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Of Rhymes and Tunes

Summary: A guitarist and his band are searching for a new vocalist. When rhymes and tunes go out of sync, all music euphoria breaks loose. Seeing the past in the present – conflicts arose. Would they ever find the perfect one fit for the abandoned but much sought-after role?

Chapter 1:

The search

- - - - - - - - -

"Hey, what's got into you? Don't let the pressure sink in."

Vague echoes of sound came pouring from the sealed metal door. A stooping figure clasped his palms as his eyes went shut. His jet black knee length jacket and silver dangling chains shone through the dark skies.

The light from the nearby post illuminated the area…adding a little subtleness on the dark street.

A hand on his shoulder lay. His red dyed hair was caressed by the passing breeze.

"I'm not." Replied a much lower voice which belonged to the solitude young man. He still had his eyes closed, seemingly consumed in his own affairs.

The other then leaned his back against the wall, adjacent to the leaning figure of his friend. As he held a lock of red from his face, he then looked on at the gloomy skyline.

"If you're still thinking of that bastard and his band, don't. We're going to get a new vocalist soon and I'll bet it would be better than who we had before." He reminded to which the other flinched.

His brown tresses covered his eyes yet he looked at his companion. He then straightened his back as he turned and faced forward. His palms no longer in clasp as he simply leaned his back against the same wall.

"When would that be? No one…"

Images of a girl then filled his mind. A face which he had never forgotten.

And with his eyes once again blank, he continued with a tone of bitterness.

"…no one would replace her."

The memory of such an angelic voice came forth like that coming from an opened radio played somewhere in the stillness.

"Kira, some things are ought to be let go." The same knowing voice came as the red-haired young man stretched his body forward.

"We're gonna find a vocalist pretty soon…if only your standards aren't that high." He then continued as he took the same pat on the other's shoulder…or was it more like a spank?

The one called Kira simply sighed. Not really up to the teasing of his friend, he then walked on, fully intent on leaving him behind.

"Hey! Don't be stubborn. Heck! We're the best band around and would you please cheer up? You're not helping here."

"Rye…" Kira then stopped as he faced his companion. His velvet eyes looking straight at the other's…serious and even deadly.

"Used to be."


"We used to be the best band around." He then turned once more and walked on.

The other named Rye followed him as both entered the noisy room once more. Welcomed by the uneasy sound of guitars and drums, Rye made his way against the obviously entertained crowd. This was their territory, their very sanctuary invaded by their most revered rival – "the dusk".

"Kira? Where are you?" called Rye as he searched for his friend in the rowdy area. His ears reverberated that which filled the atmosphere as few fanatics danced their way…hopping about like possessed kids.

He sighed at the sight as he continued his search, walking through the other corner of the once-spacious room….not knowing that the one he's looking for lay emotionless at the bar table not far.

Taking in a shot of whisky, Kira sat still on the stool. The music played on the stage brought him more memories of the past and it sure wasn't helping him recover. And as his eyes moved towards the young crowd, he recalled once more the numerous sell-out concerts they had with the very same people cheering them on, singing their songs and who almost worship them like gods. The thing is, now, they're not the one being revered. The past indeed held their glorious, carefree days of fame.

He then stood up, allowing his jacket loose. His messy brown hair had never been more unruly as that night.

"Kira…" a female voice called.

He turned around, his eyes looking for something. He knew someone called his name…and that the voice was familiar to him.


He was then pushed forward, almost hitting the nearby tables. This infuriated him, he was in no mood for a fight but right now, all he wanted to know was who the culprit is…

"Hey!" he then shouted as he turned around to see the person in the face. He ought to escape but Kira was quick to pull his jacket.

"And did you think you'd get away with that?" his eyes more fiery with irritation and anger mixed up. Due to the incident, his jacket got stained by the liquor on the table he bumped into. And that was unforgivable.

And as Kira turned the person around, he saw that it was not a he but a she. Obviously surprised at this, he then as instantly let go of his hold on her clothing…laying her easy on the ground.

"I'm really, really sorry, sir. I didn't mean to bump into you…" she then said as she bowed her head low.

"Really? And perhaps you should know, you just did when you tried to escape." In a tone slightly higher than the normal, he replied with much superiority.

The girl had short hair the same color as his but she appeared a bit younger to him. He had been in this place a couple of times in the past and never had he seen her around.

