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"Naruto, do you know where they fell?" Shikamaru asked the blonde uneasily, earning an unsure look from him. "Fine then, we'll check the perimeter of the island first." Naruto nodded, his eyes scanning the ocean hastily, though it was almost too dark to even see his own feet.

Dammit Sasuke, where are you? He thought, gritting his teeth in frustration. Meanwhile, trying his best to sober up, Kiba squinted through his spyglass, hoping to see something, anything that would help in his search. Hell, maybe he'd even see Sasuke swimming! His attention was drawn away for a moment when he heard Shikamaru calling up to him. The dog-boy peered down,

"Didn't here ya, come again?" he shouted, and Shikamaru cleared his throat,

"I said keep your eyes on the perimeter of the island, don't worry about any other area for now!" he repeated, and Kiba nodded, trying to ignore another wave of dizziness. Why the hell did I drink so much? Down below, the crew men who weren't working were talking amongst themselves. Neji, who had been talking, now lowered his head,

"So then, do you think he's alive?" he muttered, and Lee pounded a fist against his chest,

"Of course! Captain Sasuke is strong, I know he is alive!" he declared loudly, catching the attention of Kakashi, who was nearby. The pepper-haired man chuckled,

"I couldn't agree with you more, Lee." He then turned his attention back to watching the ocean. Neji didn't seem convinced though, he kept his gaze on the ground. Lee looked at him with confusion,

"Neji… do you really think-"

"I'm just trying to be realistic, Lee!" he snapped suddenly, "There's no way he could have-"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Naruto pushed past Lee and gripped the collar of Neji's shirt, glaring hard at him,

"Don't you ever say that! Sasuke is alive, he survived!" he snarled, and everyone stopped what they were doing to watch Naruto and Neji. Though Naruto's words didn't change the boy's mind, his face didn't flicker,

"Who are you trying to convince, Naruto? Me… or you?" he spoke firmly. The blonde was about to retaliate, but then realized the truth in Neji's words. Deep down, Naruto had a feeling Sasuke had not survived, but he had quickly put that thought in the back of his mind. He kept telling himself over and over again that Sasuke had survived, but was he just trying to convince himself, like Neji said? Slowly, he let go of Neji's shirt, but kept a glare on his face.

"Neji, you can think what you want, but I won't stop until I find him." With that, he turned around and stomped away, cursing to himself. The pale eyed man watched him leave, feeling a bit sorry for him. If Sasuke was indeed dead, how would he take it?


Sakura groaned sleepily and turned on her side, only to feel something sharp jab into her side. Yelping, her eyes shot open and realized it was just a rock.

Wait… a rock?

She lifted her head up and scanned the area around her, and then came to the conclusion; it was a cave. She tried to think how she would end up in a cave, trying to remember something.

"So, you finally woke up?" a smooth, familiar voice asked her. She glanced over her shoulder, and relief swept through her when she saw Sasuke, holding some drift wood. Then, she suddenly remembered, her and Sasuke had jumped off the side of the island! Right into the ocean…

"What are you doing?" Sakura asked softly, watching Sasuke arrange the wood in an organized pile. He gave her a look,

"Making a fire, stupid." He replied, and Sakura huffed in response,

"Well sorry for not knowing everything!" she crossed her arms and turned around, facing the other way. Sasuke smirked at her child-like behavior, but then frowned at her wet clothes. He then realized that he also had on his wet clothes. Sighing heavily, he started to take off his shirt, and at the same time, Sakura started to turn around.

"S-Sasuke, what are you doing now?" she asked, going a bit red in the face. He stared at her as if that was the dumbest question in the world.

"I'll get hypothermia if I stay in these wet clothes. Same goes for you. So take off-"

"No!!" she shouted, leaping up. The dark- haired man just blinked; surprised at her reaction. "There is no way I am stripping in front of you! I'd rather die!" Sasuke just snorted and dropped his shirt to the floor,

"You are taking those clothes off." He said simply. Sakura glared at him,

"No I'm not!" she yelled in response.

"Yes you are!"





