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This is the rewrite of the original prologue, of which I'm extremely glad I rewrote.

Life completely and utterly was miserable to nineteen-year-old Haruno Sakura. Although Tsunade, the famed fifth Hokage of Konohagakure, had become her mentor, it seemed as if she had become invisible. She was strong, that being proven when she was destroyed mountains and forest in a single swipe. Few could actually prove a challenge to the young kunoichi, and yet this went unacknowledged.

Could she still be in her teammates' shadows? Of course, she had no demon, she had no bloodline, and she certainly did not have a gift from a dead friend allowing her the great powers belonging to another clan. In all of their glory, she had been cast aside as if she were really only there to have enough people. She wouldn't be surprised if one hundred years from now she went down as the unidentified member of the famous Team Seven.

Of course, the girl had no love life. The few boys from the hospital did not qualify in her book, they never lasted more than a week. Somehow her rival in everything had finally gotten the one thing she had thought, or really more of lying to herself to believe that she did, wanted most. Uchiha Sasuke, the lone survivor of the Uchiha massacre and traitor of Konohagakure had returned to his home village and taken Ino as his bride.

For years and years, Sakura had believed she was going to win over the Uchiha. It only made sense she was upset when she had realized she'd lost. Although, as time went on, she realized that maybe her feelings for him weren't quite as strong as she had believed. She came to realize, Sasuke wasn't really all that great if he was going to choose Ino over her.

The Yamanaka heiress, as to be expected, had just loved to flaunt her prize to Sakura. A few discreetly discriminating comments here and there, little actions with the Uchiha; those were all it took to send sparks into her forest green eyes. And Ino knew it. Few of her friends tried to make it better, seeing as most were overwhelmed by the avenger's return. Sakura only told them she'd be fine, which in reality she was half lying. She knew she would be able to move on someday, it was just hard at the time being.

That did not change the fact she felt like ripping that pig's vocal chords out.

She sighed irritably as she flopped down on her wine colored bed. Her face immediately dived into the softness of the pillow as her screaming muscles relaxed. While she had just saved the lives of an entire ANBU team in the surgery room, everyone else was celebrating the news of the engagement between Sasuke and Ino. Mentally, she told herself they were all just fools.

The pinkette wriggled around in her bed anxiously, the affair bleached into her mind. With a cross between a groan and a scream, she jumped up and attacked the second drawer of her cherry wood nightstand. In what seemed only a second, she managed to unwrap and chomp off a chunk off an innocent chocolate bar. It was her comfort food, as it was all women's.

As she savored the chocolate, she let herself fall back onto her bed. Her house had been empty for a while, she pondered, after bandits had killed her parents. She had come home to a too quiet house only to reveal the slaughtered corpses of her mother and father. At the time she had been able to confide in Tenten, the astute weapon mistress, and Lee, the expert Taijutsu specialist. Just to add to her luck, Sound had managed to kill off her dear friends as well. Without Lee and Tenten, Sakura had been left with nowhere to turn.

She closed her eyes starting to drift off as she thought, 'Maybe my life is a fairytale, where the maiden gets her heart broken by her love and neglected by her village. Then one day her one true love, her prince, will come and rescue her from the dreadful village. He'll scoop her up in his arms and kiss her passionately as he carries her off to his kingdom where they live happily ever after.'

Yeah, she wished.

If only Sakura knew. Her story was definitely not a pleasant fairytale. If only she knew, stories aren't that simple. She forgot that people put conflicts in stories to make them interesting, so people would want to read them. The hero faces beasts, and dragons, and evil villains. A story is no fun without conflicts the characters must overcome. The drama, suspense, that's what makes a story good.

If only she knew that her story would be the best of all.

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