Chapter 1:

"You have got to be kidding me," Neji said, his voice oddly imperturbable and placid considering what he had just been told.

His uncle, sensing that his nephew was actually as far from calm as was possible and that his bland, motionless tone was actually a warning, hurried to pacify the feminine brunet.

"Neji, this is an honour," he said, deliberately stressing the last word of his sentence, "You are only the third person during the last 50 years who has been born with this unique ability. It's a gift. Surely you realise how incredible this is!"

"An honour? An honour?" Neji's lithe alabaster hands clenched the silk of his obsidian kimono in an unyielding grip as his voice rose to an alarming level, "How can you say that?...I'm a freak,"

The admittance of how unnatural he felt was very private, so his words were whispered in a tired, cold tone. Hiashi, knowing this, sighed.

"You may say this now," he said gently, laying his hand on his nephew's shoulder where his traditional dress had fallen. He noticed, with wonderment, that even his pale skin seeming strangely dark against Neji's milky-white, luminescent flesh.

He left his sentence hanging in the air before he got up to leave, wincing as his back cracked with his movements. He made his way to the door, knowing instinctively that Neji needed some alone time after what he had been informed, turning back as he reached for the handle. The brunet's face was hidden from view by a silken curtain of long ebony hair, but Hiashi could tell that his head was bowed. He exhaled. Maybe in time Neji would come to his senses and realise that he was special, not a "freak" as said nephew had so eloquently phrased it. He shut the door with a resounding snap.

Neji swallowed harshly and looked up as his uncle left, his usually icy, detached gaze set in a glare. Why did this have to happen, just when life was beginning to look good for him? He had been almost happy for a little while- the key word being almost. He would never get over his father's death, and the absence of a parental figure in his life left a deep, black void within him which none could fill. Hiashi tried; Neji could see that. But the Clan's head wasn't his brother, even though he bared an uncanny resemblance to Hizashi, as twins were wont to do.

Almost happy had been fine for Neji. He had friends and he was respected as a genius within and without the Hyuuga Clan. Hiashi had even approached him a year ago, asking if he was willing to trade places with his daughter Hinata or his younger offspring Hanabi and train up to become the next head of the Clan. Yet Neji had politely refused, abstaining because he didn't think he could live with the guilt of once again proving to his little sister just how powerful a ninja her nii-san was.

No, he would wait to rid himself of that hideous, iridescent tattoo which marred his forehead. It was a little known fact that Uzumaki Naruto was going to be Rokudaime Hokage, and the blond's promise to Neji during their fateful encounter at the Chuunin exams still rung in the brunet's ears. "When I become Hokage, I'm going to change the Hyuuga clan." Naruto never went back on his word, which served only to enforce Neji's belief that he was going to be freed one day.

The brunet wondered if Naruto would be so keen to help him if he knew Neji's secret. But it would never come to that; it would be over his dead body that his new found secret be divulged to anybody. And Neji was convinced that Naruto wouldn't care, but he wasn't so sure that he would be able to handle the prejudiced views of the more bigoted members of the general public of Konoha, nor the females who thought it was "cute", and, most definitely not, the men who would want to bed him after discovering that little tidbit of information.

He had always thought that he was special in a positive sense. He was a genius, a powerful ninja, and, back at the academy, had been treated very much as the Uchiha had been by the fairer sex. But now he just wanted to be normal.

Normal in a way that meant that there was no chance of him becoming pregnant.

He clenched his hand tighter, feeling the savage bite of his nails digging into the soft, pale flesh of his unblemished palm. Kami, whichever God that was up there really hated him. Whatever had he done to deserve this? He supposed that some men would count this as a blessing, but, to him, it was a curse.

His father was the reason that he was in this predicament. One of his fathers, that is; Hiashi had just informed Neji that he was himself born from a man. Unfortunately, any hope that the brunet had kindling in his heart was quickly extinguished as his uncle informed him that his other father was killed when the Kyuubi attacked the village sixteen years ago. And Neji had inherited this trait from Hizashi, it seemed.

The gene for male pregnancy was exactly like the Byukagan in one respect: only people from within the Hyuuga Clan had any chance of possessing this unique ability. But, unlike the revered bloodline trait, very few people from within the Clan actually had the necessary DNA. Hence, Neji was a special case; a freak.

If it wasn't for the heavy bleeding from his backside he had complained about to a Clan healer, he wouldn't have found out until it was too late. According to Hiashi, Gravispeius, as they were known, didn't become able to have children until their late teens. Since Neji was now seventeen, it seemed that "puberty" had kicked in, consummating with his first "period". Though he had been immensely relieved to learn that there wasn't a any internal bleeding, this feeling of ease was over-shadowed by the startling, new discovery of exactly what he was.

He stared down at his torso, knowing that, beneath its thin, silk covering, there was the body of a fighter. A toned, hard chest with rosy-pink nipples and a flat, lean abdomen, leading down to angular, feminine hips. And he was expected to ruin that by carrying a snot-nosed brat or two inside him for six months? Hiashi must have been joking. Neji was a very vain person, and the mere idea of marring his good looks sent a shudder up his spine.

