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It was the middle of the night, and Kagome awakened to find herself nestled in the arms of a vampire. She winced slightly, now completely awake of his hips rocking against hers. and of the pain and pleasure rushing through her. How in the world...

"A problem?" He drawled out, staring down at her with his piercing red eyes. She felt herself growing faint, melting at his steady touch.

"N..nothing..." She whispered dryly, surprised on how parch her voice sounded.

He smirked, she noticing his black hair falling into his delicate face. He started nibbling at her neck, kissing and sucking a small row until he was satisfied at the red patch he made. "Ahh, my dear, you'll make a fine one..."

A what? She thought lazily, her mind feeling hazy again. She had to remind herself, it was only a clever ploy made by a vampire's eyes, she wasn't in love with him, he only did this so what he was doing now wouldn't be a crime, but sweet love. She had to admit though, she prefered it this way.

Soon, he seperated, lovingly stroking her own black hair out of her damp, flushed face. "A most excellent one, in fact." He murmered against her neck, making her shudder in anticipation.

Then he opened his mouth, long fangs protruding from his mouth, gourging themselves into her neck.

The color drained from her face as pain flooded into her, along with a burning sensation that spread from the bite. She screamed, her eyes closing shut as she dropped into unconsiousness.

He smirked again, pulling away and making sure his robes were set on right. He casually walked towards the balcony of the castle room, looking out into the stars.

A large feather fell from the sky, on it a woman in a flowered kimono, holding a fan above her face. "Has your work been completed Naraku?"

He flashed her a grin, full of malice. "Didn't I say I would take her down, Kagura?" He asked, climbing onto the feather. She rolled her ruby eyes at him as they flew off into the stars.


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