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Chapter 5

Kagome swore she felt the energy that was swirling around the area before. It was familiar for sure. For the life of her she could not figure it out. "He has nothing to do with this, leave him be demon." Kagome said in a tone just as cold as the demons.

"Now why would I want to do that?" the man said to her.

"Why are you doing this? The jewel is gone," she threw back at the demon.

"Let us make a deal, I want you to put on this bracelet and walk over here. If you do that, I promise I will release him." The man stated with a smile. He knew how soft hearted she was. There was not a doubt in his mind that she would not do his bidding.

Kagome knew there had to be something up with the bracelet. Most likely it was a binding of sorts. Without her powers she knew she was next to worthless. Though in order to protect Hiro she would do it. Looking up she scowled at the demon but nodded her head in agreement.

The demon tossed the bracelet over to her. The minute she slipped it on her wrist he threw Hiro to the ground off to the side. From the power behind the throw Hiro was knocked unconscious.

It was just as she figured. Kagome could feel her powers being forced back into her body. When she still tried to call on some of her powers she got a hard shock through her system.

Kagome just gave a evil scowl when she heard the demon start to laugh at her. She quickly ran over to Hiro and checked on him. He was fine, a few scrapes and a concussion, but he would live.

Standing in front of Hiro's fallen form, she tried to pull the bracelet back off. It would not budge but it did give her another good shock. Now was a good time to start panicking. She did not have Inuyasha here to save her anymore. As she was thinking of her options she failed to notice the demon walk up to her and hit a pressure point in her neck, rendering her unconscious as well. He lifted up her body with ease and put her into his car that was parked near by.

Three pairs of eyes silently watched from the roof. Looking at each other, the one with green eyes nodded his head and took off, following the car that was speeding down the road. He would not let it out of his sight. He had not seen Kagome in five hundred years and no one was going to stop him from seeing her now.

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