Sakura was about to yell 'no' again, but Sasuke decided he had had enough. Without warning, he lunged at her, and grasped the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up off her, making her scream.

"Sasuke, no! Stop-" but she was quickly silenced when he crashed his lips against hers. In defense, she tried to push him off her, but he easily overpowered her, pushing her against the cave wall. She whimpered against his mouth as she felt him tugging her pants down. A moment later, her pants hit the floor, but Sasuke still wasn't letting go. His warm hands were gripping her hips as he nibbled on her lower lip, silently asking for an entrance. Timidly, Sakura opened her mouth a little, just enough to let Sasuke slip his tongue in her moist cavern. The girl wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Before, both of them were shivering from the cold, but now, both their bodies felt as if they were on fire. Sakura moaned when she felt Sasuke's tongue massaging hers, unknowingly arousing the man further. Slowly, Sasuke trailed away from her mouth, across her jaw line, and down to her neck, where he sucked and nipped at the tender flesh.

"S-Sasuke," Sakura whimpered, tilting her head back.

"Shhh," Sasuke whispered against her neck, biting down softly on a sensitive spot, making Sakura gasp.

"Sasuke, the f-fire," Sakura tried to speak, and Sasuke suddenly stopped. He cleared his throat and pulled away,

"Y-yeah, I almost forgot…" he muttered, and walked towards the wood.

Damn, I almost had her! He thought to himself, while Sakura tried to catch her breath. She would have been able to stop him, if he wasn't so damn sexy! Not to mention, part of her didn't want him to stop. She watched him in silence as he quickly rubbed two dry sticks together hastily. A moment later, smoke started to rise up from them, and Sakura beamed,

"You did it Sasuke!" she suddenly spoke up, making the said man jump in shock, dropping the sticks. He growled, whipping his head around,

"Hey, shut up!" he snapped, and Sakura's mouth dropped in shock and anger,

"What's your problem?!" she yelled right back at him, and he turned back around, grumbling to himself,

"If only you knew…"

After a while, Sasuke had gotten a fire started, and it flickered loudly, lighting up a good portion of the cave. Sasuke and Sakura sat on opposite ends of the fire, facing each other. Neither one of them were speaking, until Sasuke finally looked at her,

"So, that guy Sai…" he started, and that caught Sakura's attention.

"What about him?" she asked quietly. Sasuke averted her gaze, frowning slightly,

"…He called you his fiancé." He replied, and Sakura remembered what Sai had said. She frowned as well, about to speak, but Sasuke suddenly smirked,

"You may be his fiancé, but I'm not giving you up." He stated, and Sakura began to giggle, feeling the awkwardness lift. "I'm being serious." Sasuke told her, and Sakura calmed herself down, though she was still smiling,

"I know, and that's why I am so happy about it." But her sentence ended in a sneeze, and she scooted closer to the fire. Sasuke looked at her with some concern, and stood up, walking over to her side. Before she could question him, he sat down beside her and wrapped an arm around her and pulled her against his warm body. Instead of pulling away, Sakura snuggled up against his strong chest, blushing lightly.

"Sakura," Sasuke spoke, and Sakura looked up at his handsome face, "I won't let him get to you." Sakura could sense his seriousness, and she covered his hand with hers. He looked into her eyes, and she did the same with him.

"And I won't leave you, Sasuke." She replied to his statement. Sasuke began to lower his head and he brushed his lips over Sakura's. The two locked gazes, and then it became too much for them. They pressed their lips together and kissed passionately, letting all their feelings out. Gently, Sasuke began to lower Sakura to ground, climbing on top of her, never breaking eye contact. He smirked, moving his lips right next to her ear, breathing over it, making her tense up. He slowly licked the lobe,

