She had to get out of there. She levitated up in the air and flew threw the portal. There anger. There rage. It was terrifying. It was so similar to her own.

She landed on the other side, and noticed what a month without meditation had done to her powers. The room fell apart around her. She took up a protective force so she wouldn't get hurt, and turned. She knew they would come after her, and needed to hold them back. She muttered a spell, and the portal shut down, unfortunately it was only temporary, but she had bought some time. Time to right the wrong she had done.

She needed her books. She prayed that there would be a spell in one of them. A cruse. Anything to destroy them. She flew up in the air and started towards the big T shaped building. She hated having to go back, since she had left them. She touched down on the floor.

Her entire body was shaking. Her breathing was shallow, and she got light headed. But she had to focus. Who knew how long it would take Apep to break down her shield. She tried phasing threw the building, and therefore not needing to involve her friends, but it just started to shake.

She had to little control, and it didn't help that she now was crying. She breathed in and out, and thou she got some control, it still wasn't enough. She would have to fly threw the building. She went over to the stairs, and punched in her code.

Denied. Of course, Cyborg changes the codes once a month. Security reasons. Too bad she didn't have time to ask any of them to get her. She looked up and saw crimson clouds covering the sky. Apep had broken threw the shield.

She covered the gate with black energy and just broke it of. She knew that would trick the alarm, but she didn't care. Time was not on her side this time. It never was.

She had never flown so fast. She flew down, floor for floor, leaving behind nothing but darkness. Her powers blew up everything. "Sorry Cy." She whispered. The poor guy would be the one stuck whit changing ever last light bulb.

She opened her door, and ran over to her books. But which one was right? She started going through each of them, throwing them on the floor when she was done with them. She didn't noticing the three faces looking at her from the door, or the one looking up at her from the floor.

"Raven?" Raven felt a hand on her shoulder, and was terrified Apep had found her. She turned her hand out to fight him, the book clutching to her chest. She just looked up at the green face. Not realising who he was at first.

"Raven, what is it?" "They lied to me. They just wanted to use me. They all lied to me." Raven couldn't help the tears running down her cheeks. This of course had an effect on her powers, and her old statues started to explode as her powers squeezed them.

The green man laid his arms around her, and Raven let him. Finally remembering her old friend. He was safe. She even let herself hug him back.

"Friends look at the sky." Starfire pointed at the sky. It was completely red. Demon red. Raven ran over next to her, her eyes widening with fear. Her bed cracked. All, but her, looked at the bed with shock.

"They are coming. They are coming for me." She turned to her friends. "I'm so sorry. I never wanted to involve you." Robin took a step forward, laying a hand on her shoulder. "We are a team Raven. That's what we do." Raven gave him a hug. She didn't care about her family now filling the sky. She wasn't alone. She had never been alone.

They were standing on the roof. Her book was resting in her hand. She had found one spell, but she was reluctant to use it. "We will fight them Raven, and maybe we don't have to." Robin and Cyborg holding Starfire flew up in the air.

They where ready to fight for her. To die for her. "We will beat them Raven." Beast Boy looked at her, smiling. "I know. That's what so hard." She looked up at the sky, and flew up to join the others. Beast Boy sighed, morphed to a hawk, and flew up after her.

Raven looked at them with fear as her brothers and sister covered the sky. Not all could fly, but some used there power over other objects to fly, or was carried by other siblings. "Titans go."

The first wave fell quickly. Raven couldn't help crying as her siblings fell to the sea so far below them. But she had to remind herself that they weren't her family anymore. She looked at the other titans, fighting the best they could. For her. They were her family.

Suddenly she felt someone grab her from behind. She looked with fear as a big boy with fiery red hair and violet eyes started to choke her. "Why did you betray us Raven?" Raven looked up at the tiny girl sitting on the big boys shoulders.

"I didn't betray anyone Lamia." "Do you know how hard I tried to make you forget your friends? How mad Apep was when you just got sick instead?" Raven looked at her with almost disbelief, but her head was getting light headed of the lack of oxygen.

She could barley see Apep come in front of her. "Let her go." The boy let go of his grip, and Raven almost fell threw the sky as she suddenly could breath again. Apep came even closer. "Give up Raven, give in to your destiny. We have your friends. There is nothing else you can do."

