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Tezuka was watching Echizen defeat a second year in a practice match from the behind.

"Eh? Oh, Tezuka. Is that a good view?" Fuji said, popping up from behind him.

How did Fuji know? "What do you mean, Fuji?" he said stiffly.

"Oh, you know what I mean. The sight of Echizen-kun's behind." he said in a sing-song voice.

"Fuji, 100 laps." Tezuka said, trying hard not to kill Fuji.

"Ha ha." Fuji said, running off.

"Game and Match! Echizen Ryoma! 6-0!" the referee called out.

"Ahhh. Nice game, Ochibi!" Kikumaru said, glomping him. Tezuka suppressed a growl at the sight of them.

After Practice, at Tezuka's Empty House...

After some activities, a tired Tezuka said, "You have to get larger shorts."

Ryoma looked confused. "Why?"

"Because your shorts are too tight." Tezuka said.

Ryoma suddenly figured it out. "You're jealous, right? That people can see things." he said mysteriously.

Tezuka glared at him, twitching from time to time. "No." he finally said.

"L-A-I-R!" Ryoma said playfully. Tezuka whacked him playfully.

"Well, it does provide a good view." he said. Ryoma gave him one exasperated look.

"Pervy." was all he said before they went back to doing their activities.