by Zandrellia - zandrellia@excite.com

Tragedy strikes and a journey through life and pain
begins for Chiba Usagi.

I don't own Sailor Moon, it was never my idea. I just
thought a really good horror fic should be written for
the show. I hope I lived up to my ideals.

Part Four: Cello Concerts

Michiru sat beautifully with her eyes half closed as
she pulled the bow across her cello. Music wafted
saddly from the deep instrument as her delicate fingers
quivered with every note.

She had decided to hold a concert in honor of her
fallen friends. In a way to help raise money for
funeral expenses and to help calm the nerves of her
broken friends who sat quietly two rows away.

As the last note rang clear and echoed in the room
she smiled at Haruka who was approaching her with a
dozen red roses. Everything was perfect as the crowd
stood to applaud.

Haruka neared her and smiled, leaning over to kiss
her on the cheek as she handed her the flowers.

And then the cello exploded sending shrapnel through
the lovers. They fell to the ground from the force
of the blow, crashing into the chair Michiru had just

Usagi and Rei both stood and screamed. Chibi-Usa turned
and buried herself into her father's side, sobbing.
Minako just sat there, wide eyed, staring at the
blackened space her friends had just been standing in.

-What nightmare is this?- She thought as tears began
to trail down her face.


"Well it would appear that you have a stalker,
Mrs. Chiba." A skinny man in a police uniform said as
he wrote in impossibly small print into a small

Usagi glared at him and balled her fists. "You don't
say! Really?! I'm too stupid to figure that out on
my own, you know!"

Everyone in the small waiting room stopped to stare
at her. Usagi rarely used sarcasam so bluntly.

Suddenly the blonde turned and held a shaking finger
at the man. "Look. You people decide out of nothing
to finally put some thought into this after four.
Count them! Four! People I love very dearly die and
two more are seriously injured! Whatever happened to
serve and protect? Do you actually DO anything in
that city building of yours?!"

He blinked as she turned and stormed down the hall
and out into the cold night without a coat. "Does
she always get this way?"

All the occupants in the room shook their heads and
then stared again as Usagi came back into the hall.
She stopped and stared at a vending machine. Pulling
out some change she pulled the lever and grabbed the
package. Mamoru's eyes widened as he stood and began
to run after her as she went out into the cold again.

"Usagi! What do you think you are doing?!" He asked
as she coughed from the cigarrette in her mouth.

She sighed and rubbed her hands over her arms to try
and bring warmth. "What does it look like I'm doing?
I'm tired. I'm stressed. My entire family is being
killed off one by one. Jee. Let's see. Do I want to
stay perky or do I want to do something that might
just get me out of this?"

Mamoru sighed and rubbed his forehead as she reached
up and sucked some more smoke from the cigarrette.
"Killing yourself is not going to make this any

Her shoulders slumped as she sighed and blew more
smoke out into the cold night air. "No. You're right,
as always, Mamoru. Killing myself won't make this
any easier. But I sure feel relaxed now. And I haven't
in a long time." She reached up and puffed on the
cigarrette again, absently flicking the ashes into
the snow below.

Deep blue eyes trailed over to her and frowned as they
saw the sight before them. "What's happening to us,
Usagi? Who are we becoming?"

Usagi snorted and stared up at the dark sky. "I thought
we were already told that, remember?! But no! So I
suppose.. that we'll just become like everybody else.
Nobody's. We're nobody."

She threw the half burnt cigarrette on the ground in
disgust and turned back towards the hospital. "Come on
Mr. Nobody. Let's go check on Michiru and Harkua."


As Mamoru followed his wife into the hospital a figure
stood from his place on a bench near the darker side
of the front of the building. The figure was dressed
in black pants and a large oversized blue sweatshirt.

Now we could see that the figure was a male by the
shape of his body. He sauntered over to the spot Usagi
had just vacated and lifted the still burning cigarrette.

Smirking, he stuck it into his mouth and began to suck
on it. As he blowed the smoke back out an evil laughter
came from him, soft but crisp.

He turned and walked down the street, away from the
bright hospital lights. -You will be mine little rabbit.-


Minako stared absently at the letter in her hands. -I
can't take this anymore.- She looked up to see Rei
staring at the doorway and Yuuichirou was staring at
his wife.

Neither of them seemed to notice that their son was
indeed awake and squirming quite uncomfortably.

"I'm going home." Minako said in the heavy silence of
the room.

Rei turned to look at her. "That's a good idea. You
should probably get some sleep." She smiled weakly at
her friend.

That broke Minako's heart even more. "No. I mean I'm
going home to England. I can't stay here anymore. I'll
be back when things settle down. But I'm afraid and my
family misses me."

The dark haired priestess blinked but nodded in
understanding. "It's ok. We all know how frightening
this whole ordeal is. You better go say goodbye to Usagi
and get home to get packing."

Minako smiled and walked over to Rei, bending to hug
her. "You take good care of your boys and I'll see you
later." She waved back as she left the room to find
Usagi and be on her way home.


To be continued...

I know it's short. But It took me a while to get over
my anxiety of rewriting over fics I had lost. However,
I really liked the idea of this one and I couldn't let
me be. So I'm starting it again. Let me know what you
all think!