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The car zoomed down the busy road, weaving in and out of traffic enraging the other drivers. The woman driving didn't seem to give a damn as her music filled the car drowning out the sound of their angry beeping.

The building appeared up ahead of her. She put on her indicator before doing a sharp 90-degree turn, further enraging drivers around her, sped towards the security guards booth, slammed on the brakes and explained to the security guard why she was there then sped into the car park and slammed onto the brakes again efficiently parking the car. The woman turned the car off causing the music to come to an abrupt halt mid-song, put her gun into her holster, grabbed her briefcase and climbed out of her car. Her build was small but just by looking at her one could tell she was anything but vulnerable. Her high heels struck the ground as she climbed to her feet in one fluid motion. She sneered at them hating the fact that she had to wear such things.

The sneer did not suit her; a woman with a beautiful and gentle face, but it did match her eyes. Her eyes were hard and deep, a blue and dark as the depths of the sea; there was pain and suffering in the shadows but their calm shone through all other emotions and that's what frightened people most.

She slammed the car door, locked it and put the keys in her pocket and spun around, long dark hair flying wildly. Again she sneered moving her hair from her face wanting desperately to tie it up out of her way. The only reason she wore a suit, high-heels and had on natural makeup was for her job interview for NCIS – The Naval Criminal Investigation Service.

She smoothed down her suit, trouser instead of skirt, and strode over to the elevator and climbed in, pressing the number that would take her to the floor she needed. Her foot tapped in annoyance and impatience, she hated elevator music. The other occupants in the elevator glanced at her wearily giving her plenty of room.

A ding sound rang out and the woman stepped out of the elevator at last and schooled her face to mask her feelings. After being in the Marines for so long she knew that showing any sign of weakness to the enemy could mean death.