Happy mother's day

This was the one time of the year that Sha Gojyo was never sure he wanted to celebrate.

Yes there lots of bad memories, but there were also some good ones.

How can you love and hate someone at the same time? Why was the hate so hard to feel when deep down he had loved her with his whole heart.

He had tried so many ways to show her how very much he loved her.

He would remember how it hurt, just a little when all she wanted was his big brother. The way she would cling to him wailing and cursing the taboo child.

The cuts on his face would still sting once in awhile. He brushed at them absentmindedly. Almost caressing the one thing that his mother had given him.

He loved her so much that he would gladly given his life if that would make her happy. If only to see no tears run down her face. Even now he could feel the squeezing pressure on his neck.

All the images were so clear on this day.

He bent down and placed a bouquet of yellow flowers with one red rose tucked down inside. He still did not want to anger her.

Standing back up he ran a hand lovingly over the top of the gravestone.

"Good bye mom. I'll see you next year."