A Confession Gone Awry

It's an idea that I had in my head for a while about not only how to make a very bold statement in public, but how to uniquely express your love to somebody.

REMINDER: This fic is Appealshipping (Dawn/Zoey) with a slight amount of humor injected, meaning that it is shoujo-ai, or girl/girl love. If you don't like that idea, no one is forcing you to read this. Please do not flame. The point of view is entirely in third person. The ages of the two main characters have been upped to about 16.

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(Chapter 1- Overcoming the Odds)

Dawn was extremely nervous and antsy. She had just defeated Zoey in the semifinals of the Kanto Grand Festival, and in just a few minutes was going to challenge May for the title of Kanto Grand Festival Champion. The road to the finals was not an easy one to travel for the teen coordinator. In Every match she was a participant, the odds makers believed that her opponents would surely defeat her. From former Grand Festival champions like Solidad, and Robert, to coordinating standouts like Drew and her recent adversary Zoey, nobody had given her a ghost of a chance to even get out of the first round. She was able to defeat them all however, going five minute time limits and achieving victory on points with every one of those veteran coordinators.

She herself had been coordinating for many years, but found it hard to make headway in the Grand Festivals. She legitimately feels that this is her absolute best chance to win the coveted title that her mother Johanna won so many years back. Before she can make all of her childhood dreams come true, however, she has to do a brief interview with the press prior to the start of the match. She has been allowed some minutes to get her thoughts together for the final interview before she hopefully hoists the Grand Festival trophy above her head.

Meanwhile, in the backstage area nearby the minor commotion with Dawn stood a very skilled and astute coordinator by the name of Zoey. She is leaning against a steel post and is watching the girl that just defeated her in the semifinals. She is somewhat disappointed in her loss, but knows that there will be other opportunities to add to her two Grand Festival trophies. Right now, her attention is diverted towards Dawn. Zoey clearly notices that the girl has a major case of butterflies in her stomach as she prepares to get out her final thoughts before going into battle with May.

For many years, Zoey has had a very soft spot for Dawn. That soft spot would turn into a major crush which would become great admiration. Whether it was her constantly exuding confidence, her will to always stay positive or her beauty that she displayed in her appeals, Dawn had obliviously captivated the redheaded tomboy to no end. Coming to terms with the fact that she was a lesbian about two years ago, she made it a priority to become a very good (some will argue best) friend with the coordinator. They were already good associates since meeting over five years ago, and Zoey knew that if she worked to earn her friend's trust enough, the next natural step would be a romantic relationship.

'Every time I see her, she somehow gets even more beautiful than the last time,' Zoey ponders to herself. 'Her style, her grace and her all around inner and outer beauty remind me more of her mother every day, and that's why I love her so much. I just wish that she wasn't as nervous as she was. I wish I could hold her in my arms and tell her that no matter what happens, I'll still love you, Dawn.' Zoey silently sighs at the thought of what Dawn is going through in her very first Grand Festival final. 'Someday, Dawn, I will tell you just how much you mean to me,' she sniffles.


The announcers in the booth are about to cover and break down the finals of the Kanto Grand Festival. One is the play by play announcer, named Tim Newsome, and the other, a former Grand Festival champion is the analyst. Her name is Danica Torres. They are given the cue by the director from their headphones that they will be back on the air in about 15 seconds. Both announcers cure their parched mouths with drinks. Tim has a bottle of water, while Danica gets a quick sip of her Diet Pepsi. They are now set to call the finals.

Tim begins, as the telecast is back on the air. "Welcome back, once again, ladies and gentlemen. Alongside 1988 Grand Festival Champion Danica Torres, I'm Tim Newsome. And folks, it doesn't happen that often, in fact it has only happened a total of three times in the last ten years, but we will cover a Grand Festival final where we will be assured a first time Grand Festival Champion, as two female coordinators will face off here tonight in the Indigo Plateau."

"No doubt about it, Tim." Danica interjects. "This is indeed the time and the place for the two young ladies that are about to clash here tonight. You will either shine like a shooting star, or be told better luck next time. One of the coordinators is Dawn is from Twinleaf town. Until this tournament, she had not experienced first hand what it was like to be a part of a Grand Festival final. She is 16 years old and in her brief career has won an impressive 42 ribbons. Unfortunately, like we mentioned, those wins in contest houses have not correlated into Grand Festival trophies. Much like May she can change all of that here tonight. With that let's go to our special correspondent for the Kanto Grand Festival. You may know him as quite possibly one of the greatest Pokémon trainers to ever come out of the Kanto region. Now he is training to take on the Battle Frontier in the Johto region, but we're so thankful that he has stopped by to greet us with his presence. Standing by with Dawn is none other than Ash of Pallet Town! Ash?"

