I'm a Venturi by: Toxas

He's fallen for her. Hard. The worst part is…he's completely okay with it. More then okay. Because he knows that he may be the sensitive guy, but he has Venturi blood in him. In a way he knows she wants him too, but she's a McDonald and would never admit to it. So he'll have to make her.

He's corned her and she looks a bit frightened. Her brown hair is in front of her faces and he lightly pushes it away. He can see her shiver from his light touch, and her eyes slip close for a moment before they reopen as she shakily takes in a breath. He makes sure she can't get away, trapping her between her dresser, the corner of the room, and himself. His right arm blocked any way of escaping while his other arm wrapped itself around her waist.

"I want you." His breath smells of fruit bubble gum. Watermelon.

"This is wrong." She says barely audible. He just shrugs and lets out a small laugh. If she was trying to resist, she was doing a bad job of it.

"I'm a Venturi, Liz. Wrong is in our blood. Have you met my brother?" He had a million lines he could use. His 'badness' didn't start to kick in until he was fifteen when he started doing pranks at school. He had to take up his older brother's reputation, his role. It was like a tradition. Passed down to generation of Venturi.

"You're not like him."

"You'd be surprise." And before she could retaliate, he had one hand behind her neck and the other on her waist as he pulled her to his lips. Lizzie let out a gasp when contact was made and her hands clamped onto the front of his shirt, not sure if she was pushing him away or pulling him closer.

"I'm a Venturi, Lizzie. We get what we want. It seems only right." Edwin slyly says as he lays ghost kisses along her jaw line and down her neck to her collarbone. She's rolling her head back now for him to have an easier access. Thoughts of how wrong this was fading in and out as Edwin placed the right pressure on the right spots.

"It seems. But it isn't." She let's out in a breathy moan. Edwin only smirks, because the door is locked and she knows how right he is when he says Venturi's get what they want.

A/n: Okay this is my first Lizwin story. But I wanted to try it. I am not continuing this because first of all I have no idea for a continuation and second of all it's supposed to be a bit like woah. I might write another Lizwin or a LizzieDerek.