Author's Note: Set at the Stella, before Scipio became an adult.

"Here it is, I found it," Prosper called holding up a piece of paper. They had been searching for it for days. "I found it on the Internet somewhere." Prosper confirmed.

"Here, let me see." Scipio gasped as he read the list below.

The Top 21 Ways to Annoy Scipio

20. Ask him "So, how are you, Liar Lord?" several times a day.

19. Make him compete in a karaoke contest.

18. Steal his mask, then decorate it with pink glitter-glue, pink hearts, pink sequins, and strong perfume.

17. …Make him wear it in public; preferably to go and do business with Barbarossa or visit the Conte, and act mortally offended for weeks his he refuses.

16. Publish and article titled, "Mass Break-in at Massimo Mansion, Son Upset Because Teddy Bear was Stolen"…

15. When confronted with this article, innocently say, "What are you talking about?" then snatch the paper, pretend to read the headline, and then scream loudly, "SCIPIO LOVES HIS TEDDY BEAR!"

14. Go to Dottor Massimo and suggest that he give his son more formal education.

13. Make Scipio read all the ScipioxProsper stories.

12. Make him read all the ScipioxHornet stories.

11. Make him read all the ScipioxOC stories.

10. Catch all his reactions on videotape.

9. Make him watch all the ScipioxProsper, ScipioxHornet, and ScipioxHermione videos.

8. Make him play "House" and "Ponies" with you.

7. Call him "Scippy boy"

6. Scream loudly every two minutes.

5. Make him read "The Three Little Pigs" every night and protest loudly if he refuses.

4. Pull his ponytail. (He really hates this)

3. Redecorate his room with pink hearts everywhere.

2. Call him "Scip", but spell it "Skip".

1. Introduce him to a Mary-Sue.

Scipio looked up and surveyed the room in horror.

"Okay, who wrote this?"