After reading a few of the Eragon poems on this site, I realized that there were plenty concerning Murtagh and more than enough about Eragon and Saphira - but one thing was missing. So, I tasted a spoonful of the satisfying soup that is the Eragon poem and thought "Hmm. Needs more Durza." Well, fellow Durza fans (I saw that "Durza Roxorz Mah Boxzorz" sign in the back row!), I couldn't let a good opportunity go to waste, and so here, without further delay, is more Durza. Specifically, here is more Durza that has tones of Durza/Arya pairing in it. Mmm - tasty.

Please note that I do not own Durza, though I wish I did (Pleeeeeease, Christopher?). This is basically Durza speaking to/yelling at/ conversing with/verbally bitch-slapping Arya, depending on how much you like or hate her. Enjoy, my duckies.

A Shade Speaks to his Victim

Look at me.

Look at who I am.

What I am.

Do you think I care?

I am not like you.

It shows in my crimson hair

And blood red eyes,

But I don't care.

I'm not like them, though.

I'm not like the others.

I have a little compassion, at least –

Not that you care.

I hear them whispering –

Harsh, accusing,

Behind my back

And I don't care.

But they don't know me,

They don't know my world,

My demons, my shadows.

They don't care to know.

I see how you hate me –

Do you see how I love you?

Or don't you see me at all?

Do you just not care?

I disappear into thin air

And leave you – don't you see?

I'm doing this all for you!

You don't care anymore, do you?

You couldn't care less.

After all that pain and torture,

All the anguish and misery I put you through,

You still don't care.

But I do.

Now that was tasty. If you thought so, tell me. Together, we can fill the Eragon section of with Durza-related chaos! -insert evil laughter here-