"First-timer…" he whispered in between breaths as he sighed once more.

"Sher!" called upon another female's voice as she forced herself into the crowd circling them. By that time, people gathered up to check on what the commotion's about.

And as she broke loose, on his eyes was revealed a beautiful lady, a very beautiful lady who came in the assistance of the girl in front of him.

"Sher, it's me, Lacus, are you all right? What happened?" she then asked her still trembling friend. The other girl simply nodded her head but kept it at low…bowing it still. Knowing no harm has been done, the pink haired girl faced him who still remained standing before them…observing what the two were doing or talking about.

"Sir, I apologize for whatever it was that she did to offend you. She certainly isn't aware of her surroundings here…we're just new in this place and we were on our way home seriously." She said with her cerulean eyes looking up at his tall figure.

Everyone, including the lady, thought that with that, everything would be all right but Kira wasn't up to letting the two off the hook yet.

"Not aware? What is she – a kid who lost her way into a bar? Being new to a place doesn't suffice for an excuse…especially when there is a damage." He replied as he pointed at his jacket where a black wet stain lay.

"And what are you going to do about that?" he asked with a smirk. Lacus was almost at a loss for words as she simply looked on at his jacket. It really looked expensive and the material of the clothing wasn't to be let down.

"Sir…I…I…" stuttering in her words, she faced him, only to be saved by the most unlikely of people.

A guy with red hair suddenly appeared from Kira's back putting an arm over the latter's shoulder.

"Now, Kira, what are you doing? My, you even bully these high school kids? Is that how you make a living nowadays?" teased him who had a wide grin on his face. Obviously not into the mood he carried, Kira slapped his arm on him and stared at him in the eye. The feeling was threatening, even scary if Kira does it.

Finally raising both hands in defeat, the other moved towards the two girls and placed a hand over the still bowed one's chin.

"A pretty lady as yourself shouldn't keep her head bowed too long. It would kill your neck, you know." And after saying this, a tint of pink brushed over her cheeks as she nodded her head in sign of agreement. Lacus simply stared at the man and when a smile was given to her, she too felt her face heat up as she quickly focused her attention elsewhere.

"Rye, this is none of your business. They owe me something and you ought to back off." Still insisting, Kira spoke up, interrupting whatever savior-like demeanor his friend has been showing.

"Fine by me. But, could you choose a better venue? Don't you think this is being too publicized?"

With the words still resonating in his ear, Kira looked around and took notice of the stares being given to them.

"Right." He then said as he turned around and walked away, but before doing so, taking one last glance on the two ladies…especially the one donning a long pink hair.

The people surrounding them slowly went back to their personal affairs, retreating to whatever task they left unfinished due to the incident.

Rye then turned towards the two as he spoke up in a much cheery tone.

"See? He won't hurt you or even lay a single finger on you. Don't mind him, he's just being too darn stubborn."

"Yes, thank you for helping us." Lacus replied as she bowed her head.

"Hey, what did I tell you guys about bowing heads?"

"Sorry." She then said as a smile painted across her face.

But before Rye could turn to his own leave, Sher immediately stopped him. Lacus, still bewildered as to her reason why, simply waited for what her friend was going to say.

"That guy you called Kira…he's Kira Yamato isn't he? And you're Rye Fujimoto, aren't you?"

"Yamato, Kira and Fujimoto, Rye?" Lacus thought as she looked on at the face of the man.

He faced them once more and with a smile nodded his head. He then waved his hand as he went through the crowd.

Lacus then looked at her friend with the glint of inquiry in her eyes.

"So, who are Kira Yamato and Rye Fujimoto? Their names sound familiar for a reason."

"Silly! You don't know them? They're the famous members of the band 'Destiny'. Did you know that they released two albums so far and that those albums plummeted to the number one seat in the charts in its first week of release? That's practically one reason why I can't look up at them in the face…"

"You're telling me that that bully is famous?" Lacus then took in an image of the one wearing a jacket and his notably furious expression.


"Good thing the other's quite comprehensible." She thought as the two went towards the exit.

"You know Lacus, our night hasn't been a waste at all."

"Really? Earlier you insisted on leaving and even bumped into someone in your hurry."

