think. She just needs to be alone." Cyborg and Starfire nodded. "And how is friend Beast Boy?" "Sleeping. I think. It's still early." Starfire was cooking some patch-up food from her home planet, but nether of the boys thought about it long enough to wonder why it smelt like Beast Boys room. They where scared about what would happen between Beast Boy and Raven.

Beast Boy had violated Ravens trust, and making her almost killing Starfire. Could she forgive him, or would their team be broken up. The door opened and Beast Boy came yawning in. He had big bags under his eyes. "Morning Beast Boy." "Beast Boy." Starfire flew over to him and hugged him as only Starfire can. With unconditional love and forgiveness.

He was let go and slumped down on one of the chairs. "How is she?" "Fine we think." He banged his head on the table a few times. "Cyborg, you don't have a thing that will make me think before I act do you?" "Come on. If I had, you don't think I would have give it to you years ago?" "Yeah, I guess you would." A tiny smile crept over his face. The rest of the titans relaxed a little. One titan down, one to go.

"What now?" Robin turned to the computer as the alarm went of. He was quite shocked of what he saw. A girl, not older than 6, was tearing the city apart. She was walking threw the policemen and making faces towards them, and they couldn't capture her. Robin knew magic was involved, and sighed. "Go get Raven." "But…" "We need her. Just get her." Starfire nodded and left. The boys left moments after.

They came to the centre and found it in utter chaos. The police seemed powerless as the girl just took there guns and crumbled it. She then lifted five police cars high over her head exposing the officers behind them. But she didn't harm anyone. She actually looked bored.

The girls landed next to them. Raven looked her usual self. Calm, collected and cold. "She's got telepathic abilities. Be careful. Starfire, you and Beast Boy occupy her, Cy and me will cut of her escape routs wile you Raven go behind her and take her down." The team nodded. "Titans go."

Beast Boy and Starfire did as they where told and tried to attack the little girl, with no effect. She actually looked even more bored. Like Raven would. They heard a yelp and looked behind the girl. Raven was covered in, nothingness. Not darkness, but a dark nothingness. Suddenly the nothingness disappeared, along with Raven. They turned to the little girl, but she to was gone too. It had been a trap.