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Before I lose my nerve

A single loud thump sounded on my door. I walked over to the door, glad that I had gotten dressed just seconds before. My hair was half braided, but I didn't mind if my friends saw it that way, they'd seen it before. In fact, Rosto had seen me in just my breast band.

A blush found my cheeks, remembering how I'd looked out of my door one morning to find Rosto, Kora and Aniki moving in. Forgetting what I was wearing, I happened to start a conversation, it wasn't until a few moments later I remembered and promptly ran inside.

I answered my door, speaking of the devil, it was Rosto. He stood straight, instead of leaning against my door frame as he normally did, But he had one hand on my door frame, which fit his cool manor just as well. He was gripping the door frame rather tightly though.

"Beka!" He said, his voice with an unusual edge to his voice. "I'm terribly unhappy. Will you do me a favor and give me your word as a puppy you'll do it." I nodded my head, hoping he wasn't going to ask me to kill someone and he continued. "Good. Now, I know you have no," he paused, looking for a word. "attraction to me," How wrong he was, he was completely oblivious to the blush that crept up on my face whenever he looked at me, or how I got goose bumps when he casually touched me on the shoulder to reassure me.

"I've been thinking lately, the more I think about it, the harder it gets to keep my nerve."

Rosto loosing his nerve? I'd never thought I'd hear those words in that order, with his name in it. But now that I think about it, he had been rather edgy around me lately, I wondered what this was going to lead up to, what in the gods name was he talking about?

"I've-kissed-you-so-many-times-but-you've-never-once-kissed-me-back." The words came out so quickly I barely understood them and he continued, his fast rate of words only getting quicker, and harder to understand. "Just-once-will-you-please-kiss-me-back. Beka, please?" He asked, the last bit pleadingly I nodded, trying to figure out exactly what he had said. It wasn't until after I finished nodding did I realise what he had said. He grinned crookedly, at my consent.

Then without warning he grabbed me swiftly only inches away from his face. "Just this once. Unless of course, you want more..." I didn't have a chance to answer before he kissed me. A warmth flooded my body and my skin tingled delightfully. I did kiss back, and when he let go, he smiled, just barely. "Thank you." He whispered and disappeared, leaving me stunned in silence watching him leave, with my mind a whirl.

Did I just- Did he just? Did we just? I closed the door quietly, surprisingly content. Whatever had happened, I can't say I didn't like it.