Crossover: Harry Potter x the Little Mermaid

Spoilers: Little Mermaid II.

A/N: I have no idea what possessed me to write this, but I hope somebody likes it. This fanfic was written for the Crossovers100 (LJ Community) challenge for Prompt #78: Sea.

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I'm going to kill Ron once I get back.

If I get back…

Hermione kicked a random sea shell away from her, her brain screaming at Ron Weasley – wherever he was. Back in the future safe and sound. That was going to change, Hermione thought grinning.

Hermione Granger sighed before plopping down on the sand let out a deep breath.

"Where the hell am I anyway?"

Out of nowhere music began somewhere close; Hermione jumped up and ran towards where she thought she heard the music. What she saw was not something she had expected to see.

There were people everywhere in the ocean – some fully dressed and some in bikini tops. Dolphins and other fishes from the ocean were swimming around them and it sounded as if they were singing too. Then out of no where an older man that reminded her of Dumbledore only much younger and stronger looking rose from the ocean thanks to water lifting him up with a trident in his arms.

She gasped as she watched half the people in the water weren't human, but mermaids and mermen. For over an hour she silently watched the people celebrate before the humans started to head towards the castle that was on the shore beside them. The merpeople left as well, except for three humans on a rock and the Dumbledore looking merman.

After they too all left, she walked towards the beach, still somewhat surprised about seeing mermaids. The merpeople here was nothing like what she met during the second task in the Triwizard Tournament. They actually looked perfectly like humans, with only a fish tale difference. They were all very beautiful.

She wondered again where and when she was. Because from what she had known about merpeople thanks to the research she did at Hogwarts, she never heard of them actually looking exactly like humans besides in myths from the Muggle World.

As she reached the ocean, she slipped out of her slippers she had been wearing and dipped her feet in the ocean. She always loved the ocean – it always calmed her. Before she learned that she was witch she had always dreamed of being a mermaid, it was her favorite myth.

As she calmed her surprise and questions, Hermione watched at the sun set against the ocean. Out of no where a person across the beach on the shore of the castle stepped inside the ocean enough to get her feet wet but not enough to ruin her nightdress. She had beautiful red hair, and had saw her with a handsome black haired man earlier along with the Dumbledore look-alike.

Not knowing what she was doing, she found herself walking towards the woman.

Once she was close enough to be heard, the red haired woman glanced at her with a large smile. She stepped away from the water, "Hello, who are you?"

Hermione smiled back, grateful that she was kind. "I'm Hermione, and I've sort of came here by accident."

"That's completely fine, your welcome here. I'm Ariel." She said, walking closer to Hermione. "Are you staying with someone in town?"

Hermione shook her head. "No… I kind of just showed up here not too long ago."

"In your nightclothes?" Ariel asked, surprised.

"It was unexpected. I'm not even quite sure where here is." Ariel frowned in confusion.

"Are you tired? You can have a spare room in the castle if you wish." Ariel suggested.

"You mean you wouldn't mind?" Ariel smiled, "Thank you so much Ariel. I really appreciate this."

"Your welcome, Hermione." Ariel stated, turning towards the sea again.

"Ariel? May I ask a question?" Hermione asked, hesitantly.


"Do you know how I could speak with the merman with the trident?"

Ariel tensed and looked towards her with suspicion. "Why do you want to speak with him?"

Hermione, worried that she might take her question wrong, she held her hands up to show they were empty. "I don't want to cause harm, I just need to know if you could help me to get home. I'm not from here," Hermione stated, gesturing to the land. "I'm from the future… I just need to find a way back to it."

Still tensed, Ariel dropped her suspicion. She nodded softly, "He'll be by tomorrow morning to pick up my daughter. You can meet with him then."

"Thank you very much."

"Your welcome."


A/N: Actually I don't know if it's the End or not… I might actually write more. If anyone reviews and likes it I more then likely will. Hermione still needs to find a way home you know.