Raven looked to her side, and found out he was right. The other titans were actually caught. "Why would you give your life to protect people, who only fear you, and use their fear to exclude you. This is whom you were born to be Raven. Just give up."

"I will never give up." But her voice bore doubt. Doubt he had planted in her head. Doubt that drowned out the cries of her teammates, her family.

"You know I'm right. That's why you fear me. Deep down inside, you know I'm right. Just give up." She could hear how her friends where suffering. What could she do? Why should she do anything? They've always excluded her. With a scream Starfire fell to threw the air and hit the water.

"Starfire." She could hear the others scream after the falling person. Why should she save her? Oh it's not just any nail polish. It's blue nail polish, on you. Don't think Raven just feel. You mean a lot to the group Raven, and I'm sorry I haven't told you sooner. Next time girl, wake me up to tell me you're okay. "Starfire." The water started to bubble, and the sky went from red to black.

She looked at him with four red eyes, and he gave her a smile. She raised her hand and all of her siblings where covered with black energy. His smile died, and was replaced with a scared look.

"I gave up once, I won't give up again." The spell book flew up in front of her, and with a surprisingly clear voice she resisted the spell. "Saucius. Cognatio. Odisse."

As the half demons one by one had their life sucked out of them, Raven raised her hand and a lifeless Starfire flew up from the sea. With teary eyes Raven started to heal her, and when she opened her eyes. Apep, the last one, made a deadening scream, and fell down to his certain death.

"Are you okay Star?" Starfire nodded, and gave the girl a big, warm smile. "Good." Raven passed out. The sky turned baby blue, the water died down, and Starfire grabbed her lifeless body before she could be hurt. "Star, a little help back here."

Starfire turned to see Cyborg and Robin holding on to a green pterodactyl, who didn't seem able to hold himself up for long. She flew over to help him, without letting go of her good friend.

Raven looked calmly at the portal. She didn't want to, but she had to go and check. To make sure no one else was there. The others had offered to be with her, but she needed to do this alone.

She could hear it as quickly as she stepped threw the portal. She followed the crying until she came over her. Luna was sitting on the floor, arms rapped around her legs and her head on her knees. "Luna?" "Raven." The girl ran over and gave Raven one of the biggest hugs she had ever gotten. "I'm so sorry Raven, I wanted to tell you but I couldn't. Apep said I would have betrayed our kind if I did. Oh Raven I'm so sorry."

Raven sat down with the girl on her lap and let her cry. She even cried some tears herself. For her family, who was now gone, friend she had almost lost, and the little girl who was crying against her shoulder. Raven knew to well the fate of this girl, and wept with her. For her. And when she was done weeping, she rose and carried the girl out of the castle, and destroyed the portal behind her.

Raven was sitting on the edge of the roof. She should have been meditating, but couldn't concentrate. Her damn emotions. She felt rotten. She had turned the back on her friends, her family, as quickly as someone who looked like they understood came along. And it wasn't the first time.

She shivered as memories of Melchior came sneaking at the back of her mind. She always trusted evil, and turned her back on her friends in their favour. And still they always welcomed her back with open arms. She didn't deserve them.

"Hi Raven." She looked over he shoulder, and looked at her leader. "Hi." "Haven't seen you in a while." She shrugged, and turned her face back to the view. "I had some meditating to catch up on." "Uhu." Silence. She wanted to talk to him, but something stopped her. The thought that she would outstay her already worn welcome.

"Can I ask you a question Robin?" "Of course." "If someone told you, that you would get your parents back, if you just left the titans. Would you do it?" He sat down next to her, really thinking about it.

"Some days, I would." Raven looked at him, surprised. She would never have thought he would say that. "Losing my parents was, horrible. It is something that will follow me until the day I die. And some days I do wish that it had never happened. But if it didn't I would never have met a very strange man, or become leader and friends for four quite extraordinary people."

"When Apep came to me. He offered me something I didn't even know I wanted. He offered me equals. People that would understand me one hundred percent. And a place where I could be free." She bit her lower lip, and breathed in and out so she wouldn't lose control.