"Don't you get it? I bumped not into just anyone or a nobody but into Kira Yamato…I'd be the envy of our classmates at school. Too bad he isn't as charming or as kind as Rye Fujimoto."

"Rye Fujimoto…" thinking about him and the smile he gave her made her heart twitch a little. She could feel her face heat up again. Good thing Sher didn't notice it. She'd be truly embarrassed and won't take her teasing.

Still, with the incident that night, no matter how rude this Kira Yamato appeared, seeing Rye Fujimoto again would definitely be one sweet thing. And Lacus found herself longing and hoping to bump into him again.

- - - - - - - - -

"Lacus!!!!" shouted her friend as she ran towards the corridors, holding a magazine in her hand.

Earlier, Lacus had been entertaining questions about her encounter with two of the hottest guys in town and she certainly got her energy drained out. Even her past two classes didn't spare her from her teachers' recitations.

Upon reaching their classroom, Sher breathed in hard and walked towards Lacus. It's their break time then and everyone seemed busying themselves with all sorts of things.

"Look at this!" she quickly said as she placed the magazine in front of Lacus.

"What? The latest music charts?"

"No…this." Clarified Sher as she pointed at a particular article with a picture…the picture containing Kira and Rye.

She then looked at the headline printed but as she did so, her eyes widened.

"Kira Yamato's Temper Breaks Loose…" she read out loud as she took the magazine by the hand and scanned the whole contents of the article.

"I didn't think they'd make a big fuss about last night."

"You're sad 'cause our names aren't printed?" inquired her friend as she looked on at Lacus.

"Of course no…I just didn't think it would make it to the headlines."

"It would definitely. Destiny is on its peak. Don't expect reporters or papparzzis for that matter to keep their radars at bay. Anyway, that's not just the thing I want you to see."

Sher then took the magazine and placed it back on her desk, her finger pointed on a particular line in the article.

"Audition for the band's vocalist…" Lacus then read as she looked on inquisitively at her friend.

"This is your chance!" exclaimed an excited Sher.

"Chance for what?"

"It's like the name of their band – Destiny. Don't you think that this line is particularly intended for you to see? Last night, we had the chance to meet two of their remaining three members and now…this. I mean, Lacus, you have a great singing voice and they need a great singer on their band. You better try it."

"Sher, leave me in my own. Let your bright ideas bother you alone and please don't involve me in any of those. I'm quite contented…"

"…singing in a glee club? Come on, Lacus. You know your vocal prowess so don't waste this opportunity." She then finished for her as she insisted her friend.

Lacus, however, seemed decided on the matter beforehand as she simply kept her gaze elsewhere.

"All right…I know I've been pesky and a pain in your life but of all the singing auditions and contests I insisted you on joining, this is the only one I'll truly insist on insisting. Lacus, just this once, could you do it for me? For an old time friend?" her eyes then joined with the pleading.

"Look, Sher…"

"Remember when we used to kid around the playground? Who took you to the clinic when you got wounded on the slide?"

"Well, you did."

"Who warded off the dogs that got out of their houses for you to run away?"


"Who talked to you and had been with you through the thicks and thins of your life?"


"Just…this…once, Lacus. If you won't get in, fine. But if you do get in, I tell you this early, you won't have to be in the shadows of anyone anymore. I know about the glee club and how people there treat you. You are by far the greatest and most vocally plaudible there is but they don't see it. You deserve something better…something greater and far bigger. This is your chance…so what do you say?"

A pause then ensued as Lacus sighed in deep.

"What else could I do?" she then replied to the glee of the other.

- - - - - - - - -

His fingers flipped through the pages, reading each article and placing them to his mind. As his eyes caught sight of his name, he then read on. Surely, this was not how he expected to have a write up about but then, it was publicity anyway.

"Hey." Disturbed a redhead as he threw a can of soda to Kira. He caught it by the hand as he opened it with ease.

Rye had his back leaned against the side of the door with his head turned and faced on Kira. The magazine with his name still opened on the table nearby.

"You read it already?" inquired Rye as he took a sip on his can.

He just nodded and darted his eyes elsewhere. His plain white shirt fully complementing his lean complexion.

"It's actually a good thing. At least the whole world knows we're looking for a vocalist. What I can't understand is why you refuse to inform everyone else about it."

