Sleepless Nights
By: IceDollSayaka

Prologue – Syaoran's POV

I sat there staring at my computer screen. It was as if only a minute has passed, but it had already been an hour. I could look at my desktop wallpaper all day… It was a picture of her.

I rested my chin on the palm of my hand and looked closer into the monitor. It was such a pretty image taken by her best friend. I could see her moist lips curved into a wide smile and her jade green orbs gleaming with sparkles. I closed my eyes for a moment and started to imagine… what would it be like if she's mine? All I could do is watch from afar; stare at her like a desperate fool. No, I'm not a stalker; I'm just… a hopeless romantic.

As I opened my eyes again, it read 1:00am on the clock. I realized I've been wasting time just admiring her when I should've spent it typing my homework. Sighing, I opened a few programs and started to type. But nothing would come into my head. I'm so helpless; I can't even start a simple English homework. How would I even deserve her? She's so high and mighty. Sometimes I wonder why I ever fell in love with a girl that is not mine… A girl I can't even reach. She's every guy's dream, a dream that can never be my reality. I know that and I've accepted that fact, that I can never claim that she's mine. I could never call her 'my girl'. I can never tell her… that I love her…

She was once mine, but now I can't have her because she belongs to someone else. Until now, I can't forget those last words she said to me before she left…

"I can't love you if you'd leave me in end. We can't be like this… I'm sorry."

And that's how it ended.

For her it seems so simple, but for me, it was like my whole world crushed. I realized that it was too good to be true. Now I'm just… a hopeless romantic.

I'm a boy desperate for love… To be loved by a girl who was never mine. We were never meant for each other in the first place. I was too scared…

Fear caused our end.

Author's Note: Tanks for reading! This is just the prolouge... I'll be posting the first chapter soon. Reviews are very much appreciated.