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Draco caught up to Hermione outside the portrait. She was screaming the password over and over again- and to her dismay, nothing was happening.

"WHY WON'T THIS WORK?" she gave up in frustration and sank to the floor. Although Draco was a bit concerned about the portrait, it did let him keep his mate in sight while she was having a slight breakdown and he could help her.

Draco walked up behind her and sat down. He pulled her into his lap and to his surprise, she didn't fight him. They didn't say anything, but just stayed there comfortably with one another.

They were only there a few minutes when they heard footsteps approaching. Hermione whipped her head up from Draco's shoulder and almost hurt herself trying to get up.

Draco followed suit, but instead of letting Hermione completely out of the situation, he pulled her into his side and wrapped a long arm around her waist.

Before she even registered what had happened, two tall bodies appeared in the hallway: one with dark, messy hair and the other flaming red. This could only mean one thing: Trouble.

They were in a deep discussion dealing with something about beaters and didn't notice them until they were about five feet from the portrait.

Two startled pair of eyes flashed between Draco and Hermione before one locked in a staring contest with Draco and the other still tried to put two and two together.

"Hi, guys," Hermione tried to smile at her two best friends, "so, what brings you all here?"

Ron opened his mouth a couple of times, only managing to resemble a fish, not much more. Harry on the other hand, immediately caught Hermione's gaze and refused to give it up.

"We thought we'd come see how our friend handled detention," Harry said. Their eyes continued to stay locked. Hermione tried to think of something to tell them, but when she came up blank, she started to panic.

Draco, sensing both this and not liking the fact his mate was looking at another male, started to growl slightly. Ron seemed to be on the same track as with barbaric means of communication because this brought him out of his trance. He took two steps forward and pulled back a fist.

But Draco was faster. He dodged the swing and shoved Hermione behind him. Then he barred his fangs, getting in fight mode.

Thankfully Harry was just as fast or there might have been a murder at Hogwarts that night. Harry reached forward and hauled Ron backwards. Ron wasn't going to stay put until he heard a small voice from behind Malfoy.

"Ronald Weasley if you don't stop it, I'm going to owl your mother," a harsh and slightly out of breath Hermione threatened just about as well as Mrs. Weasley on her off days. Which happened to be enough so put the fear of God in an extremely quick tempered red-headed boy.

He managed to use his brain once and called out, "Are you alright?"

Hermione sighed; she really couldn't stay mad at him long when he was only trying to protect her.

"Yes, but I don't think Draco is doing too well at the moment," she noticed that the growl was growing in strength slightly, "could you guys go on in the room and I'll calm him down so we can talk- well, that's if you can get in the room, we had some trouble with it earlier."

Thessa, the little girl in the portrait who had been watching all this, spoke up, "It's because its time to change the password. One only lasts for about a week around here."

"Oh," Hermione said and then thought a moment, "how about, Snow White."

"Of course," Thessa answered and then the hole opened up.

Harry climbed in first and Ron second, but not without looking back to make sure she was going to be okay.

The door closed back and they were left alone in the hallway. Draco still had his eyes focused on the portrait.

"Draco . . .," Hermione called out. He turned and studied her from head to foot before he pinned her against the wall. His hands were everywhere checking for injuries, but to Hermione it felt like heaven. He hardly touched her skin to make sure he didn't hurt her. Starting on her face and working down, he covered every inch he could reach.

Her moan when he traced her bra through her shirt completely brought him back to reality. Surprisingly, he stopped and let out a breath on her neck.

"What's wrong?" she asked, trying to get him to look her in the eye.

"It's . . ." he looked into her eyes trying to get across what her was feeling, but couldn't, "this is getting harder, to have you so close and not to do anything about it. It shouldn't have happened like this today. I completely gave in to my veela side and then it scared me when I couldn't come back."


"Pardon?" he asked.

"Yes, you . . . can . . . mark . . . me," she drew it out.

She really wasn't expecting the answer she got in return. His eyes darkened and the hands one her hips moved to the front, one dipping down below her skirt. Her eyes closed when he slowly started rubbing small circles on the outside of her panties.

He leaned down and licked her earlobe, "You realize what this means, don't you?"

Her brain took longer to process what he was asking her. What what meant? The marking or her acceptance or both? The answer came out in a moan when he ground his palm into her. Now, she totally knew what he meant.

As great as it was to be there in the hallway with him, she had two patiently (well, maybe not totally patient) boys waiting for them in the common room. She gave Draco a push, he took the hint, but gave her the most confused and hurt look she'd even seen.

"My friends are waiting for us," she replied and was glad to see him perk up when he realized she wasn't rejecting him.

He stepped back from the wall, but when Hermione tried to move too, he pushed her back. "You look like a mess," he then proceeded to fix her skirt and try to calm her hair a bit.

He went through the portrait first, dragging Hermione behind him by her hand.

Ron and Harry chose the couch to sit on and both muttered out a finally when they saw them enter.

Draco continued leading Hermione all the way over to the couch. He sat down and pulled a slightly protesting Hermione down onto his lap. Both Ron and Harry looked a little un-nerved at this.

"Okay, so where to begin," Hermione mused.

Draco took that as an invitation and took charge, "I found out this summer I was a veela and -"

"What's a veela?" said Harry.

"Well, if you'd let me finish, Potter, a veela is a magical creature that has a mate, in very protective of this said mate, and must mark the mate, now –"

"No way! We'll find a way to get you out of this Hermione!" Ron shouted and stood up. Draco started a slight rumble in his chest.

Hermione motioned him to sit down while Draco pulled her closer to him. She didn't mind just so long as he calmed down, which he did.

"I've done plenty of research and everything I find leads to the same conclusion- there's no way out."

"Then we'll murder him."

Hermione shuddered and quickly answered, "Absolutely not. Draco may not have been the nicest person in the past, but I think he truly cares about me now. The first mark is scheduled to happen tonight."

Ron looked aghast at this piece of information. Harry had been strangely quiet.

"If you're sure about this, Hermione, we trust your judgment completely. We just want you to know we're there for you if you ever need us," Harry looked straight at Hermione when he said this. She gave a small smile in return before Ron interrupted the sweet moment.

"Yeah, we're not scared of going to Azkaban if you ever need us to kill him either. Don't you even think about hurting her!" He spoke the last part directly to Draco.

Draco narrowed his eyes before replying, "I'd rather die, Weasel."

"Good then, we're all on the same page," Harry's silent plea for them to stop. He could see how much it was hurting Hermione.

"Curfew ends in about five minutes. You wouldn't want to be caught out after hours," Draco said when he noticed the clock almost ten.

Hermione glanced up finally and then jumped up to give her two best friends hugs before they left. As she hugged each one, Draco shook some from his restraint. He wanted to pull them apart and castrate both boys, but he somehow managed to let them have their moment.

She walked them to the portrait and wished them a good night. As the portrait closed, she silently wished she could fade into the painting to join Thessa instead of the possessive veela waiting on her. Butterflies took hostage of her stomach as she slowly turned around.