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Lily moaned softly as she felt the real world slowly seeping into her consciousness. Feeling deliciously content, she smiled against the softness of her pillow. Stretching her arms slightly, she breathed deeply and cracked her eyelid a little to read the clock. Wondering dumbly why her alarm clock was no longer on her nightstand, she gasped suddenly as the events of last night flooded her mind. Her cheeks burned as she remembered all the things James had done to her, and how good it felt when he touched her. Lily winced slightly at the discomfort between her legs yet she couldn't keep the smile off her face. Glancing to her left, her smile widened as she glimpsed James Potter, all sexily mussed from sleep. His silky hair was lying at impossible angles, and his expression was one of relaxation. Lily bit her lip delicately as her fingers slowly reached out to stroke a lock of James' hair, it was so soft, just as she had always imagined it would feel between her finger tips.

Suddenly, James' strong arm wrapped around her middle and dragged her close to him, plastering her naked body against his own and enveloping her in his warm grip. Giggling slightly as he murmured her name in his sleep, she couldn't help but beam as she lay back into the pillows and wrapped her arms around him. It was Saturday, and that meant she had the whole morning to sleep in. Lily smirked slightly at the thought of Marlene grilling her about why she hadn't slept in the dorm as she usually did on the weekends. Smiling at what she could only anticipate to be an entertaining weekend, she drifted back to sleep with a grin on her face.


James groaned softly in his sleep. This one was of his favorite dreams, the one where he and Lily were together and he would wake up in her arms. Smiling at her intoxicating scent, James nuzzled her soft waves of crimson curls and inhaled the soft scent of her hair. Mmmm… He always loved this part. Although Dream-Lily didn't smell quite as good as Awake-Lily, she was still scented heavenly, except… this Dream-Lily smelled just as amazing as Awake-Lily. And now that James thought about it, she felt just as good as Awake-Lily, all soft and smooth and perfect (Well, at least that was what James imagined Awake-Lily would feel like, the only time he ever was allowed to touch Awake-Lily was when her palm was smacking his face. She had nice palms).

James' eyes slammed open. This was Awake-Lily! Last night's memories washed over him like a welcomed tidal wave. He felt goose bumps arise all over his body as he remembered her fevered response to his kisses, and the beautiful way she came apart as her orgasms washed over her. Turning to his side, James' hand slowly traced a path over the soft flesh of Lily's back. She lay on her tummy with her arm thrown over his stomach, and James was certain he had never felt so good waking up in his entire life. Glancing at his clock, he saw it was well past noon. Grinning at Lily's ability to sleep outlandish hours, he chuckled slightly as he contemplated the perfect way to wake her up…


Lily groaned loudly as she felt the most delicious sensations wash over her. Swiftly opening her eyes her eyes, she gasped audibly at the vision before her: a head of messy black hair was bobbing between her legs, and the tongue belonging to said head was licking and playing with the intimate folds between her legs.

"James!" Lily panted, arching her back at the intense sensations rushing through her body. Feeling him smile against her folds, Lily could only moan and gasp at the exhilarating bliss his mouth was giving her. Lily groaned loudly as James' hands coasted up her thighs, softly caressing the sensitive skin of her legs and eventually coming to caress her clit as his mouth fervently made love to her. Feeling her orgasm approaching, but wishing more than anything to prolong the tremendous bliss she was feeling, she couldn't help her self as her hips began to mimic the movement of James' tongue. Suddenly, her climax caught her off guard as it ripped through her, forcing a yell of ecstasy to tear from her dry throat and her back to arch off the bed.

Falling back into the pile of pillows behind her head, Lily felt her blood rush through her veins and her arousal drip down her open thighs. Lying replete against the cushions, Lily smiled as she felt James climb up her body and plant a soft kiss on her lips.

"Good morning," he whispered, smiling down at her.

"Gmfml," Lily murmured, unable to form coherent sentences so soon after feeling James' lips against her sex.

James chuckled at her intoxication from the pleasure, grinning at her reddening cheeks. He quickly repositioned his body to lie next to her, attempting to hide his arousal. He would love nothing more than to bury himself in her wet heat again but he knew she would be sore, so he resisted.

Lily bit her bottom lip with embarrassment. What did one say 'the morning after'? I love you? Let's forget about it? I want to have you babies? Unbeknownst to her, her inner conflict was written all over her face, causing James to chuckle happily at her cute expression of concern.

"You don't have to say anything, Lils, as long as you promise that I'm yours and your mine now," he said, his love shining in his eyes.

Smiling nervously, she nodded her approval.

Beaming at her, James knelt forward and planted a kiss on her forehead and told her he was going to take a quick shower (a freezing cold shower, but he didn't tell her that part) and then they could go down to the Great Hall and eat their first meal as a couple.

Lily smiled dazedly as she watched him walk towards the loo and heard him turn on the water. Jumping up nimbly on legs still wobbly from pleasure, Lily quickly made her way to her room. Most of her clothes were still in her other dorm, but she valiantly threw her wardrobe doors open anyway. Usually she just threw on whatever smelt somewhat presentable, but she wanted to look differently today. Frowning at her usual sweatpants and oversized sweaters, she quickly dug through the bottom of her closet. She finally decided on her favorite pair of sweatpants (which she thought fit over her bum nicely and hid her stick-like thighs) and a plain white button-up t-shirt. Forgoing eyeliner and mascara (she always stabbed herself with the damn things anyway) she applied some lip balm and some blush, praying she didn't look like a clown. She finished pulling a brush through her unruly hair just as she heard the water shut off. Staring resignedly at the image in her looking glass, she reconciled herself that that was as good as it was going to get. Casting another look in the mirror, she smiled slightly, realizing that she was now a woman. Oh, yes, she may still have her knobby knees and short stubby legs, but damned if she wasn't James Potter's freakin' girlfriend! Shaking her head slightly at mentally putting Women's Suffrage back 50 years, she bent down to tie her running shoes and then went to wait for James in the Common Room.

Throwing herself on the couch, Lily couldn't wipe the smile from her face as she dangled her legs over the edge of the couch. Whistling softly, she didn't even hear James approach her. Not until he slid his hand in hers and pulled her up did she realize he was present. Catching her breath slightly at his dishy appearance, she grinned shyly as he led her towards the portrait hole and down the hallway, his thumb caressing the sensitive skin of her hand.

Stopping suddenly before the doors to the Great Hall, James turned to her without warning and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Chuckling at her whimper of protest when he just as suddenly pulled away, he leaned his forehead against hers. "So," he said, looking into her eyes, "You ready to see everyone's mouth gape at us when we walk in hand-in-hand?"

"What do you think they'll say?" She asked nervously.

"Does it matter?" He responded, cocking his head to the side.

"… Not at all," She answered, turning forward and pulling his hand slightly, ready to face whatever was coming their way, together.