"Raven, there are things about you that we can't understand. But I do hope you know that you can always talk to me. You might find we understand more than you think." She looked at him, and a tear ran down her small smile. Far down below, a big energy ball made the water explode. She quickly calmed down.

She could here Robin getting to his feet. "You really do mean a lot to the team Raven. One day I hope you realise just how much." He turned to walk away. Raven looked over her shoulder. "Robin." He stopped and looked at her. "Yeah?"

"Thank you. For understanding." He gave her one of his half a smiles. Then turned and left her all alone with what he had said.

She picked up the penny, and let it just rest in her hand. It still felt cool to the touch. "What are you looking at friend Raven?" Raven was surprised as her orange alien friend was suddenly floating in the air in front of her. She gave of a little yelp, and one of the poles that held the volleyball-net bent.

She blushed, and bent it back into shape. "What is that?" Starfire just pointed at the penny in her hand. "The penny Garfield gave me." Her eyes widened, then she took it and flew back down. Raven was stunned, and followed her angry. How could Starfire just take her penny?

Raven flew through the window and touched down on her floor. The penny was lying on her table, a tiny whole drilled at the edge. Starfire was looking for something in her closet?

"Starfire what are you doing?" Suddenly Starfire emerged from her closet, and went over to the penny, doing something with it. Raven was on the verge of losing control of her emotions when Starfire turned and smilingly held out what she had done.

The penny was hanging on a chain. Like an amulet or a necklace. Starfire put it on her, and smiled to the girl. Again Raven had hard controlling her emotions, but this time it was a new feeling running through her.

"Thank you." "A pleasure friend Raven." Raven looked at her. "You really think that. That I'm your friend." "Of course. Am I not one of your friends?" "One of the best." Raven had never seen Starfire with such a big grin.

"Hi Luna, Cy. What are you doing?" The two jumped back as Raven came down in the basement. They had been hiding there. Doing something electronically. "Nothing." They looked at one another, before looking at her and grinning.

"I was just wandering if you wanted me to teach you meditation. You know, for your powers." "No need." Cyborg and Luna had decided to take a break and all three were now sitting, eating a lunch Cyborg had made.

"What do you mean?" "I'm not so powerful as you Raven, so I don't need to be so careful with my emotions." "Oh." Raven looked down at her sandwich.

Raven didn't understand why she felt so hurt. Ever since the fight with her siblings, everyone had been very nice to her. But they treated her different. Kept their distance.

Not that she deserved any better. After all, she had been the one to desert them. But now even Luna was avoiding her. It just hurt. And that of course was dangerous.

She was meditating on the roof. The penny hanging around her neck. She had a lot of meditating to do, and a lot of feelings to suppress.

"How are you?" "Trying to concentrate Beast Boy." "Why are you calling me Beast Boy again?" Raven sighed. "I think it's for the best considering I have to suppress my feelings for you. Now can you please leave so I can continue my meditation."

"Do you remember what you told me about the beast." "What?" He went over to her, looking at her lovely face. "You said that having that thing inside me didn't make me an animal, knowing when to let it out was what made me a man."

"This is different Beast Boy." "Why?" "Your powers just grew. You weren't the incarnation of all evil." He went even closer, with a grin on his face. "You know, its good to be evil sometimes."

She opened her eyes and touched down. "But that doesn't change the fact that my powers are still charged by my emotions, and the more I feel, the more energy I produce and the more my powers get out of control."

Beast Boys face broke into a smile. Raven sighed. She knew she wouldn't get any more meditation done.

"I have to show you something." Annoyed she let him drag her down into the tower. More annoyed at her self for saying yes thou, than him. They stopped in front of one of the towers many unused rooms. "Close your eyes." She subdued, swearing under her breathe, and went through the door.

"Ta da." The four titans and Luna was standing smiling in front of a machine. Raven just looked at it. Trying hard to restrain her annoyance. "What is it?" "I'm very glad you asked Raven. This is the towers ultra new, hyper, made-just-for-Raven, energy drawer." It took a moment before she fully understood what Cyborg had said.

"You mean" "This energy drawer has the range of the entire tower and island on which it stands. Luna even reckoned it would cut our electrical bill I half." Raven moved closer to fully study the machine. So this was what he and Luna had been doing the last two weeks. "You really did this Cy? Just for me?" "For you girl, anything."