The healer alerted Hiashi, and he had informed Tsunade that they had a Gravispeius in their midst. After she had promised not to tell anyone, she had given Hiashi some powerful contraceptive tablets which Neji had no intention of ever needing to use. He knew he was gay; it was blatantly obvious, and he hadn't known why so many people were shocked when he had come out three years ago. But his sexuality didn't mean that he had to let men have sex with him. Remaining a virgin his whole life shouldn't be too hard; he had managed without sex for seventeen years, so why would he need it now? Afterall, you can't lose what you never had.

He could definitely do without the periods, too.

He brushed his raven hair out of his eyes. He sighed. He would never be able to have a good time at Kurenia's and Asuma's engagement party with this looming over his head. It didn't help that Kurenai was eight months pregnant either. One look at her bulging stomach would send all thoughts about his condition to the surface of is mind again.

Make no mistake about it, he was happy for them. He hadn't ever had somebody he could loved him in that sense, so he was a little jealous aswell.

And, besides, why was he freaking out so badly, anyway? This wasn't like him. He was cool, unflappable Hyuuga Neji, and here he was having a fit about people finding out about something when ninja such as he were professionals in the world of espionage.

He shook his head at his moment of irrationality. He would go to that party, and he would act as he normally did. The only way anyone would find out was if he acted suspiciously.

That being said, he got up and strode towards his huge, walk-in closet and pulled on a black, form-fitting shirt which hugged his body and some slightly tight black jeans, complete with a simple silver belt.

"I believe the phrase "simple but effective" applies," he mused to himself as he took a long, black ribbon off his dresser and tied his hair back with it. As an afterthought, he also added a little mascara and a hint of eyeliner to make his pale eyes seem larger and stand out more against his whiter than white skin. It didn't hurt to look good, and Neji liked having all eyes on him, even if he was completely unattainable.

Now, he had to wait for Naruto to show up. He had promised to walk there with Naruto, who had jokingly proclaimed "the two ukes" in a giggly, girlish voice. He shut up when Neji's sucker-punch nearly sent him through the wall.

Knowing that idiot, he would be late by at least five minutes. Neji was glad he wasn't waiting on Kakashi-sensei; otherwise, Kurenai's child would be grown up by the time they made it there.

To the brunet's surprise, the blond walked in five minutes early as opposed to late, dressed in blue jeans which hugged his body in all the right places and a mesh shirt that left nothing to the imagination.

"Is that for Sasuke?" Neji asked sweetly, grinning maliciously as the blond went white, then red, and finally purple.

"N-No?" he tried weakly, making Neji snigger at his friend's expense. Naruto pouted at him.

"Sadist," he accused half-heartedly.

"Masochist," Neji shot back, causing the blond to huff in frustration.

"At least I don't look like a hooker!" he stated imperiously.

"Actually, yes you do," Neji dead-panned. And, for once in his life, Uzumaki Naruto appeared speechless.


When they arrived at the Bar, most people were already there. It looked as though everybody had come. Hell, even Tsunade and Gaara were there! But, then again, the slug sannin would follow sake anywhere. He supposed that Naruto had cajoled Gaara into coming, as the red head didn't seem the type to indulge. There were a few people he didn't know, one of which looked like a younger version of Kurenai. Her younger sister, perhaps?

For some reason, as soon as Neji set his eyes on her, he didn't like what he saw. His perfectly honed ninja instincts told him that she was trouble. Whether it was because of the tiny midriff which showed most of her minimal cleavage, or the mini skirt which looked almost as though it was about to disappear into her barely-there, thong-clad ass, he wasn't sure.

He shrugged, then smirked, spotting a certain blond ordering what must have been his seventh drink. The way he was going, he would end up well and truly trashed before the night was out. Neji hoped that he would start table dancing or something equally as humiliating; he really needed more material to tease Naruto about.

He looked around the room, spotting Shikamaru entertaining both Temari and Ino. He winked at the lazy nin, who smiled back and nodded in aknowledgement. The brunet's eyes continued to rove around the room, but stopped on Kurenai's "sister" again. He scowled. Did she have no self respect? There she was, all over the Kazekage for Kami's sake, trying to get his attention as he purposely ignored her. She leaned over the table, her top falling down slightly. That was all that was needed to make her almost non-existent breasts tumble out of her top. Neji laughed to himself at the look of disgust that crossed Gaara's face.

"I'm glad I'm not him right now," he said to himself.

He watched as she leaned over even more, her brown hair falling into her face. Her hand, he noticed, was raised above Gaara's drink, holding something which glistened in her lax grip.

A bottle? he questioned, frowning.

Gaara was so enamored with ignoring her that he appeared to not have noticed. It was only as she tilted her fist, several drops of violently purple liquid splashing into the red head's drink, that he figured out exactly what she intended to do.

Lightning fast, Neji dashed over to him and sat down on a nearby barstool. After a moment of indecision, he switched Gaara's drink with the girl's, daring her to say anything with a hateful look in his eyes.

Gaara turned back around, blinking at Neji with some confusion.

"Is that my drink?" he asked, gesturing to the glass Neji had in front of him.

"No, of course not," Neji responded, and did the stupidest thing he had ever done in his life.

He gulped it down. Gaara stared.

"I think, Hyuuga," he muttered, "That you just might be even stranger than me,"

Neji didn't care. The only thing that mattered now was the heat coursing through his limbs and centering around his groin. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the table.

"Dammit," he muttered, looking up as Gaara sipped his own drink with amusement.

That amusement soon disappeared from his features as his pupils dilated.

"Hyuuga," he growled, "What did you do?"


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