The Perfect Partner

He was told it wasn't her fault, she was only a baby, she didn't know what she was doing. It snapped so easily when she sat on it. His favourite toy broomstick gone. Mum could have fixed it, but she didn't like it, not since she tripped over it that day. She was tormenting all of them, waking them all in the middle of the night crying. Now that she was walking it was worse, nothing was allowed to be kept down, in her thick little hands it was ruined. Mum was constantly telling them to pick their things up.

She was ruining his life, he thought having a little sister would be fun. She would join George and him, and tease Ron. Girls were good at that, but all she did was break his toys, and cry. He didn't like her, and there was nothing that would change that. She could turn purple, get wings and he still wouldn't like her.

He wished she was a boy, like him and everyone else. It would have been so much better if she was, girls were silly. George understood him, all his other brothers loved her. He didn't.

That was until she did it.

Ron loved Ginny, he did everything mum asked him to. Right now he was watching Ginny while she got the washing sorted, leaning over her, smiling and making funny noises. So silly. Then one of her thick little hands came up, and took a hold of a great big handful of his hair. Ron cried out loudly, but she just held on. Mum came racing back in, and soothed Ron after she released him.

Fred went and looked at her lying in her playpen, she laughed as he looked in at her. Maybe she wasn't so bad he thought; a little training and she would be the perfect partner.

Girls always got away with everything.