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Quick Background: Set in 7th year, before the big and final fight

June 5

"Happy Birthday, Darling!" An exuberant Narcissa Malfoy exclaimed as she entered her son's bed chamber. Her happy cries stopped abruptly when she saw Draco; he was lying down holding his stomach and moaning softly. Thinking him ill, she rushed out to call a doctor. Just as she was about to Floo to St. Mungo's, Lucius appeared.

"Narcissa, what on earth are you doing?" He questioned.

"Draco . . . there's something wrong with him . . ." She was franticly searching for the powder.

"Oh, dear, I was quit hoping it would pass his generation."

She stopped and looked up with a bewildered face, "What would skip him?" She asked slowly, fearing the answer. She always knew Lucius was a bit different; his bleach blonde hair and the way he could make any woman swoon, but she never could put her finger on what caused it.

"Veela blood," He replied.

Narcissus fainted into a heap in a chair at the same time Draco was descending the staircase.

"So, what's this do about Veelas?"

"You are one, son. It's from my side of the family and it was so little I thought you wouldn't have it. Your mother," Lucius pointed," had no idea because I never told her she was my mate so she would have a choice."

"Mate?" Draco asked as he sat down, feeling a little faint himself.

"When a veela reaches of age, he has a mate destined for him or her. They must bond with their mates within six months of their birthday. You should rest now. The transformation takes a lot of you."

Draco watched his father carry Narcissa to the master suite and then headed up the steps to take a nap.

Hermione loaded her bags onto the train and then went in search of an empty compartment and her two best friends. She was walking up the hall, peering into every door when she collided with something hard.

"Malfoy" she sneered.

He could smell her sweet vanilla shampoo and almost melted. He didn't move back, but she did. When he tried to take a step toward her she took one back and asked, "Are you alright? You look a little. . ."

"No, I'm not alright, Granger," he snapped.

"Sorry, just trying to be nice, you ought to try it once," said Hermione.

And then she was gone. The sweet aroma remained a little while longer and he almost saw his breakfast again when he realized Hermione 'Mudblood' Granger, was his mate.

"Harry, Ron, how was your summer?" Hermione asked as she sat down in their compartment. They both had grown a good foot and had, or at least looked, more mature.

"Great, yours?" they replied

"It was fine, thank you."

Hermione noticed the Perfects Badge that Ron wore and couldn't help but wonder why she didn't receive one. She had done everything right, made perfect grades, and didn't abuse her power last year, but no badge came with her letter. Neither boy seemed to notice.

"Hello, Draco," purred Pansy Parkinson.

"Humph," was all he could reply because Pansy had immediately attached herself to Draco's face and gave herself the job of checking for cavities with her tongue.

He managed to push her away and turned pink when he saw that they weren't alone.

Blaise Zambini was laughing about her behavior to the point of turning blue. He was a handsome fellow, with dark curly hair and the attractive olive complexion of a true Italian. "Oh, why can't Pansy hang all over him?" Draco thought desperately.

"Pansy, don't ever do that to my again. We're not even dating."

"But we could?" She hinted.

"Um. . . NO! Go shag Blaise or something."

Pansy then leapt on the tall, dark, and handsome boy. If anyone could have heard him through Pansy's lip lock they would have been blessed with hearing a quite impressive vocabulary of curse words.

The sorting had just finished and the hall was ready for dinner. Ron's stomach was growling so loud, Hermione had to put a silencing spell on it. As Ron looked hopefully at his plate, waiting for food to appear, Dumbledore had one more announcement.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, I am the headmaster. I hope you have a great year and please don't hesitate to come to my office if you need anything. I would like to introduce the perfects. From Hufflepuff, Ernie Macmillan and Hannah Abbott; Ravenclaw, Anthony Goldstein and Padma Patil; Slytherin, Blaise Zambini and Pansy Parkinson; and Gryffindor, Ronald Weasley and Katie Bell. Now, for the most important, the heads. This year we had some wonderful candidates, but two outshined the rest. The Head Boy is Draco Malfoy and the Head Girl is Hermione Granger. Please see me after the feast. Thank you."

The whole hall erupted into cheers. Hermione was euphoric and couldn't stop smiling. After Harry and Ron congratulated her, they started eating. Malfoy could tell she had entered the room before the feast began without looking up. At the particular moment, he was trying with great difficulty to look anywhere but at Hermione. The feast lasted a while or so it seemed to Hermione, but not long enough for Malfoy who wished to continue to stare. Blaise, who Draco had confided the truth with Blaise once they both deserted Pansy, at one point had to remind him to eat and told him he was being extremely obvious.

Harry and Ron left Hermione and started up to the common room once the feast was over with. All the perfects were leading the first years and the teachers had gotten up to pass out the new passwords. Dumbledore, Malfoy, and Hermione were the only ones left.

"You two will be sharing a dorm this year," Dumbledore paused letting the information sink in, "as well as, planning the Halloween Ball and conducting the perfects meeting."

They both nodded, unsure about the dorm.

"Please follow me." Dumbledore lead them out of the hall, up two flights of steps, past many suits of armor, until they finally arrived at a painting of a young girl swinging.

"Good evening, Albus." She smiled.

"Ah, Thessa, lovely to see you. You may pick out a password," Dumbledore said the last part to Malfoy and Hermione, "See you tomorrow."

They all watched him walk away, not moving an inch. Neither could come up with a password and Thessa was getting a bit annoyed, "Hurry up, already."

"Well . . . um . . . how about Cinderella?" asked Hermione.

"Sure, but what is a Cine-rella?"

"It's a fairytale my mom used to read to me. She is a princess and has awful stepsister, but still finds her true love and lives happily ever after." She blushed after she noticed what she said.

They entered the common room and were blown away. It was huge and had two couches in the room around the fireplace. The curtains and pillows were a lovely silver and gold with the white couches.

"Wow" Hermione couldn't help but say. Malfoy barely saw the room he was so busy watching her. He thought she was beautiful with the look of wonder and surprise. He would have stayed there observing, if she hadn't walked into her room. He decided he better check his out. He went to the door on the left assuming that her bedroom had to be the one on the right.

It was also lovely with a big four poster canopy bed. The rooms were identical except for the colors which were decorated according to house colors.

Hermione met up with Draco in the adjoining bath where she quickly went back to her room to avoid his nasty comments, but he didn't say any tonight which she found very odd.

Both laid down to bed that night dreaming of what they thought to be impossible. Hermione wished she would meet her prince charming like Cinderella while Malfoy dreamed of his future wife, Hermione Granger.

"Enter," Dumbledore called out from behind his wooden desk.

"You wanted to see me," Professor McGonagall said as she came through the door wanting an explanation for the note she received.

"We need to keep and extra eye out for a particular student."

She searched her brain for any sign of weird behavior tonight at dinner, but came up blank, "Whom?"

"Draco Malfoy seems to have inherited his father's genes."

"A veela," she answered shocked, "Does he know who his mate is?"

"I have a pretty good idea that is Miss Granger."

"Oh, we need to remove her from the dorm at once." She stated and then turned to the door ready to protect the member of her house.

"No, I think he will be fine on his own. Miss Granger knows how to use a wand if he becomes a problem." Dumbledore chucked.

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