Authors Note (Please read): I started this story right after I saw the movie. I have recently read the book and realized how different they were, so you'll notice the story starting like the movie…but it will 'morph' into the book :). There are some references to rape…but none that actually happen (I don't want anyone to feel offended). Also, I have written this for my own enjoyment, but I thought it would be a great story to share. I've posted the first two chapters as more of a "preview" to see if I should continue posting, so the more you comment the more/faster I'll post ! Happy Reading.

As soon as Julia heard about the Raz'acz parading though Carvahal she ran home. She discovered it in flames, Garrow dead, and Eragon gone. At the time she didn't know what to do, both of the horses were missing and she had no way of knowing where, and if Eragon had escaped. She salvaged what she could from the ruins of the old house and set off to…- well…she wasn't quite sure where.

After several weeks of walking, sleeping, and eating when she found something, she heard rumors of the return of a Dragon Rider. Julia knew all dragons had perished with the rule of Galbatorix, so she thought this was just random gossip, yet part of her felt hopeful.

After a little over a month of sporadic traveling, Julia marched right into a group of three Urgals and, being that she was outnumbered, they managed to capture her.

"Look what we've got here…a pretty little farm girl come to join the troops," hissed the leader of the group as the other two proceeded to tie her hands behind her back.

"We can make good use of you…on account that it gets quite lonely being in a troop full of men-"

"You mean monsters," yelled Julia as she was still attempting to fight off the two Urgals holding onto her.

The leader reached out and ran his rotten fingernail down Julia's cheek, making a small, but painful, cut, "You'll either warm up to us…or die."

Although Julia preferred death over being abused and raped by these monsters, she kept her mouth shut and stopped struggling. She was close to tears, but refused to give the Urgals the satisfaction of them.

"There, there, has the fight left you already, my sweet? Shame…I like my women aggressive…especially in my bed…" whispered the leader.

The other two Urgals just laughed stupidly and proceeded to lift Julia onto a cart pulled by two large oxen.

Julia rolled into a ball in the back corner of the small cart and the three Urgals sat at the front, urging the oxen to walk.

Hours passed like days and Julia mentally went over every escape plan she could think of, each more impossible than the next. Her hands were tied tightly behind her back and attached to the cart; her feet had also been bound.

Luckily the Urgals kept to themselves. The leader would occasionally turn around and make rude and inappropriate comments to Julia, which she ignored.

Eventually exhaustion came, Julia's head rolled onto her shoulder and she slept.

Julia woke with a start when the cart came to a sudden halt and she was roughly lifted out of it and onto the ground. Her feet had been untied so she could stand on her own, but her hands remained tightly bound behind her back.

The leader stood in front of Julia, leaned down, and whispered in her ear, "I'm glad you slept, my sweet. You'll need a lot of energy to keep me satisfied tonight."

Julia shivered, not from the cold, but from fear and disgust.

She looked around at the forest clearing where the Urgals were setting up camp. The sun was slowly descending. Perhaps if she waited a little longer and ran into the forest, the darkness would confuse the Urgals and she could escape.

A loud swooping sound snapped Julia out of her escape plan and caused her to look up. A huge shadow moved over the tops of the large trees. Was it a bird? But it was too big to be bird; perhaps the setting sun was just playing tricks on her.

Julia looked back down and shook her head trying to clear her thoughts. She needed to stay on task if she was going to escape.

Julia decided she would use the infatuation the Urgals had with her as an advantage. She looked down at her torn, dirty dress. It was a simple white dress made of a cloth corset and a thin, flowing skirt. She managed to step on the bottom of her skirt and rip a slit that reached to her mid-thigh. She wiggled her corset down a bit, showing off as much cleavage as she could. The leader of the Urgals kept a close eye on Julia, and she reckoned she must have looked ridiculous, but all that would change within the next couple minutes.

Julia stood up straight, pushed out her chest and slowly walked towards the leader. He raised an eyebrow as Julia stopped right in front of him. She was so close to him that she could smell his foul breath.

She looked up at him, trying extremely hard to keep a pleasant look on her face, and softly said, "I'm yours for the taking. I can make you feel pleasures you've only dreamed of and make you experience sensations you've never known."

The Urgal took a step back and looked suspiciously at her. Julia knew she had to do something drastic, so she lunged forward and kissed his rotten mouth long and hard.

It took all of Julia's willpower not to lose her composer, or the contents of her stomach.

She pulled back and whispered in his ear, "Don't make me wait any longer…I need you now!"

With that she turned around and said with an urgent voice, "Quick, untie my hands so I can run them over every crevice of your body."

The Urgal's eyes became clouded from the sensual kiss, and he was frantically trying to untie the rope with his shaking hands. After he had untied it, and almost broken Julia's fingers in the process, he turned her around and kissed her again. He forced her mouth open with his and deepened the kiss.

Luckily, Julia hadn't eaten too much within the last several days, but she started to gag. The Urgal must have taken it for a moan, for he kissed her for several more minutes. His hands ran clumsily and forcefully all over her body and she could feel him ripping at he ropes of her corset. This caused Julia to panic.

Her plan had involved her being in control...she was supposed to be seducing him. She thought the fact that the Urgal had never been with a woman willing to sleep with him would cause him to be docile. She had then planned on running away or stabbing him once she had him on his back, but this wasn't at all what was happening. Before Julia knew it she was on her back and the Urgal, having given up on the corset, was roughly pulling her skirt up.

Julia started struggling, but the Urgal was holding both of her hands above her head with one of his. His body weight was almost too much to bear and the helpless feeling Julia felt brought tears to her eyes.

She was just about to give up the fight and surrender to the inevitable when the Urgal fell limp on top of her. Julia quickly rolled him off of her and noticed an arrow sticking in his head.

Just as she turned to see where the arrow had come from, she saw another one fly right over her head and hit one of the other Urgals coming over to check on the leader.

One final arrow flew and hit the third Urgal square between his eyes.