"Now Sa-ku-ra," he whispered huskily, "I'm not stopping." Suddenly, Sakura felt her bra loosen, and then realized, that sneaky bastard had unclasped her bra already! He started to lower his head, and somehow Sakura's hands had tangled themselves in his spiky hair, gripping it somewhat. Sasuke smirked against her skin, and before she could register what he was doing, his hot mouth closed around a nipple, his tongue massaging the rosy bud. Sakura moaned and gripping his hair tightly. His hand toyed with the other one, the rough pad of his thumb running over the nipple every now and then. He was thoroughly enjoying the sounds Sakura was making as he licked over the hard bud once more. Getting bored, Sasuke let his hand run down Sakura's side, stopping at her panties. Multi-tasking, the Uchiha slipped his hand into her panties, and rubbed her gently. Feeling this double-assault, Sakura gasped and whimpered, feeling helpless. Smirking again, Sasuke decided to go a bit farther…

"A-ahh!" Sakura suddenly moaned when she felt Sasuke plunge his finger into her hot core. "Sasuke…!" the said man suddenly stopped ravishing her chest and looked up at her with hungry eyes,

"It's only just begun, Sakura." He told her in a deep voice, descending down her body. Sakura bit her lip when she saw him bite into her panties, wriggling them down her legs. How many times had he done this? He lifted her leg up a bit, and painfully slowly, starting placing featherlike kisses on the inside of her thighs. Sakura sighed in pleasure, and started to close her eyes. Sasuke noticed and suddenly bit down, causing her eyes to open.

"No," he growled lowly, "Don't close your eyes. Keep them on me." He ordered, and Sakura couldn't help but comply. Sasuke's lust filled eyes met her hazy ones and he held back a grin. She gulped at the sight, but kept her eyes on him. He had one of her legs on his shoulders, giving him a perfect view of her opening. Sasuke smirked at her flushed face, and lowered his head towards her opening. He ran his tongue ran over her opening, making her gasp, and increase her grip on his hair.

"Don't close your eyes." He reminded her, and without warning, plunged his tongue into her, making her cry out.

"Ngn…ahhh!" she moaned, raising her hips. She heard him growl sexily and he held her hips down. He suckled tenderly at her sensitive bud, and she panted heavily, watching him with misty eyes. It was extremely arousing to see his head buried between her legs, and she grew even wetter. Sasuke thrust his tongue in and out of her at a fast pace, enjoying her sweet taste. He could tell she wasn't going to last much longer, and he groaned at how hard he was already. He lifted himself up and licked his lips, watching her pant, almost dizzy with pleasure. She was about to protest for him stopping so suddenly, but he pressed his lips against hers, guiding her hand down to his hard member. He pulled back with a hiss when he felt her fingers brush up against manhood,

"Sakura," he groaned, "I need you." Sakura stared into his eyes and knew that she felt exactly the same way. Soon, Sasuke's pants and boxers were removed and he was positioned at her entrance. He kissed her once more and spoke again,

"Sakura, this won't be pleasant…" he warned, but stopped short when Sakura gripped his shoulders,

"Please, Sasuke, just do it," she pleaded. Sasuke stared at her for a moment, and she did the same. Their eyes held something other than lust now. It was passion, love, caring. The dark haired man nodded slowly, and kissed her passionately, before he plunged into her fast, and she yelped, tears forming in her green eyes. Sasuke kissed her tears away, his hands holding on tightly to her hips. After he waited a moment for her to adjust to him, he pulled out and thrust in again, just as hard as before. This time, Sakura moaned and Sasuke gritted his teeth,

"Fuck, you're so tight…" he panted, thrusting in again. Sakura cried out and started to wrap her legs around his hips,

"M-more!" she begged. Sasuke growled and quickened his pace, lifting her up to match his thrusts. "Oh God, oh God…" Sakura panted, throwing her head back, "Harder!" Sasuke smirked and slammed into her, and she screamed in response, wrapping her arms around his neck. She pulled Sasuke down into a heated kiss, their tongues wrestling in a dance of passion. He had never felt this way about any woman, the feeling was simply amazing. Sasuke pulled away suddenly, clenching his teeth,

"Fuck!" he groaned. She was so hot and tight, it was almost unbearable. It felt so damn good, yet it was a struggle to keep going. Sakura called out Sasuke's name again, and moaned, no longer able to keep quiet,

"God, I love you! I love you so much!" she cried, swallowing deeply. Sasuke's eyes widened, not expecting her sudden confession, but he continued thrusting into her swiftly, desperate for release. Sakura moaned loudly, feeling the ball of pleasure that was growing inside her suddenly explode, making her scream as she came. Her walls tightened around Sasuke's hard member, and he groaned harshly, feeling himself come as well. Sasuke collapsed on top of the girl, panting hard. He moved up her tired body and placed his lips near her ear, knowing very well that he had to tell her.

