Hey, new story. I know its kind of OOC but I tried to make an excuse for it. Just read and see. Thanks xx

"I'm sorry, mate, but I told you I can't be your buffer for Pansy tonight."

"Aw, common, how many times have I covered for you?"

Blaise gave Draco a look that always made him squirm, and that was saying something.

"Ok, so, maybe never, But if you do this one thing I promise I'll cover for you when you need me to."

"Geez, mate, that girl has changed you completely. The old Draco I knew would never have begged like this."

"Firstly, her name is Ginny, second she's waiting for me right now and thirdly… It's called love." He said, but changed the subject quickly before Blaise could reply. "Why can't you do it anyway?"

"This may be a bit hard to believe, Draco, my buddy, but I do have dates as well."

"Is this the same elusive girl you've been seeing that past few weeks?"

"Maybe." Draco didn't say anything, just stared blankly at Blaise, which always seemed to get to him in the end, much more effective than any glare Draco could muster.

These two boys had been best friends since their first year, and best friends were hard to find in a house like Slytherin. They were only themselves around each other. They knew how to get to each other as well as everything else about the other.

"Alright, alright, yes it is. I really fancy this girl, ok?"

Draco just smirked, hiding the shock of Blaise actually fancying someone who wasn't a one-night stand.

"So, do I get the privilege of knowing her name?" Draco asked as his curiosity was spiked now.

"No. Now I have to go. And so do you," He said, changing the subject back now. "Leave Pansy to some unsuspecting first year when she can't find you." There was a pause then simultaneously they both shrugged their shoulders as if in agreement that this would be the plan.

Then they said their goodbyes and left the common room.

- - - - - - - - - -

Blaise rounded the corner out of the dungeons and walked to the entrance hall and to the door that hid a spiral staircase behind it. He coughed loudly, and there was a returned cough to his right. He grinned wickedly and followed it to a doorway near the great oak doors that led to the grounds outside. A flash of blonde hair came from the doorway and the wide-eyes, slender Luna Lovegood emerged from the doorway.

"What took you so long?"