Okay, so I got bored one day, and I wrote some acrostics for different things. I'm not much used to this modernistic style of poetry, but I'm trying. Really, I am. Don't flame me if I did the style wrong - I'm sort of winging it. So, without delay, I bring you two Eragon - themed ones honoring Saphira and Durza, respectively. Hope you enjoy, and remember, I do not own either of these characters - though I WISH I owned Durza... -has FANGIRL stamped all over her face-

Scales glittering in the sun, you stand, a symbol of

All that is draconian and powerful. After all, you are

Power, pure and simple, raw and battle-ready,

Here for all to behold. Here in front of me.

It shows clearly in your sapphire eyes, blue as sky,

Rage in battle, fierce and fiery, and strength in spirit –

Absolutely awe-inspiring.

Dark and mysterious, you are a shadow,

Unashamed of what you are. Eyes

Red as blood, glinting like fire, you kill with

Zeal and flair. You are a terror; your power is


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