After a delay of about two seconds, Ash comments back to the announcers. "Well Danica and Tim, thank you. For those that have followed my long career, they know that I have had many traveling companions on my journey. I can't tell you how proud I am that two of them are here in my home region tonight to battle it out for what will be either one's very first Grand Festival Championship. I am here with one of them right now in Dawn. Now, you have had perhaps the most difficult road to the finals of anyone in at least the last decade, having to go through a total of three former Grand Festival champions this weekend just to bring yourself to that status of champion in your own right. The question I pose to you is what will it take out of you to get just one more win and seal your fate in coordinating? You're on a roll right now, so how do you continue it in the right direction in just about 15 minutes?" Zoey is standing off to the side watching the entire episode take place.

"Well, I know that all the odds in this and all of my matches have been stacked against me in this Grand Festival." Dawn deliberately orates. Zoey hears this loud and clear, and starts to head closer to Dawn and Ash. "So my best bet would be to just go out there and overcome the odds again. It'll be difficult because I've never faced this opponent before, but all of it is just a matter of going out there and overcoming the odds."

A voice off screen interjects itself into the conversation. "Woah, woah, woah. Hang on a second." Zoey walks into the camera's focus, much to the surprise of both Ash and Dawn. "Dawn, I don't mean to step into your spotlight, but some of the things you were saying are downright absurd."

"Excuse me, Zoey?" Dawn inquires.

"I'm sorry, Zoey, but this is a live interview that we're trying to do prior to the Grand Festival finals." Ash rudely asserts. "Can't this wait?"

"All I want to do Ash is give her a brief pep talk, if that's fine with you and the network. After all, I don't think Dawn had much left to say."

Dawn is left a tad confused by these comments from her good friend Zoey during what is supposed to be her time. "Well, if it's alright with Dawn, I don't see why not." Ash replies. "Dawn?"

Dawn slowly nods in approval. "I'm fine with it. I need all the positive energy I can get."

Zoey, upon hearing this confirmation from Dawn proceeds to motion to grab the microphone from Ash. Though Ash is initially apprehensive, he eventually gives it to her after the producer gives him the OK from his headphone piece.

Zoey now begins to speak to Dawn as if she was the interviewer. "Dawn. You talked about how tonight will be about overcoming the odds, but I think that there are so many more people out there that don't get the praise and the respect they deserve, but everyday they just go out there and overcome the odds. What about the single mother with five kids who works two full time jobs to properly provide for her family? Does she not overcome the odds without any pomp and circumstance or pageantry or a microphone in her face? What about the serviceman who gets hosed by the same government that took him off to war with this wonderful entrance plan, and when he came back he was short about two limbs? Sure, he might get some assistance, but he is more often than not expected to overcome the odds, because he was trained to do the same in warfare. So when you look at it that way, even though he could cower in the corner in fear of how he will live everyday life, he goes out there and overcomes the odds and actually lives life, even if he has less than four limbs.

"When someone can break a cycle of depression and excise their demons, that's called overcoming the odds. To have those burdens seemingly lifted from you whether they came from a past incident or haunt you from adulthood is what overcoming the odds all is about. So when you talk about how you have to overcome the odds to win a... a Grand Festival Championship, the accomplishment ends up becoming somewhat underwhelming. Though the reward is there and will stay with you as long as you live, you still have countless opportunities to become champion in the future. If you lose tonight, you have a very good chance of becoming a finalist once again. But if the single mother loses, the children don't get anything to eat on the table for dinner. If the war veteran loses, the confidence of a family and a nation of future servicemen and women goes down, and he likely succumbs to guilt and dies a slow and painful death. If the sufferer of depression loses, his or her family are the people who truly suffer, as difficult decisions concerning his or her life have to be made and people are disappointed and feel betrayed because of choices that needed to be made. When you think about it, what are you really overcoming if you win tonight? You've beaten a total of three Grand Festival Champions this weekend alone, with me included. The girl you're about to meet is not a Grand Festival champion, but a formidable contender nonetheless, and you've beaten what I've considered formidable contenders over the last few days."

Dawn is beginning to get somewhat peeved. "Just what are you trying to say, Zoey?"