"I told you already. If we did publish our auditions, it would take too much of our time and besides, how did you think they knew about our search?" he replied as his eyes returned on the magazine. The silence being cut by Rye's stifled laughter.

"You big mouth…" Kira then spoke as he looked at Rye who then laughed out loud, unable to control the urge to do so.

"You must say, the quality of the story and the writing is superb."


A soft knock then echoed as both eyes turned to look.

- - - - - - - - - -

Two girls ran in the side streets, as if time was not on their sides. Such a distress caught so much unwanted attention from all who passed by. And, this was not liked by the one who wore a golden clip on her hair.

"Sher! Why are we rushing?" exclaimed her as she almost stumbled on her feet. The other did not turn to look but simply ran, shouting aloud her response.

"We must beat the others to the auditions!"

With that, she ran faster that even Lacus couldn't keep up with. The things that made her wonder in this world include the extraordinary determination her friend possessed. It would appear that Sher would be the one auditioning, not her.

"But, surely no one would be that interested in auditioning…" her words were cut off as her eyes widened.

The façade of the building was filled with aspiring vocalists – all lined up and patiently waiting for their turns. Others were even accompanied by either parents or friends. Some daring ones went by themselves. Still, the people there – all females – would comprise of 500 the least. And this sight may prove discouraging to others waiting nearby the street.

"You were saying something, Lacus?"

Just as the two approached the said venue, a security guard came out and warded off some persisting people. Another formal suited man then entered the scene…saying something not clearly heard by either the two. Maybe, due to the ongoing commotion in the area as screaming and boo's echoed about. The two simply looked at each other and with a gesture, came forth nearer.

"I am not to be blamed for this sudden announcement. I'm sorry and I understand some of you even came from the provinces but there's nothing I can do about it now. This has been decided not by the band but by their management. There's nothing I can do about your qualms. Do understand that Destiny is undergoing a major revamp in their lineup. We will inform you of the next audition if such will be held. Thank you." Just then, he was assisted by few security personnel back inside the building…leaving the still infuriated crowd behind to be handled by other similarly suited men.

- - - - - - - - - -

"What are you doing here?" asked a somewhat irritated Kira to a certain blue-haired young man.

"Am I not welcomed in my own band?"

The other then walked towards the inside of the room, not really minding the tone used on him by his so-called bestfriend.

Rye still hasn't let go of his gleesome mood as he tackled the new-comer on the shoulder, looking awfully surprised but glad upon his sudden arrival.

"Welcome back. How's the trip?" he then greeted.

"So-so. It's really not like this part of the world, you know."

"You ought to have brought us with you…"

"Speaking of you guys…"

The young man then turned to look at the close-fisted Kira sitting still on his stool. The can of soda in his grasp.

Pointing a finger at him, he asked "What happened to him?"

No matter the seriousness in the thought of the question, Rye still laughed all the more, taking only a brief glance at the other seemingly and momentarily unnoticed brown-haired man in the room.

"Him? Don't mind him. He's just bitter 'cause we would be finding the perfect vocalist for our band as of this very moment. Last time I looked, like a while ago, the whole lot of potential singers lined up around the vicinity." Bragged him with the same smirk on his face – an accomplishment of sorts – and he's proud of it.

"Unfortunately, they'd be gone by now…"

"Yup! Kira's right…they'd be gone by…what?! Wait…gone?" The change of expression on Rye's face was instant – from gleesome to surprise to suspicion as he turned to look at Kira…his face full of questions.

"What? Didn't I mention? I ordered the security to ward them off. I told you guys once, but for the sake of your retarded minds, I'll repeat it again...it'll be a waste of time to hold such auditions. Let's stick to referrals instead." The brown-haired then replied coolly and calmly.

"Now you're making decisions by yourself. Is this the unity and companionship you call?" remarked the blue-haired as he closed his eyes.

Kira shifted his gaze and laid it on the one who spoke.

"Don't you do that yourself? Making decisions like leaving, Athrun?"

- - - - - - - - - -

The pink-haired lady and her friend then sat on a nearby bench, overlooking the same building which was once filled with anticipating and even overdressed ladies from varying ages.

"At least we got to see how immensely popular they still are." spoke Sher as she kept her gaze on the skyscraper.

"Still are?" the other then asked with her clear blue eyes on the same sight.