"I… love you too." He whispered, and Sakura choked back a sob of happiness. She had thought he wasn't going to answer her. Sasuke slowly rolled off of her and pulled her on top of him, wrapping his arms protectively around her body. Sakura smiled softly and nuzzled up against his chest sleepily. She couldn't have been happier.


"Tomo, you see that?" Sai pointed to a cave, a light flickering from it faintly. Tomo looked extremely surprised at the sight. He had been positive Sasuke and Sakura had not survived the fall. That had to be them. Part of him was happy that Sasuke was alive, he wanting to kill Sasuke of course, but another part was frustrated. He hated being proven wrong, especially by some snot-nosed little punk like Sai. He glanced over at the man's smirking face,

"I told you they survived. Now, shall we?" he asked, and Tomo snorted, turning the other way. As much as he didn't want to admit it, Sai was right.

"You heard him! Head towards that cave!" Tomo shouted, pointing to the cave Sasuke and Sakura were currently in. Sai gripped his sword with anticipation. Tomo may have wanted to be the one to kill Sasuke, but he had he own score to settle with him. Refusing to give up his fiancé, it had made him very angry.

Meanwhile, Naruto paced the deck of the ship frantically, all hope of finding Sasuke dissipating with every passing minute. They had been searching for God knows how long, and they couldn't find anything. Some crew members had even gone to bed already (of course, they were cursed at by Naruto when they left for sleep). The blonde heard footsteps walking by, and he noticed Kakashi was going up to talk to Shikamaru, who was steering the ship.

"K-Kakashi!" Naruto croaked, catching the gray-haired man's attention almost immediately. Kakashi looked at Naruto with concern,

"What's wrong?" he asked genuinely, and Naruto sighed heavily,

"Kakashi, what if Neji was right? What if…" Naruto looked away miserably, "Sasuke is dead?" his voice trailed off in a whisper, as if it pained him to even speak such words. Kakashi's heart sunk at the sight of Naruto being this sad. He was always happy and cheerful, always full of energy. Now, he was the exact opposite. He walked over and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, trying to provide some comfort,

"Naruto, to be honest, I don't know." Naruto swallowed deeply, as if waiting for more bad news. "But," Naruto's gaze lifted to face Kakashi's, "I'm sure he is alive, Naruto. Trust me." Kakashi smiled gently, and Naruto grinned as well,

"Thanks Kakashi. I needed that," he told the older man.

"Hey!!" Kiba shouted, making both men jump in surprise. Nonetheless, they both whipped around, looking up at Kiba, who was waving his arms around crazily,

"I see him! It's Sasuke, he's in a cave!" he kept on yelling, and Naruto beamed with happiness and relief,

"Yessss! I knew it! He's alive!" Naruto shouted, jumping around with joy. Kakashi chuckled at the sight, very relieved at the news himself. With all this new commotion, everyone was getting up and about now, celebrating and yelling. Naruto managed to stop bouncing around long enough to call back up to Kiba,

"Hey man, throw me the spyglass! I need to take a look!" he called up to him. Not a moment later, the spyglass came plummeting down to the ship, but it was easily got by Naruto's tan hands. Grinning toothily, Naruto peered into it, seeing the fire flicker from the cave not too far from them. He was about to cheer again, but then something started coming into his view. Frowning slightly, he turned to face the object.

"Oh no…" he breathed. It was Riyashi Tomo's ship, heading straight for Sasuke and Sakura. As quick as lightening, Naruto dropped the spyglass and twirled around, making Kakashi give him a confused look,

"Naruto, what's wr-"

"Shikamaru! We have to get to Sasuke, now!" Naruto roared in terror.