"I want to know why you think this is so hard. In my mind, I know of one thing far more difficult than this, and a lot more important than one of those trophies. I'm also concerned because you do not believe in yourself at all. You keep bringing up this 'overcoming the odds' crap, but I know you have everything it takes to win. No, scratch that. You have everything except one thing."

"What's that? And just what one thing do you 'know' is harder than becoming a Grand Festival champion?"

Zoey smiles widely at Dawn's question and grows in confidence upon hearing such an inquiry. "Well, to answer your first question of what one thing you don't have to become a champion, I don't think you have the full support of someone that will stand next to you and tell you that you really do have what it takes. And to answer your second question, well..."

Zoey in the time it takes to make two footsteps drops the microphone she was carrying, grabs Dawn by both shoulders, pulls her close to her and proceeds to give a full mouth-to-mouth kiss to the other girl. Ash, who was standing either behind or to the side of the two girls during the entirety of Zoey's 'pep talk' is mesmerized at the sight he's currently watching. He mouths some noteworthy phrases such as 'Oh my God', 'Wow', and 'Damn', before he is brought back to his senses. While Dawn and Zoey were occupied in osculation, the producers were screaming into his earpiece to pick up the microphone that Zoey dropped.

The kiss between Zoey and an initially unwilling Dawn lasted a little more than ten seconds. Dawn had attempted to fight it, but the buss became more addicting to the teen than any drug imaginable. She liked it, and in the arms of the redheaded hoyden, she was not scared. Zoey mimicked a security blanket for Dawn; the type she would rather maim and murder for than ever let go without a fight.

When Zoey pulled away from Dawn, Dawn found it somewhat hard to look at Zoey for two reasons. One reason was she was somewhat let down that the kiss didn't last longer and reason number two was that she knew full well what Zoey was going to say to her.

Ash holds the microphone near Zoey immediately after she starts to speak. "To answer your second question..." Zoey gently brings Dawn's chin up. "Look at me, Dawn." Zoey says with some level of sternness. "One thing that I know is harder than becoming a Grand Festival champion is telling someone very special to you how you truly feel about them. Dawn, I love you more than a friend could ever love someone, and I want to tell you that no matter what happens tonight, I won't love you any more or any less. In other words, going back to your first question," Before Zoey continues, she gives a light kiss to the nose of her good friend and serious crush.

"I want to be the one to give you full support here tonight, and as we go further in our relationship, wherever you want to take it. It's entirely up to you, Dawn. So if it's at all possible, I'd like to be in your corner tonight rooting for you. If you want to take me up on that offer, you know where I'll be. Let me leave you with something to think about." Zoey takes a curl of Dawn's hair that was in front of her face and puts it behind her head. With one final kiss to Dawn's forehead, Zoey leaves to go to the tunnel of the main arena of the Indigo Plateau.

To say the very least, Dawn was left stunned by Zoey's actions. Ash notices this and attempts to intervene. "Uhh, Dawn? I realize that that had to be quite a shock..." Upon hearing the word 'shock', Dawn is brought back to life.

"What? Where did Zoey go?"

"She left through that tunnel over there," Ash informed Dawn and pointed her in the direction.

Dawn runs as fast as she can in her Pokémon Contest garb. "Zoey? Zoey, please wait up! I need to speak to you!"

With the two girls both gone, Ash is left alone. He is shown on camera looking in the direction where both Dawn and Zoey went off camera. Ash breaks the silence, saying "folks, I can't add anything to what you've just seen. May, come in here." Part two of tonight's Grand Festival is now entering the interview area, after watching Dawn's interview on a nearby television. She comes up to Dawn with a very large smile on her face.

Ash is trying his best to remain professional in the face of what he just personally witnessed. "May, no doubt the finals of a Grand Festival tournament are not unfamiliar territory for you. You've competed in eight, but have lost all eight in your ten year career. What makes this night so different?" Ash places the microphone in front of May, but she says absolutely nothing. She just continues to smile. Ash brings the instrument back to his direction. "May? I asked you a question. What makes this..."

Ash's speech is halted when May turns her head to his direction and snatches the microphone from Ash's grasp. She simply says, "You've got nothing? I've got nothing." She then shoves the microphone into his sternum and walks off in the opposite direction that Dawn and Zoey walked. Ash gives her a weird look as she walks off and then turns back to the direction of the single camera.

Ash shakes his head and gives his final remarks. "Tim and Danica, back to you. I really do have nothing."

To be continued. Some of you will notice that I have updated this chapter with all English dub names now that they are all at my disposal. Please read and review!