Olette has always been there for her boys.

Always been there, never leaving for even a second. Since they were in diapers. Since the taste of their first sea salt popsicle. Since the first day of school, which they decided to skip anyways. Since their first Struggle Tournament, which they were so close to winning until Hayner slipped off the arena. Since their first trip to the beach, with watermelon seeds sticking to their juicy mouths. Since graduation, where Olette was proud to announce that their grades were kept in check. Since they finally hit puberty, with their voices cracking on a daily basis. There was no other place Olette would feel at home. So it surprised them, a lot, so much, when Olette left them for another group. Another guy.


Hayner growls. Roxas groans. Pence grimaces.

Fucking Seifer.

They don't really understand. The leader of Disciplinary Committee plus Olette isn't supposed to work. It isn't supposed to be thought of. Because Seifer was the kid who ruined all those moments. He was the burden of their lives ever since they were born in Twilight Town. Why would Olette leave them for a guy like him after all these years? At least, that's what Hayner questions.

And he abso-fucking-lutely can't stand it. His russet brown eyes narrow every time he sees the boy, with his queer belly shirt and cocky smirk with his arm wrapped around Olette's thin little waist. Unbelievable! He shouts in the Usual Spot whenever he gets a chance, because the recognition of the two actually going out always manages to hit him hard, even when he expects it. His rival, his enemy, stole his girl. And to Hayner, stealing Olette from her boys is the worst thing anyone could ever do.

Roxas feels a little frustrated. A lot frustrated. Because no Olette means no foundation. No Olette means no one's keeping the group together. With Olette being there from the start, she had to get to the finish, but with Olette having been whisked away by some guy, she couldn't even make it half way. There's no more completed homework and no more organized trips. No more girl advice and no more logic. She provided the responsibility, the sensitivity, the love, the pretty green eyes that shimmered with happiness simply by being with her gang. No Olette meant there was nothing. That only left room for Roxas to drift away.

And maybe, Pence is more affected than them, too. Except in a completely different way, because it doesn't show. Hayner seethes and Roxas becomes quiet, but Pence stays the same. He's just as upset and distressed, and it hurts a little, a lot, to see her with Rai and Fuu shopping, no Seifer in sight. It makes him wonder what's really going on between them. She looks happy. When his arm is around her waist. When he hugs her when they think no one's watching. Even when he's not there. Pence trusts that she is happy.

So Pence stays the same. Olette kept their group together, all in one piece, and maybe she's what the Committee needs, too. What Seifer needs. Because, now, the only wreck in Twilight Town seems to be the Usual Spot Kids.

Pence thinks he'll have to be the one to keep the group in their right place. He'll be the one to calm Hayner down when he's angry. He'll be the one to get Roxas to function again. All perfectly, with no Olette. Because although she might have left, she's not gone.

They'll always be her boys.