It was a long, long time before I was born that some guy who's dead now once said that the eyes are the windows into the soul. Well, if that's true, then Saavedro's Scary Icy Blue Laser Beam Eyes are certainly a great example. So much pain in one person... it's amazing what Brad Dourif did with the character. My English teacher, who is also very scary, but in a different way, has eyes just like these. You know the kind. The eyes that you swear watch your every move. The eyes that bore into your skull when they look at you. The eyes that pierce your very soul like fishhooks and yell "Listen to me!" These eyes can be good or bad, and they are hypnotic in a way - a way that scares you deep inside and leaves you vulnerable. To me, that is the most frightening aspect of Saavedro. Not that he's lost everything and is willing to go as far as death to get them back. Not the fact that he has a hammer and he won't hesitate to use it. Not even his bitter, brink-of-sorrow tone that can tear your heart out or dismember your hopes. Not those, but those eyes...

I don't own Saavedro or his scary-as-all-Hell eyes. This poem is told from the perspective of the Stranger.

I've walked with courage, danced with hope,

I've walked with shame and courted pride,

But never had I walked with fear

Until I saw into his eyes.

T'was quite a fine day at my friend's house,

Quite a warm, sunny day indeed –

Until Saavedro linked into the office,

Stole Releeshahn, and then fleed.

I had followed him through ages many,

I had chased him through torrential rain.

I had stumbled upon his portraits three –

I had even felt some of his pain.

The cage with the book was now splayed open,

The final age now was unlocked,

But when into Narayan I had linked,

I was in for quite a nasty shock.

It was so incredibly silent, like the grave,

That one could scarcely bear to speak –

A shell of ice encased the tree,

And all around me, the branches creaked.

I climbed the groaning metal staircase,

Feeling tension in the air all around,

And as I reached the platform it lead to,

I heard not even the slightest sound.

But then a door creaked open with

A grating, horrid metallic groan,

And Saavedro stood there, staring at me –

And suddenly, I felt very, very alone.

His hair was messy and tangled like weeds,

His sandals were beaten, battered and worn,

And even though his clothing looked fairly decent,

It, too, I could see, was faded and torn.

He turned towards me and stared me down,

And in fear's cold grip I was paralyzed

As his gaze, like daggers, tore into my soul

With the hatred and rage in his icy blue eyes.

The torment and anguish and anger he felt,

The years of fear and incessant woe,

Blazed in his eyes like two fires alight

As he drew closer and sneered "We're stuck here, you know."

When he finally turned and left me alone,

I mercifully turned away from the door and sighed –

And though he is safe now, I'll never forget

The power and rage the he held in his eyes.


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