Raven levitated up to the big guy and gave him a big hug. She landed and gave the same to Luna. She was free. Or at least she would be free at home. She never had to be afraid of harming her friends again.

She hugged Starfire, now with teary eyes. She would still have to suppress her feelings when she was away from the tower, but was okay. That meant she would have to meditate. She hugged Robin and by now she was laughing of joy.

For she still had to suppress some emotions. She grabbed Beast Boy and gave him a big passionate kiss. She felt how he turned into putty in her hand. Just not all of them.

"But what if they don't like me?" "Of course they will Luna. You don't have to be afraid. You are joining the best Titan group in the world." "But why can't I stay with you?"

Luna bit her lower lip, and Raven kissed her on the forehead. "Because I don't want you to be hurt when we are fighting. Besides, you are going to love this group."

"Teether stoop chewing on my cape." "I'm not chewing on your cape." "Timmy calm down. Teether spit out Timmys cape."

The three came over the hill, and started running as soon as they saw her. "Raven." She fell to the ground. "Melvin, Timmy, Teether. Oh Booby, I didn't forget you." Raven smiled to the three children.

Melvin had grown quite a bit, and soon would be twelve. Timmy still had tantrums, and the old blanket was now a cape to his not-so-good titan uniform. Teether was about Lunas age and was the first to approach her.

"I'm Teether. What's your name?" "Luna." Luna looked afraid from one to another. "So, what can you do?" "Timmy." Timmy looked mad at Melvin and Raven, who both had scolded him. Luna looked unsure at Raven. "Go ahead." Luna closed her eyes and teleported herself from one place to another around the three.

She then made a tine pebble fly up to her hand. Then she turned to Bobby, who was invisible for most people, and smiled to him. Capable of seeing him as clear as Raven or Melvin. Timmys jaw dropped, quite impressed.

"Welcome to the tiny titans. I'm Melvin. That's Timmy, just ignore him, we do, and you have already met Teether. Be careful or he will eat everything you have." "I will not."

Teether pouted as Melvin dragged one of Lunas dresses out of his mouth. Raven bent down and kissed the girl again on the forehead, before giving the same treatment to the three others.

She gave a communicator to the little girl. "Remember I'm just a call away. Never be afraid of using it." She waved to the quartet as they went over the hill. She turned and walked over to the T-ship and her friends who had waited for her there.

"Are you okay?" Beast Boy kissed her on the cheek before laying an arm over her shoulder. She nodded.

"Teether I'm warning you stop eating my cape." "I'm not eating your cape." "Timmy calm down. Teether, stop eating Timmys cape." The five laughed as the children's cries disappeared. "Poor Luna."

Beast Boy gave her a hand to get into her seat. "You look good with kids, ever thought about having your own." She looked at his smug face. "And I guess you volunteer for the job." "BB, Baby Baker at your service."

"Well, technically I would be doing the baking, but nice to know." She laughed as the glass closed of her and she put the plug in her ear. "Oh a tiny titan of our own, how nice. Can't we get one Robin? Wouldn't that be nice?"

Raven laughed as Robin swore under his breath at Beast Boy and hoped Starfire hadn't heard that. "Oh I have some nice ideas about how we can baby proof the tower, if that is what is stopping you Robin."

A new curse, this one aimed at Cyborg, escaped Robins mouth. Starfire just went on about how nice a baby would be, and Raven could formally see how Robins face became redder and redder.

"Why don't we just get home, before thinking about adding a new member to the team?" She could hear how Robin made a sigh of relief. "Oh you are right Raven, as usual."

"I have to teach you how to have fun Raven." She could hear how her new boyfriend was pouting at the top. "I agree Rae. I though you had lighten up." The two boys were apparently upset about her destroying their fun.

"Star instead can't you tell the boys about you're date with Robin last weekend." "Oh yes. What a nice day. First of he came gave me flowers he had picked him self then... "

A swearword she never thought would escape her leader was directed at her. "Rae you rock." "I knew there was a reason I loved you." "I know. Now pay attention, it actually gets juicy."

Raven knew she would pay for it later, but right then and there she couldn't help smiling her new smug smile. I was good to evil, sometimes.