Ah, Romeo and Juliet. The classic tale of love, loss, and fate. A story of two star-crossed lovers willing to die for each other, and then literally doing so.

I say "Yuck."

I am not a fan of romance, as many of you know, and I have openly stated this several times. And, yes, though my hyper-critical English teacher would be appalled, I despise, hate, and loathe Romeo and Juliet. Sorry, Shakespeare.

This is the result of a school project. Feel free to enjoy or chuck tomatoes at it.


Romantic and poetic was his middle name,

Oblivious to fate – to die with whom he loved

More than life itself. What he didn't know is that

Everyone's Fate is that their lives will someday be



Just as her lover had fallen, so had she, trapped

Underground in her family's tomb to wait for her

Lover, Romeo. But as she woke up and found herself

Inside the grave, she soon realized that Romeo had

Expired. She died as well – and all of this from Fate's


Shakespeare's ghost and my English Teacher, as well as I, will thank you if you review.