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Author's Note: I wrote this for challenge 29 in the livejournal xmenflashfic community, then discovered the comics fandom newsletters linked to them, spazzed and deleted. I have control issues, yes.

To: nekochan at jmailcom

From: snikt1 at xavierscom

Subject: Home Fires Burning

Relax, Kit, there wasn't really a fire, least nothing big enough to get Pyro's shorts in a sheepshank. There was a little accident with Greg's candles for a ritual, and Stasia's kitten. No casualties. Need some parental clarification here, tho. Greg says he's allowed to practice magic on his own, he was Grigorii Rasputin and even if he's twelve he has his previous incarnation's memory and he don't need adult supervision. Considerin' what Petey told us about how bad his reincarnation spell went wonky back in the day, I'm thinking he oughtta stick to pulling rabbits out of a hat 'til you get the wiz kid a real tutor. The cleaning company says they can get the wax out of the carpet.

Which is more than the drycleaners can say, lemme tell ya, Kit, I wish I got you pictures. Andrei got into my beer (again) and threw up on Emma. White suede.

Did I tellya I fed 'em the last of the borscht y'had in the fridge before the kid got into my beer?

Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark. Funny thing, by the time she quit yelling, her face was almost as pink as the stain.

Took the kids to the mall and the food court for lunch today, Martya got tossed out of the Borders for getting a little over-excited about some new teenie-mag come out…I explained to her about public power use and how grabbing every copy with that pretty boy singer on the cover would freak out the flatscans. She'll come out of her room when she's hungry, right?

PJ's home sick. Well, in the infirmary sick. Hank's pretty sure he'll figure out what it is soon, and it probably ain't some mutant form of malaria Pete Junior brought with him from the Savage Land. He ain't too happy about the needles or the IV but hell, that's why Nereel sent him out into the world, right? To learn about stuff. So the kid's getting a good look at modern medicine and health care right now. Been keeping the little ones away from him. Hank says it ain't contagious, but the spots are getting kinda scabby and he's not exactly in a fit mood for company. He brought his books home from college and he's been keeping up with his work when he's conscious.

Speaking of Hank, he says the cast can come off Stasia's arm next week. I figured since she didn't listen to me the first time, safest thing to do is cut down that apple tree so she can't try and climb it again. Split the wood for ya and stacked it beside the garage.

Better wrap this up, promised the little one a bedtime story, and Martya thinks she's sneaking down the stairs behind my back with the keys to the Jeep in her hand. Y'ground 'em a month for that, right?

Hope you and Peter are having a great second honeymoon, and I dunno why you were so worried about asking me to babysit, the kids and I are getting along fine.