"Don't you ever get updated on the latest music biz?" giving her friend an unbelieving look, she then sighed as she placed a hand over the back of her head.

"All right, I'll fill you up with some details…"

- - - - - - - - - -

His green eyes looked on at his velvet. It was stares which would either mean anger or being affected by his remark.

Inwardly, however, the other shrugged at the sight and the tension which aroused between the two. It was a big room but small enough to cover the whole scenario.

"What? You still can't get over it? Still clinging to the past are we?" said the one named Athrun with both arms crossed. His eyes remained fixed on him as his tone contained a hint of insult.

Shaking. His closed fists were shaking…nervousness may cause this but another unwelcoming emotion may cause it…an emotion such as anger…too much kept and hidden anger.

His velvet eyes showed that of fury. Fiery and could almost kill. No matter the identity of the one in front, be him his bestfriend the most, he showed no care.

He then stood up as he kept his eyes momentarily closed, though the nerves in his forehead started to show. His brown unruly locks remained still with his movements as he turned and opened his eyes once more. His fists were ready…only a signal would be needed.

But before this further escalated to an unwanted violence, the silence was disrupted by an uncanny clicking sound. Both eyes turned to look at the direction where it came from - - the one who had just opened another can of soda in his grasp.

In a gulp, and a slight oozing sound of relief from thirst, the redhead then laid down the same can on the nearby table. And when he turned his gaze towards the two, his face wore that of pretentious innocence…as if not knowing what the matter between them was about.

In a rather sully tone, not his usual gay one, he asked, "What's up?"

No reply however was said as the brown haired young man turned around and went back on his stool. His fists no longer closed but rather mildly opened. The blue-haired too sat down but on one chair a noticeable distance away.

- - - - - - - - - -

Sitting on the bench in silence, a breeze then passed by as she tried to hold her skirt. Sher wasn't there with her then as she excused herself to buy them some drinks.

Still, her thoughts remained on what she was informed earlier. On how this particular band came about in times such as these.

Early last year, an accident came. They were on tour then – enjoying the fame and attention they were receiving. A group of four friends, simply taking the carefree ways of life. It was the last leg of their trip when a car suddenly hit the one they were on.

Each had grave injuries…and unfortunately, someone passed away. Death took its unforgiving toll…and up to this very day, it seemed, they haven't been able to fully move on.

As another breeze passed by, another memory came about. It was the first time she took hold of a microphone. Barely five years old, she held it delicately by its handle and started mimicking a famous artist.

Unknowingly, she began singing on that spot. Her pink tresses flowing with the wind's direction. As her eyes closed, she felt the coolness cover her whole being. It was a wonderful feeling…and her clear voice sounded vibrantly. As if an orchestra played before her, and she was there standing on a stage with the spotlight on.

A sound of clapping echoed.

Her eyes fluttered open as she stood up from her seat and turned to look behind. There, stood a person wearing a hat, a pair of pants and plain-looking shirt…covered up with a jacket and a red scarf around her neck.

"Who are…"

"That was beautiful." Came the person's voice…a female voice.

Lacus for a while then looked at her, from head to toe, scrutinizing each detail this person possessed. But what caught her attention more was her eyes…her clear amber eyes.

"What was the title of the song you were singing?" she then asked, as if conversing with a long time friend.

"It's not a known song…actually, it was just an original composition." The other then replied. "Would you mind if we sit?" the capped lady then asked to which the other nodded.

The two sat side by side whose eyes looked on at the structure before them.

"So, it does have a title, right?"

"Yes." Was her timid answer. She wasn't as comfortable as her in this one.

"You won't mind telling me it…won't you?"

The other girl then turned and looked at her, eager in her tone and determined in her resolve.

"Wind's Bliss…that's the title."

For a moment, they remained silent. Perhaps at a loss for words for they were strangers after all. But after a few more thinking, the other girl stood up and stretched both hands sideward. Then, she turned and looked at the pink-haired lady.

"Come with me. I want you to meet some folks." She then said as she held her hand towards her…to her surprise, of course.

- - - - - - - - - -

A knock then echoed through the same door. The three's eyes then looked at the one before it. There, stood a person wearing a hat, a pair of pants and plain-looking shirt…covered up with a jacket and a red scarf around her neck added with a wide grin on her face.

"Guys, I found you a new singer."

To be continued…